National Performer of the Week Nominees From Weekend In Lex

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    This past weekend we were lucky enough to see Nathan Franco and  Ashton Schwartzman at the UK High School Invitational. Today the both of them are among the eight finalists for boys national performer of the the week!

    In the 60mH Nathan Franco of Fort Worth Chisolm Trail made the trip from Texas and lined up against some of the nations best. It didn't take long as he went on to set a new US No. 4 (7.89) in the prelims, advancing to the finals where he scored another win.

    Another National top 10 mark was set just a few hours later when Ashton Schwartzman came all the way from Wisconsin and laid down a personal record and US No. 8, 48.17, 400m dash. He did so against Robert Jared Williams who went for a US No. 10 performance himself!

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Watch Their Races Below!  

Nathan Franco US No. 4 in the Prelims!

Nathan Franco goes for the win in the Boys 60m Hurdles

Ashton Schwartzman Runs US No. 8 400m Dash

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