Stopher Age Group Meet

Louisville, KY

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Meet Information

Stopher Age Group Meets
Sponsored by Stopher, Tully and Hite Elementary
The following dates are the dates for Stopher Age Group Meets at Eastern High School. This meet is designed primarily for elementary school athletes.

No Refunds for cancelled or shortened meet. We will make an honest effort to reschedule a rain out.

This meet will be limited to 800 entries.

Meets will begin at 5:00 PM., Field Events will begin as soon as possible 4:30-4:45
May 10 Wednesday

You can use Hytek Team Manager or Email me rosters in EXCEL spreadsheet form as follows:

Email the roster to The speed of the meet depends on every athlete having their own correct competitor number. You do not have to indicate events the athlete will compete. We will line them up at the starting line.
No one is to use another athlete’s number. Athlete competitor numbers will be emailed the day before the meet. Athletes will be allowed admission to the park in uniform with their competitor number on their right hand. Email Hytek rosters or EXCEL spreadsheet to Since this meet will be age groups instead of by grades, you will need to enter the athletes birthdate (month-day-year) in Hytek. The computer program will sort out results by age. Ages will be USATF age groups, based on the athlete’s age on December 31, 2016. Ages 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18. They will go to the check-in area and the clerk will line up heats there. Age groups may run together, but results will be separated.

Order of events each day will be
100, 1600, 4x100 relay, 400, 800, 200, 4x400 relay, long jump (open pit) & shot put (6#) (4kg boys 13-14 over). Long Jump will be limited to 2 jumps (time issue), we will try to allow one practice jump. Jump in Flights of 10.
We will not use starting blocks.
Enter as many athletes in each event you want. Three events per athlete. They can do a fourth event if it is the 4x400 relay. You can enter multiple relays also.
Competitor numbers will be recorded at the start of the 100, 200 and 400 and relays. All non-lane races will be recorded cross country style at the finish line (400, 800, 1600). If athletes do not stay in line and get their number recorded, they will be disqualified. Depending on the number of entries in the 400, we may run a few heats in lanes, and the remainder on a waterfall start like the 800.
4x400 relay will use a two turn stagger and the #2 runner may break in on the first exchange as soon as they can do so without interfering. If it becomes a time issues, we may waterfall start.

Cost per team will be $50 for a girls’ team, $50 for a boys’ team. Individuals are $5 each.
Athletes added on meet day will be charged $10.
Make checks payable to Hite Elementary. Mail to Joy Hines, Hite Elementary 12408 Old Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40243

Admission is $5 for adults, middle school kids and under free
Concessions will be available.
Long jump—2 jumps only, pit will stop taking names at 5:30
Shot put---3 throws
Everyone must remain in the stands if they are not competing in a specific event. The only exception will be those coaches who are officiating.
Teams will be provided with a garbage bag on the way in. Please clean up your area of the bleachers.

Results will be posted on
Frank Miklavcic Timing & Results 502-875-2904 home 502-320-2264 cell
Kris Krohn 502-457-5840