Meet Information

You will need a password to enter. Contact kstottman@aol for password

CSAA K - 4th grade Track Meet.
Sunday April 9th 2:00pm @ J-town HS Track
Hosted by St Edward / Derby City
Entry - For K - 4th grade boys and girls only.
Enter on line at

Entry deadline is Wednesday April 5th. (unlimited entries for every event)
Enter everyone that could possibly run. No adding runners on race day.
Very Important - Make sure you have the correct grade for every competitor .
Send in you complete roster. No adding runners on race day.
Each participant will receive a bib # that they will attach to the front of their uniform
4 events max for each athlete

Fees - $3 per kid ($120 max for schools with more than 40 kids)
Make check out to Derby City AC. Mail to Kenny Stottman 2104 Mammoth Way
Lou Ky 40299 (or bring to the meet)

Awards Top 4 in each event will receive place ribbons (everyone else will receive 1 participant ribbon) All ribbons will be given to coaches at the conclusion of the meet.
No team awards

Events 2:00pm rolling schedule girls followed by boys at each distance

3rd grade 1 Mile Run (we may run all together)
4th grade 1 Mile Run

K - 55 meter dash
1st grade 55 meter dash
2nd grade 55 meter dash
3rd grade 100 meter dash
4th grade 100 meter dash

K - 400 meter run
1st grade 400meter run
2nd grade 400 meter run
3rd grade 400 meter run
4th grade 400 meter run

2nd & under 4 x 100 meter relay
3rd & 4th grade 4 x 100 meter relay

K - 200 meter run
1st grade 200meter run
2nd grade 200 meter run
3rd grade 200 meter run
4th grade 200 meter run

K - 800 meter run
1st grade 800meter run
2nd grade 800 meter run
3rd grade 800 meter run
4th grade 800 meter run

Field Event
Long Jump 1pm (open Pit 1:00pm - ?)

Gate - $3 adults $1 students (non participants)

Concessions - limited concession stand - drinks and a few snacks.

Contact - any question contact Kenny Stottman Shoot me an e-mail as soon as you can if you plan on participating with an estimate on how many you will be bringing.