Assumption K-5 All-Comers

Louisville, KY
Hosted by Assumption
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Meet Information

** due to concerns over the weather, the Assumption K-5 All-Comers Meet has been postponed to Friday, March 24 **

2017 Assumption K-5 All-Comers Track Meet
Assumption Green Sports and Education Complex
4500 Champions Trace Lane, Louisville, KY
Friday, March 24 (6pm)

Running events start at 6:00pm*
100m dash
800m run
200m dash

Field event (LJ) starts at 6:00pm
Long Jump (3 jumps – we will run an open pit, details are TBA)

* This meet has an 8:00pm conclusion guarantee. I.e., no event/heat will be started after 8:00pm, regardless of where we are in the process of concluding that event. Coaches should plan their entries to ensure that each boy and girl is able to compete in at least one event prior to the final event of the evening.

ENTRY FEES (coaches should pay entry fees upon arrival at the meet): $20 per boys team, $20 per girls team, or $5 per individual

Note that entry fees and an admission fee are being charged in order to cover the cost of running this meet.

Entries will be submitted as rosters only. I.e., coaches must submit their roster. We will accept roster submissions as hytek roster files, or through the website (entry instructions for this meet are provided at the link below):

The entry deadline is Thursday evening (3/16) at 6pm. We cannot accept entries after this deadline.

Some basic information regarding entries:
** unlimited entries for each team
** Each team's roster must include a name, gender and grade level for each child.
** If a coach fails to include the grade level for an athlete or records an incorrect grade, we cannot make any changes to that coach’s roster once the meet begins. Athletes without grades will automatically be placed in the 4-5th grade division.


Participation in events:
** To compete in a running event, an athlete must report to the starting area of that event by the check-in deadline, get checked in, and will then be assigned to a heat.
** To compete in long jump, an athlete must report to the event by the check-in deadline, get checked in, and will then need to complete their (maximum of) 3 jumps within the allotted time frame – which we will provide at the Coaches Meeting.

DIVISIONS: boys and girls will be broken down by grade into 3 divisions: K-1, 2-3 and 4-5. We will do our best to group athletes in each respective individual event, but the final results will have athletes specifically included in their correct division.

AWARDS: we will give ribbons to the top 10 finishers per division in each individual event. There are no team awards.

Adult spectators and nonparticipants: $6
Seniors: $3
Students: $3
Children 12 and under: free

CONCESSIONS: the concessions stand will be open and we would appreciate your patronage during the meet.

Meet Location: the Assumption HS track facility, the "Assumption Green", is located at 4500 Champions Trace Ln, at the corner of Champions Track and Newburg Rd just south of the I-264. Contact Coach Haworth if you need directions to the facility.

Coaches, please share the following information with your parents and athletes:
** Facility doors will be open at 5:00pm. Athletes will not be allowed on the track until 5:15pm, and should stay off the turf until 5:30pm unless instructed otherwise by meet management. This is to ensure that the high school teams who may be practicing will have sufficient time to conclude their practice without creating a safety concern.
** Restricted areas (athletes, parents, spectators and coaches must stay out of these areas - they will be marked):
(1) Pole vault pits, long jump pits and high jump pits are restricted areas.
(2) The finish line area is a restricted area.
(3) The timer’s camera area is a restricted area.

It is very important that coaches assist us in keeping their athletes, parents and spectators out of our restricted areas. The continuation of this meet will be conditional upon people abiding by this request. I.e., if people continue to enter restricted areas, then at some point we will stop the meet.

Competitor numbers: each athlete will be assigned a unique competitor number. Athletes cannot compete without a number and athletes may not wear someone else’s number. These are standard rules in track and field, and we believe it’s important for our younger athletes and newer coaches to understand the importance of these rules. Athletes who wear someone else’s number will be disqualified (i.e. no award and dropped from results). We will provide competitor numbers and instructions on how we will use the competitor numbers as soon as possible.

Mandatory Coaches Meeting: we will host a brief coaches meeting prior to the running of our first event (our plan is to meet at 5:45pm near the finish line).