Woodford County Invitational 2020

Versailles, KY

Meet Information


Due to the high demand of middle school races, I am opening a middle school OPEN race.  The meet director will decide placement of runners based on seed time, so please have the most current times entered by the registration close date on October 10 at 10:00 PM.  There will be no rewards for the OPEN division.

MEET: Woodford County

Invitational (WCI)

DATE: October 17th, 2020


$5 per athlete. Max of $50 for High School Team per gender, $50 per middle school team, per gender, Max of $150 per total team entry, if entering all together.

Make checks payable to Woodford County Cross Country

Send entry fees to Coach Brooke Stickel, Woodford County High School 180 Frankfort St., Versailles, KY 40383

LOCATION: Woodford County Park, also known as Falling Springs Arts & Recreational Center

275 Beasley Road, Versailles, KY 40383-8831

ADMISSION:A ticket portal will be set up and instructions will be sent out for ticket purchase closer to the meet.

Adults: $5.00Students: $4.00Children 12 & Under: Free

Entries through KyMilesplit will be accepted (with use of password obtained by emailing Coach Brooke Stickel at brookestickel@gmail.com).Entry cut off will be October 10th.

To compete in this event athletes must race with the school team they attend (per KHSAA guidelines). Race waves (and amount of races per high school/middle school divisions) will be determined once meet entry has closed. Entries require a current season best time on registration. Entries can be changed at any time up until registration closes October 10th at 10:00 PM. Waves will be determined based on current season best time by the meet director. Races may have 250 entries with 50 per wave.

AWARDS: (subject to change depending on meet entries)

Awards will be based on team combined effort over race waves and races. Top 5 runners will score, next 2 will displace.

All Divisions: Team trophies to top 5 teams, Individual champion trophy, medals to 2-50, ribbons to 51-100

No Awards Presentations: Awards will be mailed or delivered to teams after all the results are finalized. Coaches will be contacted to facilitate delivery after the meet.


10:00 AM Middle School Girls 3K, waves to follow at 10:02, 10:04, 10:06, and 10:08

10:40 AM Middle School Boys 3K, waves to follow at 10:42, 10:44, 10:46, and 10:48

11:20 AM Biddle School Boys Open 3K

12:00 PM High School Girls 5K, waves to follow at 12:02, 12:04, and 12:06

12:50 PM High School Boys 5K, waves to follow at 12:52, 12:54, and 12:56


Middle school- 3K

High School- 5K

MEETING: There will not be an official coaches meeting. If you have any questions, please see the meet official or the meet director, Brooke Stickel, located at the Start/Finish Line area.

UNIFORM: For high school the KHSAA uniform rule will be enforced (if there is cold weather, clothes worn under uniform may be allowed). For middle school and elementary runners it is a little more relaxed, but try to have uniforms as similar as possible.

Concessions: No Concessions.

T-Shirts may be available through online ordering before the meet to be distributed at the meet.

***Please keep runners and spectators away from the railroad tracks (Bluegrass Railroad Museum)***

We invite all spectators to watch the races at various areas along and near the course........however, please remind your parents/fans and other non-competing athletes to be aware of their presence while cheering the runners and not to impede any runner from any team. Only runners and coaches will be permitted at the start line area, parents and spectators must remain behind the finish line area for the start and finish of each race.

For additional information, contact Brooke Stickel......brookestickel@gmail.com

If you are coming from a county that is deemed a hot spot on Friday October 16th, we cannot host you on Saturday. That is a direct instruction from my superintendent.  I will email you once my athletic trainer sends the list out on Friday.

There is not a specific limit to how many spectators can come, but ask families to try to limit to parents, siblings, and possibly grandparents if at all possible. 

Every spectator will need to follow these instructions:

1) You must wear a mask at all times covering both your mouth and nose.

2) You must stay at least 6 feet off the course.

3) The Course maps will be sent to coaches before the meet to give designated areas for spectators. 

4) There are portable toilets available with a hand washing station and hand sanitizer available. No concessions.  A water table will be at the finish line for race finishers.

5) No spectators will be allowed in Team Town or near the Start Line area.

6) All spectators must enter the venue through Huffman (Concession) Pavilion and have their temperature taken and will sign a contact tracing form.  You must answer "no" to all of the questions on the COVID Questionnaire (attached) before entering.  There will be a separate entrance for Coaches and Athletes in Huffman Pavilion.  There will be two Spectator entrances in Huffman Pavilion.

7) Please be respectful of the runners as they compete on the course.  No one shall cross in front of the finish line area at any time.  Runners will enter/exit the Start/Finish line area near the permanent bathrooms at the end of the fence.

8) You may bring a chair and your own snacks/water/soft drinks. Only stay long enough to watch your own runner.

 No one will set up "camp" in Huffman Pavilion.  

 Here are further instructions for Coaches and Athletes:

1) Race Packets will be available at the small concession pavilion just beyond Huffman Pavilion.  It will include a race schedule, course maps, bib number roster, safety pins, and bib numbers. You will be responsible for recording your athlete's temperatures on the bib number roster and turning that into me at the end of the meet before you leave.  So, bring a pen and thermometer.

2) Coaches and Athletes will enter Huffman Pavilion through the Athlete/Coaches entrance.  Coaches are responsible for recording their athletes' temperatures when they arrive at the meet, or you can record them on the bus if that is how you are arriving.

3) Team Town is located in the paddock east of the start/finish line area. No tents, but you can have tarps.  Please allow enough space between team camps for social distancing.  NO SPECTATORS IN TEAM TOWN.

4) Athletes must wear a mask to the start line, and then put a mask on after they finish racing.  How you want to handle that as coaches is up to you.  We are providing our team with a disposable mask to get to the start line and then putting them in a bag and throwing them away after the start, and then having them wear their own mask after the race.

5) I am fine with coaches out past the spectator area as long as you are wearing a mask and staying 6 feet off the course.  The spotters are on high alert for spectators staying off the course, so kindly let them know you are a coach.

6) Warm-ups can also occur on the course as long as the runners are yielding to any racers, and then they must be 6 feet off the course if racers are passing.

7) Our Start/Finish Line area is always an issue with spectators and athletes (and coaches) crossing over.  DO NOT CROSS THE FINISH LINE AREA AT ANY TIME DURING THE MEET.  You can gain access to the start line by following the fence all the way around up by the permanent bathrooms, and you will exit the course in this manner as well.

8) A water table will be available with gloved hands filling cups.  One cup per finisher, please. Our water table crew does not need help from teammates or spectators. Each runner may take their own cup.

9) There will be a portable toilet behind the Start Line for athletes only with hand sanitizer.

10) There is no chute area this year.  Once you are finished running your bib number will be recorded via human and camera.

11) Any corrections must be emailed to me within 48 hours of the results being posted by me emailing them to you after the meet.  We will post results to Milesplit at the end of those 48 hours, and then corrections will not be made.  Paper results will not be posted at the meet.  Coaches can record their athletes' times if they would like to know before results are emailed out.

12) There will be a lead vehicle.

13) We are racing our new course which is non-looping.

 We are very excited to host your team, and we hope we have a great meet.

 Coach Brooke Stickel