DC Timing LLC

Louisville, KY, USA

Our 2019 Schedule

February 2019 Location Results
2/27 Wednesdays at Walden Meet 1 (HS) Entries Closed Louisville, KY
March 2019 Location Results
3/6 Wednesdays at Walden Entries Closed Louisville, KY
3/9 Cabin Fever Relays Entries Closed Goshen, KY
3/13 Wednesdays at Walden Entries Closed Louisville, KY
3/15 KYtrackXC.com 5K Showdown Entries Closed Louisville, KY
3/17 Derby Elementary Classic Entries Closed Louisville, KY
3/19 North Oldham Quad Entries Closed Goshen, KY
3/20 David W. Flaugher Entries Closed Louisville, KY
3/22 3/23 Derby MS Invitational Online Entry Louisville, KY
3/23 Fern Creek Sprint Relays Online Entry Louisville, KY
3/25 Eastern Quad Entries Closed Louisville, KY
3/27 Wednesdays at Walden Entries Closed Louisville, KY
3/28 North Oldham Invitational Online Entry Goshen, KY
3/28 Campbell Co JV Alexandria, KY
April 2019 Location Results
4/9 North Oldham All-Comers Online Entry Goshen, KY
4/10 Walden School Entries Closed Louisville, KY
4/13 Crosby Middle School Invitational Online Entry Louisville, KY
4/14 Holy Cross Grade School Track Meet Online Entry Louisville, KY
4/15 Bullitt East Elementary Meet #1 Online Entry Mount Washington, KY
4/15 Campbell County Championships Alexandria, KY
4/16 Lexington Christian MS All-Comers Online Entry Lexington, KY
4/16 Rocket Middle School Distance Night Online Entry Louisville, KY
4/17 Wednesdays at Walden Meet 7 (HS) Online Entry Louisville, KY
4/24 Wednesdays at Walden Meet 8 (MS/ES) Online Entry Louisville, KY
May 2019 Location Results
5/1 Wednesdays at Walden Meet 9 (MS/ES) Online Entry Louisville, KY
5/2 Holy Cross Invitational Online Entry Louisville, KY
5/3 Eagle Classic at LCA Online Entry Lexington, KY
5/7 Louisville Meet of Champions Online Entry Louisville, KY
5/13 Class A Region 3 Online Entry Louisville, KY
5/18 Eastern Middle School Classic Online Entry Louisville, KY
August 2019 Location Results
8/24 Tiger Run Entries Closed Louisville, KY
8/30 Tully Invitational Online Entry Louisville, KY
September 2019 Location Results
9/7 Rumble Through the Jungle Entries Closed Goshen, KY
9/20 Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational - MS,ES Entries Closed Louisville, KY
9/21 Trinity / Valkyrie Invitational (HS) Entries Closed Louisville, KY
October 2019 Location Results
10/12 Oldham County Haunted Woods Classic Entries Closed Buckner, KY