Why Isn't My Performance Showing Up on My Profile?

As I we get into the heat of the outdoor track season, I wanted to make sure that I addressed the most common question I get.

"Why isn't my mark from the meet the other day on my profile yet?"

As we receive results from the timers and meet managers, we are get them uploaded to the meet pages quickly. Many of the weekday meets send the results late at night or early in the morning. Once they have been uploaded to the meet page, corrections are made by all parties involved. Coaches, parents, athletes, and race fans send in minor corrections to names, places, times, and everything else you could imagine would go wrong with results. It is not until all of these corrections are made (or what we hope will be all of the corrections) that they get uploaded to the athlete profiles.

So, the rule of thumb is: check the results on the meet page or from your coach. If you have a correction, tell your coach or meet manager. Once we (KYtrackXC peeps) get the final corrected results, we will connect them to the athlete profiles. 

As a former coach myself, I want to find those results on athletes pages as soon as possible to give them the gratification for the hard work. However, seeing the website from the new perspective I have, has allowed me to appreciate the accuracy of the site. I am not saying that there are not mistakes still lingering out there that need to be fixed, but the more accurate the results that are posted to the athlete profiles, the more reputable our work becomes. 

By all means, please continue to send those corrections to meet management and get the correct marks for the correct athletes, but know that we are getting the most accurate information on the site that is available to us. I appreciate all of the support from coaches, parents, athletes, and race fans as we have transitioned with the site. Please continue to send feedback, suggestions, and wonderful compliments our way. 

I am always accessible by email at kymilesplit@gmail.com. Best of luck to your athletes and teams as outdoor season gets rolling along!