Anchorage Invite - Halloween Special

Anchorage, KY

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

This meet is not affiliated with Anchorage Public School and will be hosted by community members of Anchorage including Evergreen Real Estate and 3-Way Racing.  Eastern High School Cross Country Booster Club parents have volunteered to assist us during the event. 

Meet Information - Anchorage Trail/Papa's Farm - 11921 Garr Ave, Louisville KY 40223.   Enter Garr Ave from Lakeland Drive only.     There is no entrance from Anchorage Trail. 

Meet Information:  Races will roll from one event to the next with minimal time between events.  Our goal is to have fun and be safe!   Our first meet was a great success and we plan to continue having meets throughout November. 

Cost:   We are charging $5.00 per athlete who runs to recoup only a partial amount of the cost of the events and to provide a donation to Eastern.  There are no other fees for parking or entry for spectators.   

Event Times/Distances: Races will begin with K1 (boys then girls) - arrive 1 hour before event time.  All other races need to arrive 45 minutes before race time.  (Times may change slightly due to number of athletes per event. )

  • K1, 1K: 10:00 am
  • 2-3, 1K: 10:20 am
  • 4-5, 2K: 10:40 am
  • HS/MS 5K: 11:00 (Middle School and High School will have a rolling start - timed separately.)

Directions: Use the address 11921 Garr Ave, Louisville, KY 40223.   Enter Garr from west (off of Lakeland Road) .   

From Westport Road - turn south on Frays Hill Road (toward Tom Sawyer Park) to the stop sign.  Go west (right turn) on Lakeland Road, continue on Lakeland Road with a left turn at the Sawyer Hayes Center.  Turn left onto Garr Ave.     

From 146 (Old LaGrange Road) - Turn north on Lakeland Road (near Central State).   Garr is the first road on the right.

PLEASE: Do not enter Garr from Evergreen Road.  We will use this as our "exit" to minimize traffic congestion.  

There is only one entrance/exit - off of Garr Ave.   Please enter Garr from Lakeland Drive.   This will allow us to direct traffic efficiently.  

Parking:  Please follow parking volunteers instructions carefully.   Upon entering the field you will be asked to verify that you have electronically accepted the COVID instructions (Covid Form)     If you have not completed this information at the time you park, you will be asked to pull forward complete the forms, and then return to the parking line.

Bib Pickup: Once you park, send one individual to the registration table to pickup your athlete's bib number.   (Coaches may pick-up team packet with all bibs.)  Bibs do not need to be returned or retained.

Line-up: Runners will be called to the starting line approximately 10 minutes before their race, prior to this families and runners are asked to remain near their car.

Masks: Participants must wear masks unless running.   All spectators must wear masks at all times.

COVID: We will strive to meet the standards set forth by KHSAA.  

Spectators: Social distancing is expected - spectators may not 'follow' athletes along the course and are asked to maintain distance and not crowd the finish line.    Please be respectful of our venue - we are being 'gifted' the use of this property.  We have been asked to limit where spectators may go on the property, please follow the instructions of any volunteers.

Wave Starts: In the event any of the COVID rules change we will work our best to move times or wave starts to accommodate.  I don't think this will be a problem, but we will remain flexible.    

Teams: This meet may be limited to <360 entries. Meet will be hosted at Anchorage Trail on Papa's Farm.   If you have any questions, please shoot me an email!