KHSAA Region 7 Class 2A 2022

Ashland, Ky
Hosted by Boyd County
Timing/Results Timing King

Athlete Entries

Varsity Boys 5,000 Meter Run 46 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Justice, Cooper Pike County Central
LeFever, Sam Lawrence County
Carty, Aiden Magoffin County
Fields, Brody Pike County Central
Combs, Silas Knott County Central
Collins, Jimmy Knott County Central
Nolan, Landon Powell County
Baker, Tucker Powell County
Noble, Dakota Perry County Central
Pigman, Samuel Perry County Central
Hall, Peyton Knott County Central
Taylor, Jimmy Estill County
Hall, Peyton B Knott County Central
Vasquez, Axel Powell County
Adams, Caleb Knott County Central
Barry, Aiden Powell County
Elkins, Dylan Perry County Central
Gillespie, Garrett Powell County
Ramey, Connor 18:41.80 Pike County Central
Mynhier, Aiden 19:05.23 Lawrence County
King, Eli 19:38.15 Powell County
Witt, Kyler 19:46.07 Perry County Central
Vinson, Andrew 19:52.48 Lawrence County
Hall, Matthew 20:26.44 Magoffin County
Hall, Grant 20:29.20 Pike County Central
Barto, Grant 20:40.34 Letcher County Central
Gibson, Lucas Z. 21:09.19 Perry County Central
Bolling, Jackson 21:30.21 Letcher County Central
Prater, Kashlin 21:34.60 Powell County
Perry, Evan 23:23.05 Lawrence County
Perry, Jarvey 23:57.03 Lawrence County
Ratliff, Colton 25:17.70 Pike County Central
Wireman, Luke 25:48.52 Magoffin County
Howard, Eli 25:49.51 Magoffin County
Gasparac, James 26:19.00 Magoffin County
Stacy, Dahlton 26:20.90 Perry County Central
Warden, Rain 26:49.66 Lawrence County
Slone, Dristian 26:55.14 Knott County Central
Salyer, Bryce 27:23.22 Magoffin County
Carter, Cage 27:36.22 Estill County
Bailey, Mayson 30:41.02 Magoffin County
Seabolt, Alexander 31:28.56 Estill County
Eversole, Collin 31:29.80 Pike County Central
Baird, Nathan 36:53.02 Estill County
Martin, Collin 38:01.81 Magoffin County
Romans, Johnathan 38:04.03 Estill County
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Varsity Girls 5,000 Meter Run 48 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Thacker, Lilly Pike County Central
Lawrence, Kyra Knott County Central
Slone, McKaylee Knott County Central
Combs, Amber Knott County Central
Fitzpatrick, Kenna Knott County Central
Lawrence, Peyton Knott County Central
Agee, McKenzi Powell County
Mullins, Bailey Knott County Central
Jones, Kylie Knott County Central
Barnes, Amelia 20:55.80 Powell County
Morris, Lauren 21:12.73 Perry County Central
Bailey, Ashley 21:18.39 Powell County
Johnson, Maggie 22:25.38 Lawrence County
Maxi-Stepp, Camberleigh 23:58.83 Lawrence County
Crawford, Heather 24:01.81 Letcher County Central
Wampler, Chloe 24:13.50 Letcher County Central
Hatton, Anna 24:20.72 Letcher County Central
Adkins, Sophie 24:21.13 Lawrence County
Stacy, Taylor 24:32.61 Perry County Central
Asher, Paige 25:12.99 Perry County Central
Perry, Angel 25:19.33 Lawrence County
Pavlik, Emma 25:57.00 Letcher County Central
Thomas, Mckynlee 26:21.96 Letcher County Central
Swanson, Isabella 27:23.10 Letcher County Central
Caudill, Hayley 27:54.63 Knott County Central
Roark, Amelia 28:34.38 Letcher County Central
Ruble, Kaylee 29:06.34 Estill County
Cantrell, Alison 29:08.88 Magoffin County
Lafferty, Karah 29:31.41 Magoffin County
Back, Miley 29:32.58 Magoffin County
Maxie, Jaylee 29:43.59 Lawrence County
Scheeler, Story 30:34.00 Letcher County Central
Coots, Emma 30:41.08 Perry County Central
Dixon, Erika 30:51.36 Perry County Central
Bates, Mia 31:16.97 Letcher County Central
Barber, Susie 31:27.64 Powell County
Coots, Madi 31:37.43 Perry County Central
Worley, Katelyn 32:29.72 Estill County
Anderson, Lily 32:35.69 Letcher County Central
Seabolt, Victoria 35:49.01 Estill County
Hale, Ava 36:12.66 Estill County
Collins, Kailyn 36:59.90 Knott County Central
Skaggs, Abbie 40:00.00 Magoffin County
Baker, Kalee 40:33.40 Knott County Central
Back, Mckenzie 40:41.82 Magoffin County
Allen, Lashae 41:01.17 Magoffin County
Howard, Payton 41:44.35 Magoffin County
Bradley, Abby 42:04.00 Magoffin County
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