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5801 Fegenbush Lane, Louisville, KY 40228

Phone: (502)671-2010 Fax: (502)491-0661

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Colors:Columbia Blue & White
3A Region 4
Class AAA


Just in case anyone missed it, the KHSAA passed a new realignment in late July moving 30 schools around to different classes and even a few to new regions. The bulk of...
This article is brought to you FREE by Derby City Athletic club, home to 52 state champions. Congratulations to our 4 new champions this past weekend at the MOC. Come...
This past weekend was strange, there were a ton of meets but nothing was really huge. There were some quality match-ups but even that was hard to decipher as many...
In my opinion, the cross country season really isn’t in full swing until the ground crunches under your feet as you walk to your car on your way to the meet. For...

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