3 Meets in 3 States: Scharold 4:17 Mile, House 1:54 800m

Kentucky had athletes competing in three states Saturday.  Athletes were at the Midwest Distance Gala, American Miler’s Club II, and Kentucky AAU State Meet.  No results yet for the AAU meet so we only have a recap of action for the first two. 


Midwest Distance Gala


The Northern Kentucky Track Club had five athletes competing Saturday night in Lisle, Illinois at the Midwest Distance Gala.  There were several national level performances including a National Freshmen 2-Mile Record by Lukas Verzbicas.  More meet highlights at https://il.milesplit.com/articles/24043.  


Kentucky athletes were led by AAA 800m Champion Robbie Scharold’s 14th place in the One Mile Run.  Running in the second heat he closed with a last lap of 60.88 seconds finishing with a PR of 4:17.46.  His female miler teammates Courtney Siefert and Elisha Overpeck finished 9th and 10th running a 5:22.57 and 5:36.60.  This converts to a PR in the 1600m Run for Siefert.  Kyle Sturgeon tried out distance running and hurdling competing in the 2000m Steeplechase.  He finished 10th in 6:54.55.  Newcomer to the club, Brett Pierce ran a 16:51.55 in the 5000m Run to finish 16th.


American Miler's Club II


The Indiana Invaders host these races later on Saturday night at Michael Carroll Stadium in Indianapolis.  The American Miler’s Club is not your typical race for a high school athlete, but Apollo’s Justin House stepped up to run with a field composed of college and post-college athletes.  He blasted off the line running the first 200m in under 26 seconds and crossing the half way point in 54.5 seconds.  He finished with a new best time of 1:54.91.  Check out the entire field below:


Event 12  Men 800 Meter Run
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
Section  1 (B)
  1 Schmitz, Alan                Unattached             1:50.53  
  2 Suing, Nick                  Team Nebraska          1:50.84  
  3 Bell, Ricardo                Indiana Invaders       1:51.63  
  4 Snow, Carter                 Big River Runnin       1:51.80  
  5 Baez, Johnny                 Unattached             1:51.99  
  6 West, Ricky                  Unattached             1:52.00  
  7 Pennington, Adam             Unattached             1:52.13  
  8 Hendrix-Buxton, Christop     Indiana Invaders       1:52.82  
  9 House, Justin                Unattached             1:54.91  
Section  2  (A-1)
  1 Emmen, Telto                 Unattached             1:47.83     USA
  2 Harris, Geoff                Unattached             1:48.28     USA
  3 Mayes, Marcus                Unattached             1:48.37     USA
  4 O'Brien, James               Unattached             1:48.50  
  5 Currie, Adam                 Unattached             1:48.68  
  6 Carrillo, Juan               Indiana Invaders       1:49.08  
  7 Dawson, Andrew               Unattached             1:50.71  
 -- Simmons, Adrian              Rabbit                     DNF  
Section  3  (A-2)
  1 Emrani, Dustin               Unattached             1:48.27     USA
  2 Torrence, David              Unattached             1:48.46  
  3 Sherer, Steve                Unattached             1:48.49  
  4 Luna, Anthony                Unattached             1:48.51  
  5 Myers, Adrian                Indiana Invaders       1:49.78  
  6 Ludwig, Steve                Unattached             1:49.91  
  7 Pawlaczyk, Luke              Unattached             1:56.26  
 -- Wechter, Austin              Rabbit                     DNF  





we have the Kentucky AAU State Meet which I have no results for yet.