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Greater Louisville Classic

On-Site Coverage


Interview with Robert Rupp (Varsity Boys Winner) Interview with Sophia Racette (Varsity Girls Winner) Varsity Girls Racette Finish Varsity Girls Finish 2nd to 25:00
Varsity Girls 3K Mark Varsity Girls Start GLC: Varsity Boys Start GLC: Varsity Boys 3K Mark
GLC: Varsity Boys Finish (Winner to 21:00) GLC: Men's Gold Start GLC: Men's Gold 3K GLC: Men's Gold 3.5 Mile
GLC: Men's Gold Finish GLC: Women's Gold Start GLC: Women's Gold 3K GLC: Women's Gold Finish
GLC: Men's Blue 3K GLC: Men's Blue 3.5 Mile GLC: Men's Blue Finish GLC: Women's Blue Start
GLC: Women's Blue 3K GLC: Women's Blue Finish GLC: Women's Silver Finish GLC: Women's Silver Finish II