East Ridge XC Open Meet 3 HS and last chance meet 2021

Pikeville, KY
Hosted by East Ridge

Athlete Entries

Boys 1 mile run 16 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Dotson, Drew Phelps School
Smith, Blake Phelps School
Sexton, Parker Letcher County Central
Smith, Drake Phelps School
Rose, Dawson Millard School
Sifers, Chase Millard School
Wallace, Noah Millard School
Childers, Xavier Millard School
Ramey, Canaan Millard School
Hurley, Bretley Phelps School
Smith, Cayden Phelps School
Spangler, Noah Letcher County Central
Newsome, Donovan Millard School
Allen, Zack Millard School
Adkins, Blaze Millard School
Smith, Bentley Millard School
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Boys 2 mile run 7 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hunt, David Millard School
Brown, Carter Pike County Central
Lockard, Eli Pike County Central
Ramey, Ian Millard School
Hopkins, Will Pike County Central
Harvey, Ben Pike County Central
Thompson, Blair Pike County Central
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Boys 5000 Meter Run 55 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Williamson, Clinton East Ridge
Ferran, Gabriel East Ridge
Brooks, Greg Cordia
Spaulding, Tyler Belfry High School
Antoine, Alex Cordia
Newsome, Jacob Belfry High School
Porter, Tavarish Cordia
McNeely, Chase Jenkins High School
Rosys, Adam Piarist
Maynard, Logan Belfry High School
Bennett, Samiar Cordia
Hall, Seth Jenkins High School
Schaub, Gabe Pikeville
Slone, Dristian Knott County Central
Drage, Charles Pikeville
Howard, Coleman Pikeville
Lin, Eric Pikeville
Cummings, Anthony East Ridge
Gearheart, Noah Prestonsburg High School
Stafford, Taylor Belfry High School
Robinson, Jago Cordia
Erwin, Jaxon Belfry High School
Malone, Gordon Cordia
Morris, Matt Jenkins High School
Thompson, Logan Belfry High School
Melendez, Jaemari Cordia
Hayes, Aiden Jenkins High School
Huynh, Austin Piarist
Bushman, Connor Belfry High School
Johnson, Dakota Jenkins High School
Howie, Noah Pikeville
Hurley, Drew 16:57.60 Pikeville
Keathley, Rylan 17:25.93 Pikeville
Hughes, Tyler 18:25.10 Pike County Central
Rose, Eli 19:25.00 East Ridge
Ramey, Connor 19:43.11 Pike County Central
Thompson, Keghan 20:06.79 East Ridge
Burchett, William 20:07.29 Pike County Central
Ramey, Collin 20:09.20 Pike County Central
Cantrell, Gavin 20:39.63 East Ridge
Barto, Grant 20:40.34 Letcher County Central
Sayers, Brayden 20:51.27 East Ridge
Lockard, Luke 21:03.00 Pike County Central
Hu, Skylar 21:34.35 Pikeville
Keathley, Braxton 21:43.76 Pike County Central
Dillon, Calvin 21:53.86 Pike County Central
Welch, Nazim 21:59.12 Cordia
Ash, Brycen 22:00.89 Betsy Layne
Smith, Jacob 22:44.44 Letcher County Central
Rogers, Jacob 23:45.90 Pikeville
Justice, Carter 24:08.90 Pikeville
Stratton, Mason 25:33.10 Betsy Layne
Turner, Micah 26:20.22 Letcher County Central
Johnson, Dehaun 26:45.15 Cordia
Gearheart, Caleb 27:50.00 Prestonsburg High School
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Girls 1 mile run 5 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Dillon, Amelia Pike County Central
O' Neill, Alexia Pike County Central
Church, Savannah Millard School
Young, Kaidence Pike County Central
Bearden, Aubrey Millard School
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Girls 2 mile run 3 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Burns, Hannah Letcher County Central
Norman, Bailey Phelps School
Thomas, Mckynlee Letcher County Central
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 33 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Perkins, Justina Cordia
Rose, Lindsey Jenkins High School
hall, amber Jenkins High School
Collinsworth, Julia Piarist
Compton, Charlize Pikeville
Slater, Cassidy Pikeville
Gommels, Pamela East Ridge
Gayheart, Haleig Cordia
hall, hannah Jenkins High School
Reichenbach, Pors Piarist
Martinez, Gloria Piarist
Couch, Tara Knott County Central
Rowe, Trinity 22:21.60 Pikeville
Compton, Cadence 22:26.09 Pikeville
Hall, Kylie G 22:51.39 Pikeville
Wells, Leah 22:56.00 East Ridge
Allen, Ella 23:01.00 Pikeville
O'Neill, Kaylee 23:51.46 Pike County Central
Crawford, Heather 24:54.04 Letcher County Central
Roark, Hope 24:56.66 Letcher County Central
Ross, Olivia 25:14.55 Piarist
Whited, Kristen 25:42.25 Pikeville
Allen, Chloe 26:03.22 Pikeville
Williams, Karly 26:27.00 Betsy Layne
Wampler, Chloe 27:25.88 Letcher County Central
Werth, Emily 27:34.05 Pikeville
Roark, Amelia 29:09.54 Letcher County Central
Caudill, Hayley 29:10.12 Knott County Central
Stewart, Emma 31:21.00 Jenkins High School
Swanson, Isabella 32:15.84 Letcher County Central
Fields, Alyssa 33:03.31 Jenkins High School
Allen, Mackenzie 33:12.75 Cordia
Layne, Kaylynn 39:28.00 Phelps School
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