KTCCCA Meet of Champs: Notes for Coaches, Athletes and Fans

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Last Minute Info from the KTCCCA

Please share this info with all of your parents.  This is not a normal meet.  This is nothing like the meets they have been at during the season.  We have over almost 6000 athletes entered .


Gate admission $8.00 for each person.  Pre-school free.  Athletes admitted in uniform.   You will have signed a sportsmanship form that says you have informed your parents.   

Important info at KTCCCA Meet of Champions Homepage.


We will not be handing out lane assignments. We will have the lanes posted at registration, on the porta-toilets and the clerks will have a copy. 


We will not hand out maps.  Everything is online. 


We will be using two lanes coming in to Masterson Station on Ruffian Way.   The right lane will flow in to the field east of the fairground.   The center lane will flow in to the hillside south of the fairgrounds.   Take the shortest line for the fastest parking.  Follow the parking attendants' directions.  They know nothing about cross country.  They only know where you need to park and they need to park you as quickly as possible .  You will have to carry your tents, equipment, coolers in from the parking lot where you park.  You will not be allowed to drop off.  This is extremely important so that we can get everyone in to the park on time.  We will not hold a race because of a traffic backup.  Tell your parents to plan accordingly.

Drive down Ruffian Way and turn left up the first drive and follow parking attendants directions.  They may be diverted straight to park on the right hand lot if there is a backup.  There is to be no parking at the Dog Park.

Busses will take the second left in to the fairgrounds and park on the loop.  No one else is allowed to park inside the loop.


Packet pickup for coaches is at the Lions Club Pavilion inside the fairground fence.  Remember to include the late fee if you are bringing the entry fee with you.  We are using shoe chips.   You, as coach, are responsible for the return of all shoe chips.   Turn in chips not to be use at registration when you pick your packet up.  Make sure your athletes turn in their chip before leaving the finish corral.  Your school will be charged $10.00 for each chip not returned.  We will have people clipping the chip off the shoe.


We will not award medals for 11-50 in the chute.   We will print results and pass out medals at a table at the Lions Club pavilion for 11-50 after the top ten are awarded.  Tell athletes to run through the arch.  THEY CAN SPREAD OUT AND PASS PEOPLE.  THEY DO NOT HAVE TO STAY IN LINE. This is extremely important  Top 10 will be presented at the Lions Club building.   See the awards schedule 

TENTATIVE AWARDS SCHEDULE (subject to change...we will not go earlier than these times):
10:30 High School
12:00 4th grade
2:00 6th Grade
4:00 Middle School


Remind parents and friends-NO DOGS ALLOWED.   They will be turned away at the gate.

  • Remind parents about the $8.00 admission for everyone.  Everyone is to enter through the pay gates.   
  • T'S Grab & Go will again provide concessions.  Kettlemasters will have Kettle Korn also.   Malibu Jack's will be on site passing out discount cards.  Mad Scoops from Richmond will be selling ice cream.
  • Stay off the course during the races.


Bibs will NOT have names this year.   You will get a roster with bib and shoe chip numbers which is also posted on the meet homepage.  

Use four pins to pin the bib on. Make sure shoe chips are attached to the shoe with two ties that are provided.

Print and sign the Sportsmanship Form and turn it in at packet pickup.   Inform your parents and fans of everything on the Sportsmanship Form.

Remind athletes to line up single file at the starting line, one on the front,  and have a count for the clerks.

You can change athletes to different races as long as they have their own bib.

Coaches will sign in to be admitted free.  Schools will be allowed the following number of coaches based on athletes competing.   

1-7 athletes  1 coach

8-14 athletes 2 coaches

15-21 athletes 3 coaches 

22 &more athletes  4 coaches


If you have athletes that compete in the Meet of Champions,  they are eligible to compete in the Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championships KTCCCA is hosting at Blue River Cross Country Course,  Shelbyville, Indiana, Saturday November 21.


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