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5 months ago Fairgrounds Frenzy 2018
Is the elementary division 6th grade and under?
5 months ago Gatorland 2018
Is the elementary six and under
9 months ago North Oldham All-Comers 2018
trying to sign up but need a password.
11 months ago Derby MS Invitational 2018
was wondering if this meet was on the 23rd or the 24th?
1 year ago Gatorland 2017
1 year ago Gatorland 2017
Is the middle school race not a 4k as it has been in the past?
2 years ago ETOWN MS DERBY CLASSIC 2017
Wondering how much the entries are??
2 years ago ETOWN MS DERBY CLASSIC 2017
Would like to know the information on where it is located.
2 years ago Purple Strider 2016
What is the age for elementary race? Didn't know if I could run my 6th graders
2 years ago Bluegrass State Games 2016
Is this meet going to host middle school races?
2 years ago Madisonville North Hopkins Maroon Classic 2016
daviess county middle was trying to sign up for this meet but said you need a password to sign up...
3 years ago Henderson County Invitational 2016
is this for middle school as well?
3 years ago Central Kentucky Run for the Gold 2015
when will the awards for the elementary and middle school start? tring to schedule a return time ...