Ciara O'Shea Eyes a Big Breakthrough

   Ciara O'Shea Eyes Her First Sub-18 This Weekend

  This weekend, not only will we have our eyes on the Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational, but also one of Ohio's fastest races. Centerville Saturday Night Lights is always a can't miss race that always features Kentucky teams making the trip over the Ohio River looking to run some fast times on a very fast course. 

    This year in an interview with Ciara O'Shea after her big win at Rumble Through The Jungle a few weeks ago she mentioned the possibility of cracking that 18 minute barrier at Centerville Saturday Night Lights. At the City Auto Memphis Twilight Invitational, Ciara was able to run a PR of 18:07, however with nearly no competition all race to help pull her along. 

Ciara O'Shea discusses her win at Rumble and what's next for her


    After taking a look at some of the entering teams, this weekend, we may see the first girls sub-18 since Kaitlyn Lacy and Alena Sapienza-Wright at Nike Cross Regionals in 2017. As I mentioned before, this is always an extremely fast race with the record standing at 17:06 set back in 2017 with Troy's Morgan Gigandet. Currently, the only Kentucky athlete to make the trip to Centerville and break 18 has been Sapienza-Wright in 2016.

Centerville Saturday Night Lights Top 10 Times

    As some know it's extremely tough to solo an all time PR, luckily O'Shea will have a few of Ohio's top girls there ready to take another crack at a spot on the all-time meet top 10. Below is a list some of the girls expected to run who O'Shea will be competing with and pacing off along the way. That list includes the number 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 11 fastest girls in the state of Ohio with O'Shea's 18:07 marks sitting between 8 and 11. As you can see the list includes a few names such as Ella Gilson and Emma Bucher who currently sit at #4 and #8 on that meet records list above.

Top Meet Entry Times

5 OH17:55.302021
6 OH17:55.802021