5K Showdown Meet Central: Let's Break Some PRs



March 22, 2014 @ Christian Academy in Louisville, KY

Hosted by Christian Academy (Louisville)    

The track is going to be rocking at Christian Academy in Louisville as the 3rd Annual 5K Showdown will be going full blast.  The goal is to run fast, real fast!!!!!

This will be Meet Central for all coverage tonight.  Video, Pictures, and more will be loaded throughout the night. 5K Showdown Heat Sheets



Questions for the Night

How Many PRs can we set?  How many sub 18 Girls?  How many sub 15:10 Boys?  Can we go back to the land of the sub 15 as we did in 2012.  How many of the records below can we break?


Senior Meet Record

Connor Sheryak, St. Xavier 15:07.18

Junior Meet Record

Jacob Thomson, Holy Cross 14:49.75(OVERALL MEET RECORD)

Sophomore Meet Record

Patrick Gregory, Butler 14:57.96

Frosh Meet Record

Jarit Perkins, Barr-Reeve 15:56.54



Senior Meet Record

Haley Mullins, Oldham County 19:11.12

Junior Meet Record

Caroline Grogan, Oldham County 18:24.53

Sophomore Meet Record

Samantha Simms, Sacred Heart 18:18.01

Frosh Meet Record

Erin Edmundson, North Oldham 19:03.29

Middle School Meet Record

Gabby Karas, Collins 17:50.73 (OVERALL MEET RECORD)