Mustang Mountain Stampede 2020

Pikeville, KY
Hosted by East Ridge

Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 29 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Howell, Shawn Dee 20:43.22 Betsy Layne
Ramey, Collin 22:22.72 Pike County Central
Cantrell, Gavin 25:10.70 East Ridge
Ramey, Connor 19:43.11 Pike County Central
Howell, Brad 20:26.18 East Ridge
Rose, Eli 21:14.15 East Ridge
Cook, Will Johnson Central
Hall, Joshua Wesley Christian School HS
jude, harley 20:26.14 Johnson Central
Williams, Landon Betsy Layne
May, Isaiah 18:52.40 Johnson Central
Dillon, Calvin 25:27.02 Pike County Central
Akers, Donnie 27:12.56 Betsy Layne
Sayers, Brayden 25:30.40 East Ridge
Hughes, Tyler 20:31.59 Pike County Central
Bentley, Davey 21:03.75 Betsy Layne
Cure, Dalton 33:00.00 East Ridge
Newsome, Kolby 25:05.48 Pike County Central
Thompson, Keghan 20:54.01 East Ridge
Robinson, Ethan 23:11.50 Pike County Central
Colwell, Jacob 21:34.03 East Ridge
Smallwood, Solomon 24:55.09 East Ridge
Peters, Seth 26:21.68 Johnson Central
Stratton, Mason Betsy Layne
Vanhoose, Cory 22:34.00 Johnson Central
Ramsey, Syrus 36:32.40 Betsy Layne
Lockard, Luke 28:45.70 Pike County Central
Ash, Brycen 26:01.30 Betsy Layne
Slone, Joseph 20:35.10 East Ridge
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wright, Becca Johnson Central
Arms, Brooklynn 38:35.46 Johnson Central
Kidd, Shyla Betsy Layne
Meade, Melissa 28:01.65 Betsy Layne
Slone, Kenzie 34:08.94 Pike County Central
Stamper, Emma 36:41.35 Johnson Central
Blair, Kelci 22:27.26 Johnson Central
Williams, Karly 32:52.80 Betsy Layne
O'Neill, Kaylee 25:12.00 Pike County Central
Adams, Khloe 27:12.68 Pike County Central
Wells, Leah 24:22.59 East Ridge
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