Former Hancock County/Brescia Runner Justin Gross Passes Away at 21



Former Hancock County/Brescia University runner Justin Gross has passed away at the age of 21.  He graduated from Hancock County in 2009 after competing in cross country and track.  He was buried yesterday, August 1, 2012. 

He was former Brescia University Head Cross Country Coach Nathan Christianson's first recruit to the University.  Christianson said the following about Gross, " Justin was a team player. No matter what he always put the team first. On race day he always gave 110% and was a true gamer no matter if he was in shape or not. He never made an excuse. You don't meet many guys like him that will put the team first even in tough situations. He always stood up to get the team ready whether he was 100% physically ready or not. Not to mention whenever you needed a good laugh he always made you laugh. He always excepted responsibility and you could never be truly mad at the guy. He was my first recruit as a head coach and the first call I made. He will always have a spot in my heart. He will be truly missed and will have always have a spot in the Brescia Bearcat xc and track and field family."