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My favorite running quotes:

"It's rude to count people as you pass them. Out loud."
-Adidas ad

"No one ever drowned in sweat."
-Dan Gable

It is true that speed kills. In distance running, it kills anyone who does not have it.
--Brooks Johnson

Run like hell and get the agony over with.
--Clarence DeMar

Cross-Country's not for everyone... It's for the wierdos that like to run through the woods in their underwear.

Running won't kill you... you'll pass out first.

There's no such thing as an overweight person that runs 10 miles a day!

Discussion Posts

4 days ago Fastest KY times.
Jacob is #3 on the all time list. Go to rankings, XC lists, sort on boys, 5K and then select all...
29 days ago Girls AAA results
Results were up when I checked earlier this morning.
1 month ago 3K DISTANCE
The issue is that those top runners used GPS, not nearly as accurate as a wheel, and yes, there i...
1 month ago Where are my results
Chill, it's typically 24 hours or so before results get posted here, this is just a part time gig...
2 months ago Middle school results
Results went to out on the listserv Saturday night or Sunday morning. They haven't been posted h...
2 months ago Race Distance?
2 months ago Bourbon County Charge
Results are posted now.
2 months ago Results
HS school results are now posted. Hopefully MS and Elementary soon.
2 months ago Results
They will get posted here but they are going to take some time. Many meets this year are smaller...
2 months ago 3K DISTANCE
I wheeled the course the day of the race. It was long but it was not over 2 miles, it was slight...
2 months ago Results
They were sent out to the listserv yesterday and I believe they are available on DCTiming website.
2 months ago Schedule
Not published yet, they said be patient.
12 months ago Seeking contact information for coach Thompson
PM me your contact info and I can get it passed to him.
1 year ago State meet videos.
I don't believe they are allowed to post videos, KHSAA controls the rights to all videos of the S...
1 year ago Race date
What race?
1 year ago Thoughts on New 30m Exchange Zones?
Thanks, didn't realize that the change had already been made at the other levels. I don't know...
1 year ago Thoughts on New 30m Exchange Zones?
1. My one concern is how kids adjust when they go to college and have to use 20 m zones instead o...
1 year ago A Little Trivia
1. Not sure if you meant most Olympics in a row or most in an event competed in the Olympics? If...
2 years ago Boys 2 mile
@Baller4life19 No one can say for sure but my best guess would be 4-4:30 PM or so.
2 years ago Posting of meet results
You will have to reach out to the meet director or timer to find out.
2 years ago Can we get on the track Friday and if so what time?
No, come early on Saturday I believe. You can get steps on your own track and then just use a ta...
2 years ago Javelin entries
It's listed as Turbojav not javelin, if that helps.
2 years ago Qualfying times
Correct, except not the listserv provider, the Milesplit webmaster.
2 years ago HS stats used at MS
Yes, but not for relays.
2 years ago How long is the meet?
Meet starts at 10 AM, typically ends between 5 and 7 PM although usually something like 5:30. As...
2 years ago Qualfying times
@jakubowski No you can't but don't worry about that, just notify the meet director and/or the ...
2 years ago Qualfying times
@jakubowski Yes, but, just like MS meets, the meet results will need to be sent to the listserv ...
2 years ago Spikes?
What Track?
2 years ago Results
1. Your correct, the results posted here are missing some races. Email the webmaster: kymilespli...
2 years ago Results
Results are posted
2 years ago Results?
Results were posted to the listserv about 1 PM today. Should be on this site within about 24 hours.
2 years ago Updated State Rankings
I only checked AA girls but you are correct there.
2 years ago adding time to child's profile
You can't. those come in electronically from the meet results.
2 years ago All times posted for individual runners
There are numerous different possibilities. 1. A very small spelling difference between the athl...
3 years ago KTCCCA Middle School State Championship 2018
@TCCards Yes
3 years ago Oldham County Middle School Invitational 2018
@Haaden12 They are posted now
3 years ago Rumble on the Race Track MS 2018
@kjhig I think you will need to send one email with all your team's errors so they can address. ...
3 years ago Rumble on the Race Track MS 2018
@1521752553 They are posted.
3 years ago Reminders for MS Coaches and Meet Directors
MS Coaches and Meet Directors: As the season is getting started some reminders concerning MS r...
3 years ago North Oldham All-Comers 2018
Sorry, the meet is already full and closed.
3 years ago Middle School State
2018 Standards are posted.
3 years ago Middle School State
@CoachMark Reminders about the standards: 1. Every single athlete MUST meet the minimum st...
3 years ago Middle School State
@CoachMark Sorry I forgot to post these the other night. 2017 Event Girls Boys Extra ent...
3 years ago Middle School State
@CoachMark 2017 Standards Minimums Event Girls Boys 4X8 12:24.00 10:45.00 100h 20.35 ...
3 years ago Middle School State
2018 standards should be out shortly, I will post 2017 standards later tonight
3 years ago Rankings & Club Teams?
@kjhig I understand where you are coming from and I also don't like the cases I see where the...
3 years ago Greater Louisville Classic XC Sep 29/30 2017
@JaneCarp I don't believe it is but not certain.
4 years ago Additional Qualifiers
@hroberson 1. Actually kids in KY are very lucky. The only other states that even have a MS ...
4 years ago DI Nationals Results
Congratulations to Katherine Receveur formerly from Assumption, 11th!
@griffinj12 Hum, can't seem to PM anymore, not sure why. I will contact him and him reach out...