Fenton Dawson Invitational 2021

Cadiz, KY
Hosted by Trigg County
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Athlete Entries

Boys 3000 Meter Run 131 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Tippitt, Taegan Stewart County Middle School
Thomas, George New Covenant Christian Academy
Binfield-Smith, Steeven Murray
Taylor, Cayden Richview Middle School
Link, Gavin Richview Middle School
Cathey, Joshua Trigg County
Doublin, Michael Community Christian (Paducah)
DeHart, Collin Fulton County
Cherry , Hargis Stewart County Middle School
Futrell, Owen Marshall County Middle School
Banks, Aeden Richview Middle School
McFarland, Tatum Richview Middle School
Webb, Jacob Christian County
McReynolds, Bennett McCracken County
Crawford, Cameron Trigg County
Son, Sarah's Stewart County Middle School
Fite, Steven Marshall County Middle School
Beauchamp, Kaden Richview Middle School
Patten, Luke Richview Middle School
Stratton, Lucas Christian County
Sullivan, JD McCracken County
Thompson, Kel Trigg County
Riley, Hunter Marshall County Middle School
Lea, Lucas St. Mary
Chandler, Andrew Richview Middle School
Piech, Liam Richview Middle School
WATSON, RYDER Livingston Central Middle
Malott, Eli Burns Middle School
Fambrough, Steven Richview Middle School
Schmidt, Wyatt Richview Middle School
Aud, Jacob St Mary of the Woods
TALIAFERRO, CARSON Livingston Central Middle
Rogers, Ross Calloway County Middle School
Turner, Grayson Burns Middle School
Gottlick, Alexander Richview Middle School
Stewart, Christian Richview Middle School
KEELING, BRAYDEN Livingston Central Middle
Light, Bryce Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Gesler, Sinjin Calloway County Middle School
Daniel, Myles Richview Middle School
Hermanski, Hunter Richview Middle School
Watson, Lucas Richview Middle School
Wallace, Jaxon Calloway County Middle School
Dyer, Nate Murray
Haas, William Richview Middle School
Hyde, Byron Richview Middle School
Winn, Davis Richview Middle School
Walters, Daniel Community Christian (Paducah)
Darrow, Grayson Dawson Springs
Riley, Mason Calloway County Middle School
Stiff, Jack Murray
Shimon, Preston Richview Middle School
Kilburn, James Richview Middle School
DeJarnatt, Bradon Community Christian (Paducah)
Kupski, Zachary Richview Middle School
Anderson, Jonah Community Christian (Paducah)
Jackson, Tyler Fulton County
Parsons, Logan Stewart County Middle School
Allsbrooks, Hogan Richview Middle School
Mathias, Brody Richview Middle School
Taggart, Rex Christian County
Cavanaugh, Travis Trigg County
Hughes, Lucas Stewart County Middle School
Newnum, Thatcher Marshall County Middle School
Baugh, Castiel Richview Middle School
Ohm, Iam Richview Middle School
Ray, Max Christian County
Dodson, Sam McCracken County
Perry, Dekon Trigg County
Beth, Fisher Marshall County Middle School
Bratton, Chase Richview Middle School
Pavlik, Gabe Richview Middle School
Courtney, Rafe St. Mary
Dixon, Jordan Richview Middle School
Scharlott, Tucker Richview Middle School
Roby, Will St Mary of the Woods
HARRIS, JAYCEN Livingston Central Middle
Rhodes, Carson Burns Middle School
Gardiner, Gavin Richview Middle School
Foster, Graham Richview Middle School
Smith, Kreid Richview Middle School
CHAMPION, SAWYER Livingston Central Middle
Hensley, Aaron Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Carlisle, Roman Calloway County Middle School
Harris, Tristan Burns Middle School
Hannon, Liam Richview Middle School
Swafford, Hunter Richview Middle School
Briedwell, Matthew Calloway County Middle School
Drawdy, Corbin Richview Middle School
Hirschel, Carter Richview Middle School
Whitaker, Cooper Richview Middle School
Armatys, Cameron Stewart County Middle School
Jansma, Jack Calloway County Middle School
Eye, Cooper Murray
Scharlott, Raymond Richview Middle School
Kendall, Max Richview Middle School
Mavigliano, Nic Community Christian (Paducah)
Tennyson, Colton Calloway County Middle School
Binfield-Smith, Guervenson Murray
Weatherspoon, Carlos Richview Middle School
Yates, Kobey 10:45.74 Marshall County Middle School
Gray, Noah 11:21.00 Burns Middle School
Howard, Grant 12:01.40 St Mary of the Woods
Walker, Daniel 12:05.52 Marshall County Middle School
Payne, Thomas 12:58.10 St Mary of the Woods
Darnell, Isaac 12:58.55 Marshall County Middle School
Lopp, JT 13:10.74 Richview Middle School
Potts, Nathan 13:15.04 Trigg County
Bolden, Aden 13:24.63 Christian County
Howard, Tate 13:37.10 St Mary of the Woods
Carrico, Nolan 13:47.90 Burns Middle School
Martin, Sam 14:17.59 Marshall County Middle School
Darst, Aaron 14:18.60 St. Paul School
Royalty, Elijah 14:21.32 Burns Middle School
Travis, Cadyn 14:21.94 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Hill, Eli 14:35.64 Trigg County
Finch, Jude 14:39.10 University Heights
Martindale, Shane 14:57.70 Burns Middle School
Harvison, Jackson 15:01.62 Richview Middle School
Revoir, Caleb 15:16.41 Richview Middle School
Waller, Jayden 15:25.88 Richview Middle School
Armatys, Eric 15:28.81 Stewart County Middle School
McCune, Tobiyah 15:29.30 Dawson Springs
Cecil, Rylen 15:38.80 St Mary of the Woods
McCarty, Luke 15:45.15 Burns Middle School
Howard, Trevor 15:50.65 St Mary of the Woods
Smith, Dylan 15:54.05 Richview Middle School
Westmoreland, Mason 16:14.32 Richview Middle School
Boepple, Michael 17:39.11 Richview Middle School
Cruz, Billy 19:54.20 Christian County
Bucy, Thomas 20:25.20 Murray
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Girls 3000 Meter Run 119 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Baker, Angel Richview Middle School
Schohn, Kailyn Richview Middle School
Nix, Adrianna Richview Middle School
Coats, Kaydon Hopkinsville
Mattingly, Abigail New Covenant Christian Academy
Bennett, Myka Richview Middle School
Shimon, Ella Richview Middle School
Romine, Reese Community Christian (Paducah)
Chandler, Ava Richview Middle School
Elkins, Rayne Calloway County Middle School
Coburn, Brianna Richview Middle School
Emery, Angie Calloway County Middle School
Oatts, Jakiyah Christian County
Johnson, Addi Burns Middle School
Dixon, Maggie Richview Middle School
Gupton, Mirielle Calloway County Middle School
Coates, Addison Dawson Springs
Rodriguez, Jazmyn Christian County
Barabas, Harper McCracken County
Rykken, Ramona Fort Campbell
Carrico, Jonna Burns Middle School
Griffey, Sydney Richview Middle School
Atwell, Kaidence Christian County
Gregory, McCoy McCracken County
Storm, Gracie Burns Middle School
Hubbard, Olivia Richview Middle School
Hardy-Sholes, Aubrie Richview Middle School
Randolph, Hannah Christian County
Lafollette, Kenni McCracken County
Layson, Ruth Burns Middle School
DoVanne, Aramae Richview Middle School
Hoye, Ciera Richview Middle School
Rodgers, Taylor McCracken County
Dalke, MeKena Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Acey, Faith Richview Middle School
Peterson, Riley Richview Middle School
Baird, Briley McCracken County
Mendoza, Ana McCracken County
Fairchild, Jenna Dawson Springs
Bangart, Evelyn Hopkinsville
Meadows, Emerson New Covenant Christian Academy
Beal, Destiny Richview Middle School
Carlisle, Vayla Calloway County Middle School
Scott, Olivia Richview Middle School
Jones, Lucy Community Christian (Paducah)
Rogers, Laney Richview Middle School
Mayes, Lauren Hopkinsville
Williams, Jaye New Covenant Christian Academy
Brockley, Audrey Richview Middle School
Jennings, Addison Calloway County Middle School
Chipman, Ginny Murray
Geuea, Cara Richview Middle School
Key, Sara Kate Community Christian (Paducah)
Chester, Emily Richview Middle School
Norsworthy, Bella Calloway County Middle School
Thompson, Tavionna Trigg County
Hines, Mattie Stewart County Middle School
Dixon, Cora Richview Middle School
Munoz, Guadalupe Christian County
Sullivan, Aislynn McCracken County
Carmon, Abbie Burns Middle School
Spalding, Braelyn Marshall County Middle School
Dykeman, Brianna Richview Middle School
Brown, Simyria Christian County
Gaugler, Lily McCracken County
Hammond, Sakina Burns Middle School
Crass, Reagan Richview Middle School
Haas, Scarlett Richview Middle School
Elkins, Haddassuh Christian County
Knight, Abagail McCracken County
Rhoads, Medley Burns Middle School
DAVIDSON, KARLEE Livingston Central Middle
Luton, Kala Richview Middle School
Harris, Bella Richview Middle School
Ebbinger, Brooke Christian County
LeNeave, Audrey McCracken County
Tools, Timareea Burns Middle School
Acree, LuAnna Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Huff, Madison Richview Middle School
Jones, Emma Richview Middle School
Thompson, Lexi McCracken County
Dalke, Emma Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Baggett, Marissa Richview Middle School
Schohn, Ashari Richview Middle School
Falloway, Ava 12:20.90 Burns Middle School
Sandlin, Eden 12:49.41 Marshall County Middle School
Stovall, Anna Kate 12:50.12 Burns Middle School
Peffer, Ann Marie 13:35.44 Marshall County Middle School
Waleski, Brooke 13:37.71 Richview Middle School
McCoy, Audrey 13:59.02 Dawson Springs
Arnold, Baliegh 14:06.57 McCracken County
Prescott, Millicent 14:09.64 Richview Middle School
DePoyster, Lilly 14:15.60 St. Paul School
Young, Alexxus 14:19.49 Richview Middle School
Fallaway, Kenzie 14:48.01 Burns Middle School
Hooker, Jillian 14:53.39 Burns Middle School
Stewart, Elina 14:57.74 Richview Middle School
Price, Makenzie 15:04.02 Calloway County Middle School
Ewing, Addison 15:04.30 Burns Middle School
Cunningham, Cori'Anna 15:10.30 Christian County
Swatzell, Baylee 15:27.11 Dawson Springs
Lilly, Sadie 15:52.64 Calloway County Middle School
Eastridge, Katie 16:02.99 Stewart County Middle School
Swatzell, Ashtyn 16:04.68 Dawson Springs
Smith, Julia 16:17.79 Richview Middle School
Dominiak, Libby 16:18.96 Richview Middle School
McCarty, Makenzie 16:19.62 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Grooms, Emma 16:27.61 Calloway County Middle School
Taylor, Brooklyn 16:47.92 Hopkinsville
Hay, Nattalie 17:00.00 Burns Middle School
Cardwell, Marlie 17:04.35 Richview Middle School
Calhoun, Genna 17:22.13 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
West, Mariah 17:52.02 McCracken County
Thompson, Sophia 17:53.01 Richview Middle School
Green, Jade 18:11.02 Murray
Green, Holly 19:08.14 Murray
Cupps, Delilah 19:15.19 Stewart County Middle School
Davis, Kaylee 19:39.70 Richview Middle School
Corrigan, Riley 23:00.32 Richview Middle School
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HS Boys 5K 129 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Paitsel, Taylen Hickman County
HARGROVE, MASON Livingston Central
Rhoads, Madden Apollo
Dossett, Abe McCracken County
Terry, Carter Hickman County
Lemond, Caleb Apollo
Puckett, Nathan Calloway County
Briseno, Wes Fort Campbell
Smith, Samuel Stewart County High School
Lubas, William Fort Campbell
Gonzalez, Johnathan Northwest High School
Hodges, Cody Murray
Finch, Jude University Heights
Tompkins, Luke Murray
Boyette, Brunson Hopkinsville
Ligenfelter, Jack Trigg County
Schaal, Savior Hopkinsville
DAVIDSON, REESE Livingston Central
Miles, James Thomas Christian County
Major, John Rey Fulton County
Clark, Gage McCracken County
Hoff, Tyler Hickman County
BELCHER, CARTER Livingston Central
Brock, Emmitt Apollo
Wring, Mark McCracken County
Blanton, Joshua Fort Campbell
Sticker, Evan Stewart County High School
Villeda, Cesar Calloway County
Fisher, James Fort Campbell
Green, Caleb Northwest High School
Burkhart, Jackson Stewart County High School
Principe, Gunner Fort Campbell
Chantler, Greyson Northwest High School
Wells, Tucker Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Cauley, Ben Murray
Veras, Elieser Kenwood High School
Kieffer, Noble Murray
Finch, Eli University Heights
Payne, JP Trinity (Whitesville)
Webb, Michael Christian County
Glover, Cole University Heights
Wray, Blake McCracken County
Stallins, Sean Dawson Springs
Adams, Kentrell Hopkinsville
Munoz, Hector Christian County
Thompson, Riley Trigg County
Klar, Nickolaus Hopkinsville
STEWART, JONATHAN Livingston Central
Roebuck, Guvner Apollo
Cavanaugh, Austin 16:30.10 Trigg County
Hines, Andrew 17:23.80 Stewart County High School
Grogan, Jeremiah 17:25.20 McCracken County
Crittendon, Jake 17:34.07 McCracken County
Cross, Luke 17:57.09 Murray
Newton, Thomas 17:58.53 McCracken County
Knight, Corbin 18:14.93 McCracken County
Thomas, Josh 18:17.48 Apollo
Thompson, Micheal 18:21.18 Northwest High School
Cannon, Timmy 18:21.58 Trigg County
Osborne, Ethan 18:27.06 Dawson Springs
Osborne, Lucas 18:29.53 Dawson Springs
Britton, Camden 18:30.38 Christian County
Jenkins, Marshall 18:30.70 Trigg County
Oliver, River 18:43.40 Trigg County
Yoder, Jayden 18:45.00 Northwest High School
Howard, Jacob 18:50.31 Trinity (Whitesville)
Hendricks, Chase 18:56.50 University Heights
Edwards, Hudson 19:08.10 McCracken County
Goodman, Elijah 19:08.81 Hickman County
McCune, Yosiyah 19:10.66 Dawson Springs
Hale, Tyler 19:12.37 Dawson Springs
Joyce, Caleb 19:12.65 McCracken County
Warford, Eli 19:26.99 McCracken County
Everett, Chade 19:27.09 Fulton County
Palmer, Finn 19:30.16 McCracken County
Mullins, Blake 19:30.80 Apollo
Quigley, Brandon 19:31.24 St. Mary
King, Austin 19:33.60 Apollo
Steiner, Cade 19:35.84 Northwest High School
Howard, Gavin 19:36.83 Trinity (Whitesville)
Maher, Spencer 19:54.34 Northwest High School
Waddy, Amari 20:01.20 Fort Campbell
Sykes, Clay 20:01.73 McCracken County
Bumpus, Everett 20:06.50 Stewart County High School
Terrone, Keegan 20:08.00 McCracken County
Faughn, Michael 20:08.68 Dawson Springs
Grogan, Owen 20:09.60 McCracken County
Riedell, Conner 20:13.99 Apollo
Sipes, Jay 20:17.90 Fulton County
Brazzell, Austin 20:32.43 McCracken County
Maduka, Ramadhani 20:32.63 Kenwood High School
McReynolds, Carter 20:37.86 McCracken County
Fleming, Wyatt 20:42.34 Christian County
Hooker, Jonathan 20:42.83 Apollo
Studsill, Logan 20:43.10 Apollo
Farmer, Ray 20:43.21 University Heights
Gray, Michael 20:44.67 Apollo
Aydt, Evan 20:44.95 McCracken County
Eastridge, Ian 20:51.80 Stewart County High School
Lee, Trevor 20:59.16 Northwest High School
Griffiths, Logan 21:05.80 Fulton County
Shepperd, Jacob 21:09.17 Stewart County High School
Smith, Landon 21:12.47 Trinity (Whitesville)
Dodson, Jacob 21:21.09 Hickman County
Palmer, Jett 21:25.43 McCracken County
Sharp, Brock 21:29.20 Fort Campbell
Polsgrove, Luke 21:34.11 Hickman County
Chalke, Ian 21:35.27 McCracken County
Crawford, Joseph 21:36.00 Trigg County
Millay, Dalton 21:40.95 Trinity (Whitesville)
Steckenrider, Logan 21:44.55 McCracken County
Bridges, Jonathan 21:53.02 Hopkinsville
Mitchell, Alex 22:22.49 Dawson Springs
Clark, James 22:23.59 Hickman County
Miller, Jonathan 22:23.72 Trinity (Whitesville)
Parker, Joseph 22:25.08 Christian County
Boaz, Bentley 22:26.90 Hickman County
McCurren, Caleb 22:28.31 McCracken County
Lee, Jerel 23:16.75 Hopkinsville
Miller, Christian 23:29.50 Trinity (Whitesville)
Nott, Christian 23:29.90 Trigg County
Yearry, Chayse 23:37.58 Murray
Surrency, Ian 24:18.80 Fort Campbell
Bricker, Scott 24:23.50 Fort Campbell
Goldsmith, Caleb 24:34.13 Stewart County High School
Harrison, Eli 26:04.48 Christian County
Rinehardt, Conner 26:12.82 Christian County
Ward, Nicholas 26:20.90 Trinity (Whitesville)
Knepper, Aiden 29:57.61 Christian County
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HS Girls 5K 81 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Denton, Lauren McCracken County
Crawford, Patrice Northwest High School
Paulter, Jessie Trigg County
Manea, Mossy McCracken County
Sandefur, Chloe Apollo
Nichols, Meranda McCracken County
Crain, Fatu Trigg County
Morris, Taylor Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Sanders, Analea Apollo
Coats, Kaydon Hopkinsville
Tharp, Baylee McCracken County
Roberts, Ava Fort Campbell
Curry, Kenzie Fulton County
Scimeca, Mia Stewart County High School
Workman, Ariel McCracken County
Galarza, Patricia Fort Campbell
Lister, Samijah Northwest High School
Nelson, Amanda Stewart County High School
Orange, Abby McCracken County
Oberrender, Callie Fort Campbell
Tunwar, Brianna Northwest High School
Bayles, Jailyn McCracken County
Green, Arabella Northwest High School
Koinis, Elani McCracken County
Mosley, Kimberly McCracken County
Bush, Reese Trigg County
Stoffel, Gabby McCracken County
Bratcher, Skye Dawson Springs
Burchnell, Ciarrah Trigg County
Bangart, Evelyn Hopkinsville
Hooker, Olivia Apollo
Mayes, Lauren Hopkinsville
Worley, Carly Fulton County
Glynn, Lilliana Fort Campbell
Aldridge, Lyndsay Stewart County High School
Wray, Marlee McCracken County
Corrales, Hannah Fort Campbell
Sawyer, Emily Northwest High School
Ide, Sophia Stewart County High School
Wood, Allison 20:13.32 Hopkinsville
Ault, Gabby 20:34.59 St. Mary
Pickett, Ahmira 21:29.17 Apollo
Martin, Emma 21:48.77 Calloway County
Brame, Riley 21:57.62 Trigg County
Watson, Gracie 22:15.60 Stewart County High School
McClure, McKayden 22:32.56 Fulton County
Hoover, Kimberly 22:40.29 Dawson Springs
Vanbelkum, Katelyn 22:42.00 Kenwood High School
Wood, Rebecca 23:16.12 Hopkinsville
Jenkins, Leah 23:29.19 Murray
Blankenberger, Eva 23:29.33 Hopkinsville
Gonzales, Hadeya 23:44.88 Northwest High School
Newman, Brielle 23:45.08 Stewart County High School
Mattingly, Adyson 23:47.19 Apollo
Stearns, Alexandra 24:06.19 Fort Campbell
Burress, Elaina 24:25.93 Northwest High School
Williams, Olivia 24:28.10 McCracken County
Price, Daihla 24:57.79 Christian County
Joo, Sunny 25:12.67 Fort Campbell
Riddle, Marlee 25:16.85 Murray
Rice, Sarah 25:22.83 Apollo
Boone, Camryn 26:01.74 Trigg County
Young, Lena 26:33.00 Kenwood High School
Smith, Alex 26:38.53 Trigg County
Clark, Cora 26:42.38 Hickman County
Cox, Brielle 26:53.04 Hickman County
Tackett, Vanessa 26:55.44 Dawson Springs
Kleinatland, Mary 27:22.30 Stewart County High School
Nyakeraka, Alesha 27:31.75 Trigg County
Taylor, Brooklyn 27:32.24 Hopkinsville
Creamer, Jessie 27:38.00 Hopkinsville
CULVER, RYLEE 27:42.51 Livingston Central
Chapman, Nailah 28:07.94 Northwest High School
Rhinerson, Natalie 28:40.37 Trinity (Whitesville)
Cordero, Hailey 29:10.50 Hopkinsville
Mallory, Brianna 29:28.15 Northwest High School
Smith, Cammy 29:36.08 Murray
Adler, Alyssa 29:45.51 Christian County
Cuentas, Melinda 29:45.87 Fort Campbell
Hill, Caylee 30:46.29 Fulton County
Valdez, Sienaca 30:52.61 Trinity (Whitesville)
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