Dear Running by Addi Dewey

Dear Running,

You are slowly being taken away from me, meet by meet, practice by practice.

Kinda depressing isn't it?

But you and I aren't done with this season. I'm still hanging onto you. There's still a hope buried deep inside of me that we will have a tiny outdoor season together. I still want to feel the burn of the last lap of an 800. I still want to collapse after a hard fight with the 2 mile. I still have hope.

You and I spend a lot of time together, and I'm determined to make sure it isn't wasted. Even if we don't get a track season together, I'll keep running. I'll keep doing the stretching, the core, the foam rolling, and the hydrating. I'll keep writing down my workouts and logging my miles. I'll keep hoping.

I don't have meets with you, but I still have you when the discouraging boredom sets in on the weekdays. We can still go pound out some tempo, grit through some speed workouts, and survive some hard long runs. 

I still have you, and I still have hope.

There were so many things that I wanted to accomplish this season. So many goals. I wanted to get the school record in the 3200, which was set about ten years ago. I wanted to make it to New Balance Nationals Outdoor with my 4x800 squad. I wanted to PR in the mile and qualify for the Dream Mile. I wanted so many things to happen at meets. I wanted to find out where my limit was for 8 laps. I wanted our team to crush it at State. I wanted so much this season.

Running, you and I are not done yet. One of the things I love most about you is the meets, and those have been taken away. But I still love you, and I will keep going until the quarantine is lifted, until they let the runners race to their hearts' content, until I can race again on a track. 

You have taught me more than can thank you for and I love you with all my heart,

Still hanging in there,


**Addi Dewey is a senior at Christian Academy of Louisville.**