State Champion Sound-Off: This is your chance!!!


State Champion Sound-Off

Did you win a state championship this past weekend?  There were a lot of you out there and was able to interview a few but could not get anywhere near all.  Now this is your chance as is doing a "State Champion Sound-Off."  Take the questions below, answer them, and email them to  I will then post them as an article giving everyone their moment.  Write as little or as much as your would like. 


1) What event did you win?

2) What kind of strategy did you have going into your event?

3) If this was your first state championship, what kind of emotions and thoughts did you have immediately after winning?  If this was another state championship for you joining others, how does this one compare to the prior one?

4) Did you do anything different when it came to your training this season?

5) Besides winning state, what was another highlight of your season?