Region 5 A 2015

Danville, KY
Hosted by Danville
Timing/Results Leslie Smith Timing

Meet Information


Tuesday, May 12th --- By 9:00pm, 4 Days prior to the Regional Meet, All entries for Class A Region 1 need to be entered. After this time, an athlete may be added only to replace an injured or ill competitor, and only if documentation, signed by a physician, is presented to the KHSAA to cause the need for substitution.
The KHSAA will impose a fine of $100 against any school attempting to enter athletes after any published deadline.

Wednesday, May 13th --- By 9:00pm, 3 days prior to the regional meet, the manager shall distribute a preliminary performance listing.

Thursday, May 14th --- By 9:00 pm, 2 days before the region, any challenge to seed times shall be submitted. Challenges will be processed by meet manager in consultation with the KHSAA staff and the regional Advisory Committee member. The name of the challenging coach or administrator shall not be made known at any time.

Friday, May 15th - One day before the region, the final performance list will be distributed. An entry with no time entered for an athlete may be challenged. There will be no substitutions unless there is documentation to the KHSAA of an injury that was not known to the coach prior to the entry being submitted.

Saturday, May 16th - Regional Meet