FloSports Partnering With Finisher.TV At Rumble

Runners at "Rumble Through The Jungle" cross country meet will be able to access individualized race videos on MileSplit.com

The cross country season is upon us, and FloSports -- the parent company of MileSplit -- is working with Finisher.TV on a new technology that will change the way competitors, as well as their coaches, friends and families, follow the sport.

A test is scheduled for Sept. 8 in Goshen, Kentucky, home of the state's largest youth cross country meet, Rumble Through The Jungle. Roughly 3,100 girls and boys are scheduled to compete in the event, which includes 14 races across three different distances -- a 5k course for high schoolers, a 3k course for middle schoolers, and a 2k course for elementary schoolers. 

There will be two stationary cameras each set up at the starting and finishing lines, plus one camera each at the one- and two-mile marks, which high school runners will race past twice in the 5k.

Each competitor will be running with a race bib containing an RFID chip, which will sync with the timing pads along the course to provide splits. The RFID chips will also communicate with the cameras, and Finisher.TV's software will stitch together race segments from each competitor. 

The result is each runner can access on-demand their actual race footage, providing unique and valuable insights into their technique, strategy and more.

"FloSports is constantly thinking of ways to innovate around the live and on-demand video experience across every sport in our network," FloSports/MileSplit managing editor Joe Battaglia said. "This test with Finisher.TV at 'Rumble Through The Jungle' is exciting because it aligns with our goal to improve access for fans."

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