Athlete Entries

Boys 3000 Meter Run 10 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Rodgers, Aiden Casey County
Rodgers, Ayken Casey County
Rodgers, Westin Casey County
Rodgers, Acton Casey County
Simmons, Jesse 13:13.36 Summit Christian Academy
Ball, Jayden 14:46.60 Summit Christian Academy
Atwood, Colton 14:55.24 Casey County
Campbell, Landon 15:02.09 Casey County
Masters, Ethan 17:47.96 Summit Christian Academy
Simmons, Aaron 27:18.01 Summit Christian Academy
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Boys 5000 Meter Run 12 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Gold, Jonathan Adair County
Rich, Luke Adair County
Compton, Ethan Adair County
Campbell, Landon Casey County
Blair, Brody Adair County
Grant, Tyler Adair County
King, Kolt Adair County
de Robles, Zachary Casey County
Cuin, Kevin 19:35.35 Casey County
Bowlin, Alek 21:44.54 Casey County
Pollack, Trent 22:02.00 Summit Christian Academy
Simmons, Solomon 34:57.00 Summit Christian Academy
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Girls 3000 Meter Run 10 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Provost, Charlotte Summit Christian Academy
Abell, Laylah Casey County
Burgess, Megan Summit Christian Academy
de Robles, Evelynn Casey County
Wilkey, Chloe Casey County
Davis, Addy 16:18.10 Casey County
Richardson, Lily 16:45.97 Casey County
Hendrickson, Erin 16:58.04 Summit Christian Academy
Couch, Cierra 19:38.60 Casey County
Pittman, Vanessa 20:05.59 Casey County
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 5 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Brown, Mayatu Adair County
Graham, Mason Summit Christian Academy
McQueary, Luxy Adair County
Vaughn, Abby 20:52.80 Casey County
Burgess, Laura 34:19.04 Summit Christian Academy
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