Class AAA Region 5 2018

Alexandria, KY
Timing/Results C3 Timing

Meet Information

In the event that you have any questions concerning the online registration process, please do the following in the order prescribed:

1. Check this link for any helpful tips:

2. Contact Chris Hawboldt at

Please do not wait until the last minute to get your entries submitted.

Deadline is May 8 at 8:59PM

2018 KHSAA

Class 3A Region 5 Championships

Campbell County High School

KHSAA Regional Instructions:

Entry/ Pre-meet timeline

Tuesday, May 8-

oCoachesMeeting 6:30 PM, Campbell County Media Center (enter front doors of school)

oSubmission of TR120 Medical Inhaler forms.

oAllinitial entries for the region must be submitted electronically (usingMileSplit),not later than 9 p.m. (4 days prior to the regional meet).

** Unified entries must be included at this time as well. See form and instructions that unified coaches are expected to complete and submit to meet manager, results crew, and Linda Sarrett. Please review your instructions which have been attached.

Wednesday, May 9

By 9 p.m., 3 days prior to the regional meet, the manager shall distribute a Performance Listing to all coaches in the region, shall also submit the list via the UK listserve, and shall also submit to KHSAA for posting on web site.

Thursday, May 10

By 9 p.m., 2 daysbefore the region, all coaches desiring to challenge aparticulartime shall have notified the regional manager as to the objection, and theregional manager shall thereafter resolve and determine the entry time.

Only in the case ofdocumented medical emergency, can these deadlines be waived. Thisrequestmust be submitted and approved by the KHSAA office.

An entry with no time entered for an athlete may be challenged.

The KHSAA will impose a fine of $100 against any school attempting to enter athletes afteranypublished deadline.


1.Nothing is more important to the integrity of that process than accurate entry

times. Member schools are responsible for ensuring that accurate times are

entered. The following procedure will be used to ensure the validity of entry


2.All coaches must be able to verify times that are entered for an athlete in theregional meet.

3.Entry times for the regional meet may be FAT (Fully Automated Timing) or HT

(Hand Times). All HT times must be properly converted per NFHS Rule 3-9-4. If

any HT is recorded in hundredths, it shall be rounded up to the nearest tenth

of a second, and properly noted as a HT.

4.Any time which cannot be verified, cannot be used.

5.The only acceptable verification of meet results will be submission to the

KHSAA web site. KHSAA will also forward all results to the web managers of and for their usage, but shall serve as the

required entry portal.


Schoolsdesiring to enter athletes in the pole vault must have a coach with proof ofcompletion of the Pole Vault Coaching Certification Course.

NOTE: An athlete must compete in a minimum of four meets to be eligible to compete in the regional meet. The coach should have available copies to all results to verify in case of a challenge.

Cost:Wewill be charging $100 per team to cover awards and official pay. We are tryingto fill every event with at least one paid official to prevent any coach fromhaving to work an event.

Schedule of Events/ Eventinformation

We are using the state meet time schedule. Please see below.

Coaching Areas:The designated coaching box for the field events will be the concrete pad that isbetween the vault, throws, and jumps areas. You may call an athlete to you, butyou may not leave that area to address your athletes.You may also stand outside of the black fencingof the facilities to do the same, as long as it doesn't involve the athleteentering an unsafe zone in the throws areas.

For Pole Vault, we will have a designated coaching box on the extended area of the track just before the 300 meter Hurdle starting line (Parallel to our Vault Pads). Only PV certified coaches from each school may be in that area.Once running events begin, no coaches or athletes not involved with an event will beallowed in the infield.No parents will be permitted in that area.

Jury of Appeals/ Exchange Judges

Will need 3 volunteers, boys and girls coaches to serve. These will also serve as exchange zone judges for relays.

Admissions and T-shirts:

Please let your parents know that admission will be $5.00.We will also have T-shirts for sale at the meet.

Bus Parking:

Please have all buses park in the East lot of the High School in our designated Bus lot (adjacent to the front doors of the Area Technology Center).


Awards will be packaged by team and given to the coach at the end of the meet.This will allow time to double check awards in the event of a correction.

Inclement Weather:

Inthe event that we need to evacuate the stands, we will move all athletes andspectators to the Auxiliary Gym (just behind the greenhouse.).


To be determined by KHSAA

Dave Clark/Rose Chalk -Hy-tek/ Finish Lynx

Toni McKee - Meet Manager 859-992-2904

  • Track will open at 8:00 AM

  • Coaches Meeting at 9:30 AM

  • Track Closed at 9:45 AM