Diocese of Covington Championships 2021

Villa Hills, KY
Hosted by Villa Madonna

Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 87 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Enxel, Reid Newport Central Catholic
Sheets, Will Covington Catholic
Branch, Ryan 16:40.54 Bishop Brossart
Ryan, Dixon 16:46.86 St. Henry District
Kovacic, Owen 16:53.89 Villa Madonna
Durrett, Lake 16:55.26 St. Henry District
Ryan, Mark 16:59.26 St. Henry District
Martin, Ethan 17:11.06 Villa Madonna
Kolar, Adam 17:12.41 Villa Madonna
Ruth, Nathan 17:28.23 Bishop Brossart
Meagher, Luke 17:29.88 Covington Catholic
Losure, Parker 17:35.32 Bishop Brossart
Drees, Mitchel 17:39.31 Covington Catholic
Barsan, Charlie 17:39.84 St. Henry District
Grannen, Joey 17:49.48 Villa Madonna
Barsan, George 17:51.38 St. Henry District
Williams, Alex 17:54.29 Covington Catholic
Fedders, Camden 17:55.92 St. Henry District
Dickman, Jake 18:06.57 Covington Catholic
Davis, Keegan 18:06.71 Villa Madonna
Antrobus, Mark 18:07.56 Villa Madonna
Goodwin, Jack 18:19.90 St. Henry District
Portwood, Isaac 18:20.38 St. Henry District
Goetz, Tyler 18:20.50 St. Henry District
Baker, Sam C. 18:22.23 St. Henry District
Hill, Griffin 18:30.34 Bishop Brossart
Bonta, Nolan 18:30.66 Covington Catholic
Sunday, Wyatt 18:31.63 Holy Cross (Covington)
Dunham, Ben 18:32.84 St. Henry District
Halpin, Ian 18:39.71 Villa Madonna
Stahl, Colin 18:50.40 Covington Catholic
Schewe, Alexander 19:01.36 Covington Catholic
Dropic, Ty 19:03.06 Villa Madonna
Davis, Owen 19:04.71 Bishop Brossart
Krebs, Kevin 19:09.60 Covington Catholic
Heck, Nick 19:13.46 Bishop Brossart
Carroll, Alex 19:14.00 Villa Madonna
Giblin, Ian 19:17.20 Covington Latin
Watson, Jacob 19:25.37 Villa Madonna
Engle, Carter 19:26.40 Holy Cross (Covington)
Krallman, Peyton 19:27.33 Covington Catholic
Collins, Grady 19:28.36 St. Henry District
Beckerich, Robby 19:32.85 Bishop Brossart
Brockman, Josh 19:37.73 St. Henry District
Baker, Sam B. 19:41.10 St. Henry District
Francis, Noah 19:57.15 St. Henry District
Donelan, Adam 19:58.72 Covington Catholic
Brown, Anthony 19:58.90 Covington Latin
Sunday, Dalton 19:58.91 Holy Cross (Covington)
Hassoun, Adam 19:59.00 Villa Madonna
Haubner, Ethan 19:59.20 Bishop Brossart
Nerswick, Matthew 20:03.80 Covington Catholic
Deaton, Parker 20:05.10 Holy Cross (Covington)
Merk, Wade 20:09.49 Covington Catholic
Browning, Andrew 20:16.09 Covington Latin
Blair, Ryan 20:16.10 Covington Catholic
Schwartz, Andrew 20:19.93 Bishop Brossart
Gerwe, Max 20:27.70 Covington Catholic
Ramdass, Brendan 20:39.13 Villa Madonna
Collins, Liam 20:39.79 Villa Madonna
Johnsonbaugh, Russel 20:45.80 Covington Latin
Matheny, Jase 20:47.39 Covington Catholic
Heinsman, Andrew 20:48.00 St. Henry District
Smith, Tyler 20:48.20 Covington Catholic
Lindbloom, Ethan 20:58.63 Covington Catholic
Houston, J.T. 21:02.16 Covington Catholic
Thornberry, Jacob 21:07.17 Villa Madonna
Flanagan, Wesley 21:14.00 Covington Catholic
Meyer, Jackson 21:17.08 St. Henry District
Barsan, Harry 21:46.60 St. Henry District
Reynolds, Drew 21:52.78 St. Henry District
Tobler, Luke 21:54.90 St. Henry District
Fischer, Cole 22:06.70 Villa Madonna
Kobman, Caleb 22:23.30 Covington Latin
Grosser, Alex 23:01.22 Bishop Brossart
Garuccio, Kevin 23:28.70 Covington Latin
Coutinho, Matthew 24:34.83 Holy Cross (Covington)
Fuller, Will 24:49.20 Holy Cross (Covington)
Arlinghaus, Austin 25:46.70 Holy Cross (Covington)
Talbert, Cole 25:49.49 Holy Cross (Covington)
Doyle, Owen 25:58.49 Covington Latin
Luckhardt, Ethan 26:17.59 Covington Latin
Baldwin, Justin 26:23.19 Newport Central Catholic
Thimmadasaiah, Vijay 26:42.63 Covington Latin
Fuller, Noah 27:17.40 Holy Cross (Covington)
Coutinho, Joseph 32:13.00 Holy Cross (Covington)
Weller, Michael 34:46.51 Holy Cross (Covington)
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Boys and Girls Mixed 5000 Meter Run 60 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Crawford, Anthony St. Henry District
Durrett, Kayden St. Henry District
Bitikofer, Stella St. Henry District
Reynolds, Lucy St. Henry District
Couch, Will St. Henry District
Ransom, Kayleigh Notre Dame
Stover, Ethan St. Henry District
Setters, Maggie St. Henry District
Stewart, Jeff St. Henry District
Hoerst, Josh St. Henry District
Bollman, Kelcey St. Henry District
Brogan, Ryan Covington Catholic
Nichols, Andrew 18:45.60 Villa Madonna
Chadwick, Alex 19:47.69 Villa Madonna
Tagher, Andrew 20:13.40 Covington Catholic
Alquizola, Vincent 20:38.90 Villa Madonna
Gumm, Connor 20:40.21 Villa Madonna
Schroder, Nate 20:47.30 Covington Catholic
Thornberry, Jacob 21:07.17 Villa Madonna
Flanagan, Wesley 21:14.00 Covington Catholic
Bloemer, Alex 21:26.30 Covington Catholic
Freeman, John 21:45.40 Covington Catholic
Noble, James 21:51.50 St. Henry District
Howard, Jack 22:30.60 St. Henry District
Donnelly, Jackson 22:43.32 Covington Catholic
Merk, Weston 22:47.81 Covington Catholic
Gates, Dominic 22:49.23 Covington Catholic
McBride, Kate 23:00.00 Notre Dame
Sturpe, Antonio 23:28.13 St. Henry District
David, Mack 23:30.10 Covington Catholic
Stricker, Issac 23:31.89 Villa Madonna
Scheffter, Ben 23:43.40 Covington Catholic
Fischer, Chase 23:46.07 Villa Madonna
Cogswell, Madelyn 23:46.30 Notre Dame
McGraw, Aidan 23:53.46 Villa Madonna
Dropic, Ben 24:14.28 Villa Madonna
Schroder, Nick 24:16.44 Covington Catholic
Casey, Charlie 24:16.90 St. Henry District
Stumbo, Noah 24:21.52 Villa Madonna
Donnelly, Paige 25:45.30 Notre Dame
Schutt, Sara 26:17.10 Notre Dame
Zumbiel, Luke 26:20.70 Villa Madonna
Sehgal, Anay 26:36.00 St. Henry District
Wenstrup, Piper 26:49.20 Notre Dame
Mayer, Anna 26:50.30 Notre Dame
Rohling, Andy 27:03.82 St. Henry District
Reyes, Andres 27:24.42 Villa Madonna
Ernst, Sophia 28:05.00 Notre Dame
Brewer, Hannah 28:18.81 Notre Dame
Rassati, Zoe 28:29.13 Notre Dame
Cogswell, Hailey 28:57.20 Notre Dame
Earls, Maria 29:09.20 Notre Dame
Hunt, Madi 29:13.20 Notre Dame
Granacher, Laila 29:55.50 Notre Dame
Bessler, Natalie 30:14.50 Notre Dame
Sheeley, Abigail 30:44.40 Notre Dame
Drees, Georgia 31:07.80 Notre Dame
Kruer, Alex 31:58.20 Villa Madonna
Kelly, Mary Catherine 32:03.30 Notre Dame
Clark, Riley 33:25.40 Villa Madonna
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 76 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Csordas, Miranda Bishop Brossart
Frecking, Samantha Villa Madonna
Spain, Mya Newport Central Catholic
Hein, Chloe Bishop Brossart
Borchers, Ava Villa Madonna
Curtsinger, Anna Bishop Brossart
Kennedy, Mary Newport Central Catholic
Janzaruk, Natalie Notre Dame
Doerger, Zoe Holy Cross (Covington)
Curtsinger, Claire 19:26.35 Bishop Brossart
Klocke, Amy 19:31.66 Bishop Brossart
McMain, Mackenzie 20:09.40 St. Henry District
Baker, Lexi 20:28.23 Villa Madonna
Reis, Natalie 20:34.90 Bishop Brossart
Gerrein, Charli 20:37.22 Villa Madonna
Ernst, Abby 20:43.52 Villa Madonna
Hurm, Chloe 20:45.01 St. Henry District
Bailey, Maddie 20:56.05 Villa Madonna
Martin, Alyssa 21:05.92 Villa Madonna
Gartman, Paxton 21:10.40 Notre Dame
Ryan, Mary 21:17.27 St. Henry District
Bertsch, Cora 21:23.62 Bishop Brossart
Bezold, Emma 21:32.14 Bishop Brossart
Kamer, Molly 21:51.42 St. Henry District
Dooley, Adair 21:56.62 Notre Dame
Ernst, Nora 22:07.51 Villa Madonna
Meade, Anna 22:11.08 Notre Dame
McKeown, Katie 22:13.30 Notre Dame
Reis, Cate 22:25.00 Bishop Brossart
Rice, Sarah 22:25.62 Villa Madonna
Lenihan, Tess 22:26.54 Notre Dame
Schrinner, Claire 22:30.60 Notre Dame
Johnsonbaugh, Kaylee 22:30.90 Covington Latin
Gulla, Grace 22:31.23 St. Henry District
Bollman, Sydney 22:41.18 St. Henry District
Heberling, Clara 23:07.40 Notre Dame
Wilson, Anna 23:13.90 St. Henry District
Kleman, Georgia 23:21.00 Notre Dame
Maschinot, Meredith 23:21.65 St. Henry District
Schroeder, Lena 23:33.09 Villa Madonna
Meyer, Mary 23:43.20 Covington Latin
VonLehman, Mia 23:52.74 St. Henry District
Bond, Rylie 24:03.96 Villa Madonna
Brockman, Maria 24:06.30 St. Henry District
Williams, Camille 24:14.16 St. Henry District
Kleman, Caroline 24:27.80 Notre Dame
Zimmerman, Claire 24:49.70 Notre Dame
Quandt, Madison 24:54.37 Holy Cross (Covington)
Rawe, Molly 25:00.00 Notre Dame
Brocker, Ella 25:02.30 Notre Dame
Goetz, Gabby 25:10.34 St. Henry District
Bishop, Mia 25:19.20 Notre Dame
Baker, Ryan 25:27.01 Notre Dame
Virzi, Sofia 25:28.66 Villa Madonna
Ramundo, Izzie 25:28.80 Villa Madonna
Smith, Sarah 25:38.29 Bishop Brossart
Ghazala, Cathrine 25:43.54 Notre Dame
Elliot, Kaylee 25:55.06 Notre Dame
Blair, Anna 25:58.30 Notre Dame
Shannon, Kylie 26:03.65 St. Henry District
Quinn, Anna 26:29.26 St. Henry District
Short, Sydney 26:36.00 Villa Madonna
Lawson, Maya 26:37.50 St. Henry District
Scheffter, Ellie 26:40.20 Notre Dame
Schutzman, Kylie 26:49.09 Notre Dame
Bickford, Erin 27:26.80 Villa Madonna
Miller, Bella 28:26.40 St. Henry District
Rolfsen, Ella 29:36.25 St. Henry District
Koszarek, Greta 30:05.00 Covington Latin
Koszarek, Greta 30:05.00 Covington Latin
Nielander, Paige 30:42.70 Holy Cross (Covington)
Stiles, Maddy 31:06.17 St. Henry District
Bolton, Lucy 33:49.40 St. Henry District
Farmer, Maggie 37:34.14 St. Henry District
Russell, Elizabeth 37:42.41 Covington Latin
Russell, Elizabeth 37:42.41 Covington Latin
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