Brother Borgia/Coach Cooper Invitational 2022

Louisville, KY
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Registration Opens On Jan 23, 2022

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All pertinent meet information is above. Information was last edited on April 19.

$85 per gender

$10 per individual and $30 per relay if not running a full team

*Fees based off of entries, not actual actual participation.

**Entry fees due by April 19th. If your check has not mailed by Monday, April 19, please bring your check to the meet.

Mail payments to:

St. Xavier Athletic Office

1609 Poplar Level Road

Louisville, KY 40217

Ticketing Information for spectators: All tickets must be purchased through our online ticketing platform, which is attached below. Temperatures will be checked at the gate and masks will be required to enter. It will cost $5.00 for spectators to enter the complex.

Ticketing info: