Eastern Indoors 2023

Louisville, KY
Hosted by Eastern
Timing/Results DC Timing LLC

Meet Information


Live Results / Performance List: DCT.live

***On the Live Performance List each event lists all entries, including the alternates with a note on the top of each event page as to how many athletes are accepted and which athletes are alternates.***

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Saturday GoFan Ticketing

Fixed Time Schedule / Declaration Schedule

Unless the meet begins to run behind the schedule listed below we will not use a rolling schedule. We will plan to follow the schedule posted below.  Note the time for each event as well as the declaration time for each event.

Saturday Time Schedule


Event Start Time

Declaration Deadline

Womens 60 Hurdles

9:00 AM

8:15 AM

Mens 60 Hurdles

9:17 AM

8:32 AM

Womens 60 Dash

9:31 AM

8:46 AM

Mens 60 Dash

9:51 AM

9:06 AM

Raise Track

10:11 AM

9:26 AM

Womens Mile

10:21 AM

9:36 AM

Mens Mile

11:09 AM

10:24 AM

Womens 400

11:51 AM

11:06 AM

Mens 400

12:12 PM

11:27 AM

Womens 800

12:33 PM

11:48 AM

Mens 800

12:58 PM

12:13 PM

Womens 200

1:19 PM

12:34 PM

Mens 200

1:35 PM

12:50 PM

Womens 2 Mile

1:51 PM

1:06 PM

Mens 2 Mile

2:36 PM

1:51 PM

Womens 4x400

3:18 PM

2:33 PM

Mens 4x400

3:30 PM

2:45 PM

Target Completion

3:45 PM

Saturday Field Schedule

9:00 AM Start

Womens shot put followed by mens shot put

Field Events

Mens and Womens triple jump

Mens' pole vault followed by womens pole vault

Follow Triple Jump

Mens and Womens long jump

After Shot Put

Mens Weight followed by Womens Weight

After 60m Dash, 10:15am

Womens high jump followed by mens high jump

Eastern Indoors FAQs

Coaches Passes/Access

All team-affiliated coaches will be given a coaches pass/armband. At packet pickup please report the number of official team coaches and you will be given that number of armbands.  Coaches bands will garner access to the backstretch and mezzanine area.  No coaches should be on the track surface or infield during the meet.  Please be respectful of meet officials, particularly in the clerking area and throwing area which can become very busy.

Unattached athletes, not entered as a part of a team, will not be given coaches passes and anyone chaperoning an unattached athlete should purchase a ticket.

Live Results / Performance List / Section Assignments

DC Timing Live Results Page- https://live.dcracetiming.com/ 

Live Performance List- Our live results page includes the current performance list (reflecting all scratches processed so far).  Be aware it includes ALL athletes, both admitted athletes and alternates.

Live results, in most cases, will also include lap splits for all races over 1 lap.

Declaration Process / Spike Check / Assigning Sections

We will use the declaration method for clerking all of our running events this weekend.  This is a two-step process where athletes report with their competitor number to the declaration area in the room labeled declaration past the finish line to confirm that they are present and intend to run the event.  After declaring for the event, athletes can warm-up and should listen for further announcements.  Anyone not declared for an event when the declaration closes will be scratched from the event and cannot run.  Then, when called to return, athletes will return to the clerking area near the warm-up track and throws cage for their section and lane assignments.  Once called to the clerking area, athletes will remain in the area until their races.

Athletes need to be attentive to announcements and the general flow of the meet.  The meet schedule does indicate when the declaration period closes for each event. The declaration for an event will be 45 minutes before that event.  Multi-event athletes may have a parent, coach, or teammate help with the declaration process but they must know the athletes competitor number to report.

This process will help us create the most competitive races with no empty lanes.

Spike check will also take place during the declaration process in the declaration room.  When an athlete declares for their first event of the day they should present their spikes for examination (only pyramid spikes or shorter).

Sections/Heats will not be assigned until after the declaration process is completed.  Soon after declaration the sections will be posted on https://live.dcracetiming.com/ .  Athletes and coaches can project what section they will be in using the current performance list and the field sizes listed for each event (60m/60H- 8, 200/400/4x4- 6, 800/Mile/4x8- 12, 2 Mile- 16).

Event order- Fast Sections first

We will run our fastest section first in all running events.  There are no prelims/finals in running events, all events will be sections with results based on time.

Eastern Indoors will bring national class competition to Louisville's world-class Norton Sports & Learning Complex!

The same folks who bring you the Eastern Relays (https://easternrelays.milesplit.com/) during outdoor track season and the Louisville XC Classic (https://louisvillexcclassic.milesplit.com/) during cross country season are bringing the Eastern Indoors in 2023.

The goal of Eastern Indoors is bringing together the best high school athletes from the Midwest and the Southeast (and anywhere else) to compete on one of the nations newest and fastest tracks at the Norton Sports and Learning Complex in Louisville, KY (https://www.nortonslc.com/).

Coaches should consider running all of our Eastern Premier events in 2023 with the Eastern Indoors on February 10-11, Eastern Relays on April 21-22, and the Louisville Cross Country Classic on September 29-30.

The meet will feature elite high school and middle school track and field action!  We are also thrilled to welcome professional athletes to Eastern Indoors.

Friday GoFan Ticketing: https://gofan.co/app/events/860248?schoolId=KY6154_1

Facility and Campus Layout

All tickets will be sold online, through GoFan. The facility does have a capacity limit, so parents and spectators are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance.

Entry Fees

Entry fees for individual events are $15 for High School Athletes and $10 for Middle School Athletes. Relay entries are $40. All fees will be calculated when you enter and milesplit will general an invoice each team upon completion of entries.

Eastern Indoors Entry Procedures & Standards

Entry to the meet will be based on lifetime best performance. Athletes can earn guaranteed entry by meeting the qualifying times below, then we will fill the remaining field using a descending order list.

All entries must be submitted electronically using the entry portal at http://easternindoors.milesplit.com. It is important that valid results for your team are included on the milesplit database.  If any of your meets are not included in the milesplit national database, please send digital results to your states milesplit editor or kymilesplit@gmail.com. Teams may enter all athletes who meet the guaranteed entry marks.  Note, qualifying marks will not be accepted from meets that do not produce digital results, posted to the internet.

Coaches may enter any athletes who have a verifiable PR (lifetime best indoor or outdoor) in the milesplit database that meets the guaranteed entry standard.  After all guaranteed entries we will fill the field to our desired field size with athletes outside the automatic qualifying standard.  Coaches are encouraged to enter high caliber athletes who have not met the automatic qualifying standards.  As we draw closer to the meet, we will give coaches an opportunity to scratch athletes not in a position to qualify.  Final seeding and acceptance decisions are at the discretion of meet management and will be determined after the entry period is closed.

Expected field sizes are listed below but may be adjusted based on event demand and our time schedule.

Field Sizes Expanded as of Monday 2/6 below


Expected number of accepted entries / Field Size

Guaranteed Entry Mark- Boys

Guaranteed Entry Mark- Girls


Top 80 (10 sections of 8)

11.35 100m

13.10 100m


Top 48 (8 sections of 6)




Top 42 (7 sections of 6)




Top 84 (7 sections of 12)




Top 72 (6 sections of 12)




Top 48 (3 sections of 16)



60m Hurdles

Top 48 (6 sections of 8)

16.50 110H

17.25 100H

4x400m Relay

Top 18 (3 sections of 6)

Top 18 teams

Top 18 teams

Field Events

Shot Put

Top 32 (2 sections of 16)



Weight Throw

Top 16 (1 section of 16)

Top 16 entries

Top 16 entries

High Jump

Top 24 (1 section of 24)



Pole Vault

Top 24 (1 section of 24)



Long Jump

Top 32 (2 sections of 16)



Triple Jump

Top 32 (2 sections of 16)