State Champion Sound-Off: Collin Trammel, Owen County


State Champion Sound-Off

Did you win a state championship this past weekend?  There were a lot of you out there and was able to interview a few but could not get anywhere near them all.  Now this is your chance as is doing a "State Champion Sound-Off."  Take the questions below, answer them, and email them to 


Collin Trammel is a senior at Owen County High School.  He won the Class A 200m Dash State Championship setting a new Class A record in the process with a 21.92.



1) What event did you win?

CT: I won the 200M dash

2) What kind of strategy did you have going into your event?

CT:  My strategy for this event was basically have fun, knowing it was my last high school race of my life to just go out there and give it my all without having regrets of my performance and no matter what place I received just knowing igave it my all.

3) If this was your first state championship, what kind of emotions and thoughts did you have immediately after winning?  If this was another state championship for you joining others, how does this one compare to the prior one?

CT: This was my first championship and it was an amazing feeling, right after it happened I had an adrenaline rush and fist bumped. The feeling was incredible and honestly unexplainable. Everyone else ran an amazing race and we all pushed each other to run well. The feeling after was just amazing. It was so amazing winning my last race and getting a record. I'm so thankful, every chance I get free time I have been thanking God.

4) Did you do anything different when it came to your training this season?

CT: My training differed as in endurance last year I placed 3rd in this race and died the last 50 meters. So this year my goal was to be able to finish the race and maintain speed, I did more intense core workouts and I would run 250 meters chasing someone to keep speed and be used to running through the finish line.

5) Besides winning state, what was another highlight of your season?

CT:   Besides winning state, the highlight of my season also occurred at state seeing my teammates make it there and do well and succeed there. They worked hard and it was amazing seeing them do great at a high level!



How does it feel to be the fastest 200m runner in Class A history?

Wow, becoming the record holder is an incredible feeling, especially from a small town like Owen County to have its name there. It's an absolute honor and blessing to have it. I couldn't have done with without being pushed by the people in my heat. All great runners but it's an incredible feeling knowing I did it, I accomplished my goal of winning state and surpassing it with a record. Knowing it's my last high school race, winning it like that and having a state record is just incredible. Truly something unexplainable.