12th Annual FCA-Taylor Orthodontics Champions Challenge 2021

Louisville, KY

Athlete Entries

Boys 1st and 2nd Grade 174 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Walz, Jackson Stopher Elementary School
Bussabarger, John Highlands Latin School Elementar
Quezada, Kevin Chancey Elementary
Wright, Noah Corpus Christi Classical Academy
Smith, Adrian Bates Elementary
Pryor, Caleb Chancey Elementary
Naylor, Matthew Goshen Elementary
Pate, Kaleb Little Flock Christian Academy
Doane, Andrew Holy Angels Academy
Humphress, Peyton Stopher Elementary School
Fletcher, Price Highlands Latin School Elementar
Schaefer, Jackson Hite
Myers, R'Monie Chancey Elementary
Tobbe, Owen Goshen Elementary
Tibbs, Xavier Tully Elementary
Wilson, Richard Bates Elementary
James, Ovant Chancey Elementary
Russell, Ray Little Flock Christian Academy
Spalding, Edmund Holy Angels Academy
Bennett, Graham Norton Elementary
French Porter, Montgomery Stopher Elementary School
White, Noble Highlands Latin School Elementar
Chlon, Cooper Hite
Asefaw, Esay Chancey Elementary
Moore, Beckett Highlands Latin School Elementar
Avery, Daniel Tully Elementary
Harris, Justise Tully Elementary
Ashby, Owen Bates Elementary
Walz, Johnny Holy Angels Academy
Barrie, Grayson Highlands Latin School Elementar
Mendez, Ivan Chancey Elementary
Jones, Michael Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
Perkins, Jonah Hite
Flowers, Solly Highlands Latin School Elementar
Crespo, Cain Tully Elementary
Zirkelback, Colin Bates Elementary
Butch, Brody Highlands Latin School Elementar
Piriz, Callahan Chancey Elementary
Peters, Elliot Highlands Latin School Elementar
Ethridge, Jacob Tully Elementary
Fitzgerald, Logan St. Francis of Assisi School
Louden, Leo Bloom Elementary
Burch, Jaxon Chancey Elementary
Wiseman, Zayn Stopher Elementary School
Maclean, Patrick Highlands Latin School Elementar
Luna, Noah Tully Elementary
Noonan, Oliver St. Francis of Assisi School
Gautam, Aayush Lowe Elementary School
Ashe, Luke Bates Elementary
Asgari, Arad Chancey Elementary
Mitchell, Bow Highlands Latin School Elementar
Rueff, Trey Tully Elementary
Clifton, William St. Francis of Assisi School
Henderson, Race Lowe Elementary School
Goodwin, Austin Little Flock Christian Academy
Doyle, Clark Bates Elementary
Craft, Grayson Chancey Elementary
Cameron, Braden Goshen Elementary
Fishback, Benjamin Stopher Elementary School
Pate, Henry Highlands Latin School Elementar
Miller, Charles Tully Elementary
Yu, Aaron St. Francis of Assisi School
Roberts, Evan Lowe Elementary School
Smith, Oliver Little Flock Christian Academy
Meurer, Cylas Bates Elementary
Bobblett, Jacobi Chancey Elementary
Guillory, Daniel Goshen Elementary
Singer, Owen Lowe Elementary School
Allen, Connor Little Flock Christian Academy
Mand, Thomas Goshen Elementary
Wieland, Nicholas Lowe Elementary School
Landreth, Camden Little Flock Christian Academy
Germann, Neil Stopher Elementary School
Fletcher, Mark Highlands Latin School Elementar
Stewart, Ezra Hite
Piriz, Connery Chancey Elementary
Falkenstein, Hunter Corpus Christi Classical Academy
Wilson, Jackson Bates Elementary
Hatch, Lucas Chancey Elementary
Sanders, Owen Goshen Elementary
Smith, Owen Little Flock Christian Academy
Moeller, Patrick Holy Angels Academy
Taylor, Owen Stopher Elementary School
Bielefeld, Micah Highlands Latin School Elementar
Faulhaber, Simon Hite
Joice, Ethan Chancey Elementary
Alfayyadh, Ali Tully Elementary
Coty, Andrew Tully Elementary
Ferriell, Bryce Bates Elementary
Moeller, Jack Holy Angels Academy
Muir, Bray Stopher Elementary School
Harrison, Quentin Highlands Latin School Elementar
Steele, Lincoln Hite
Shud, Mohammed Chancey Elementary
Hayes, Jameson Highlands Latin School Elementar
Brown, Miles Tully Elementary
Bowden, Carter Bates Elementary
Frieboes, Karl Holy Angels Academy
Abercrombie, Nathanael Highlands Latin School Elementar
Montgomery, William Chancey Elementary
Bussabarger, Joseph Highlands Latin School Elementar
Eaton, RJ Tully Elementary
Miller, Alexander St. Francis of Assisi School
Strange, Liam Bates Elementary
Limanti, August Highlands Latin School Elementar
Marin, Sebastion Chancey Elementary
Buckman, James Highlands Latin School Elementar
Jones, Jaxon Tully Elementary
Park, Andrew St. Francis of Assisi School
Bailey, Grant Lowe Elementary School
Haley, Hulse Middletown Elementary
Ashby, Carter Bates Elementary
Moss, Landon Chancey Elementary
Turner, Cole Stopher Elementary School
Hamilton, Abram Highlands Latin School Elementar
Peoples, Oliver Tully Elementary
Umphenour, Alexander St. Francis of Assisi School
Henderson, Joseph Lowe Elementary School
King, Sawyer Little Flock Christian Academy
Dilley, Liam Bates Elementary
Polega, Micah Chancey Elementary
Brown, Ryan Stopher Elementary School
Pate, George Highlands Latin School Elementar
Works, Kona Tully Elementary
Goodman, Eli St. Francis of Assisi School
Perry, Beckett Lowe Elementary School
Franke, Liam Little Flock Christian Academy
Doyle, Clive Bates Elementary
Noel, Jonah Chancey Elementary
Maddox, Jack Stopher Elementary School
Cortopassi, Ian Highlands Latin School Elementar
Murdoch, Gavin Tully Elementary
Screen, Jahrius Lowe Elementary School
Yuastella, Connor Little Flock Christian Academy
Phillips, Hayden Bates Elementary
Blair, Vincent Chancey Elementary
Survant, Nathaniel 10:02.71 New Song Christian Academy
Minor, Zachary 10:05.42 Hite
Murdock, Weston 10:09.73 Goshen Elementary
Hopkins, William 10:12.61 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Gravatte, Felix 10:19.97 Hawthorne Elementary
Beard, Nathaniel 10:28.46 Stopher Elementary School
Mudd, Elijah 10:29.10 Bloom Elementary
Berger, Jackson 11:11.30 Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
Roettger, Max 11:17.50 Hite
McIntosh, Parker 11:45.71 Bloom Elementary
Serchak, Samuel 11:46.55 Bloom Elementary
Mattera, Cohen 11:47.28 Locust Grove Elementary School
Gray, Tyler 12:06.00 Hite
Daniel, River 12:44.26 Middletown Elementary
Bamba, Wesley 13:20.40 Lowe Elementary School
Gosnell, Christian 15:40.90 Locust Grove Elementary School
Olvam, Oak 16:14.22 Bloom Elementary
Hodges, Ethan 7:24.50 Locust Grove Elementary School
Rogers, Bennett 7:28.14 Norton Elementary
Lile, Luke 7:37.47 Bloom Elementary
Harper, Luke 7:41.65 Hite
Burbridge, Henry 7:53.56 Stopher Elementary School
Jenkins, Graham 8:08.75 Norton Elementary
Arnspiger, John Cross 8:41.63 Norton Elementary
Newton, Charlie 8:43.64 Hite
Koenig, Wade 8:45.23 Locust Grove Elementary School
Tindall, Luke 8:47.45 Hite
Byrne, Ronan 8:48.39 Bloom Elementary
Horn, Robert 8:48.97 New Song Christian Academy
Earwood, Sam 8:50.44 Middletown Elementary
Sandefur, James 8:58.04 Spring Meadows Cottage School
Hyman, Leo 8:59.87 Bloom Elementary
Johnson, Kaleo 9:05.23 New Song Christian Academy
Peterson, Braden 9:11.55 Middletown Elementary
Ray, Davis 9:12.70 Bates Elementary
Cox, Tyler 9:24.00 Goshen Elementary
Gackenbach, Brantley 9:34.11 Middletown Elementary
Young, Connor 9:37.41 Bates Elementary
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Boys 3rd and 4th Grade 188 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Luckett, Harrison Goshen Elementary
McGuffey, Elliot Whitefield Academy
Shukla, Adhrit Hite
Hawley, Sam St. Francis of Assisi School
Ark, Benjamin Lowe Elementary School
Moore, Kenton Locust Grove Elementary School
Ledford, Noah Whitefield Academy
Owens, Caleb Hite
Mueller, Everett Hawthorne Elementary
Schaefer, Lucas St. Francis of Assisi School
Keck, Billy New Song Christian Academy
Frields, Ethan Goshen Elementary
Zeller, Hunter Whitefield Academy
Coombs, Elijah Hite
Rasnake, Ian St. Francis of Assisi School
Copley, Lucas Little Flock Christian Academy
Greely, Dylan Goshen Elementary
Stephens, Max Stopher Elementary School
Hinton, Gavin Hite
Fobid, Faith Chancey Elementary
Denley, Eli Lowe Elementary School
Welker, Austin Little Flock Christian Academy
Flood, Isaac Holy Angels Academy
Becker, Miles Hite
Vergara, Jose Chancey Elementary
Singh, Advik Lowe Elementary School
Spalding, Xavier Holy Angels Academy
Jimenez, Julien Tully Elementary
Quinlan, Andrew Bates Elementary
Lee, Terrance Chancey Elementary
Walz, Xander Holy Angels Academy
McKeever, Ethan Stopher Elementary School
Cameron, Caleb Goshen Elementary
Larkin, Shelby Tully Elementary
House, Rowan Bates Elementary
Feldmann, Sam Chancey Elementary
Harvey, Arlo Louisville TigerSharks
Bussabarger, Jacob Highlands Latin School Elementar
Guffey, Brooks Goshen Elementary
Miller, Chase Chancey Elementary
White, Gavin Whitefield Academy
Hughes, Elijah Chancey Elementary
Cuevas, Gaven Chancey Elementary
Muench, Oliver Goshen Elementary
Fitzgerald, Ryan Hawthorne Elementary
Kissell, Wade Whitefield Academy
Douglass, Sawyer Hite
Sogar, Colsen Goshen Elementary
Cogswell, Raphael Corpus Christi Classical Academy
Welch, Liam Whitefield Academy
Hirsch, AJ Hite
Park, Owen St. Francis of Assisi School
Wilson, Reed Little Flock Christian Academy
Bailey, Josh Goshen Elementary
Shaw, Maceo Hite
Fobid, Favour Chancey Elementary
Brumback, James Lowe Elementary School
Mitchell, Brayden Little Flock Christian Academy
Ramirez, Jacob Hite
Ransom, Aamarion Chancey Elementary
Alliston, Tripp Lowe Elementary School
Moeller, William Holy Angels Academy
Singleton, Haydon Tully Elementary
Koontz, Preston Chancey Elementary
Frieboes, Fritz Holy Angels Academy
Sareea, Armaan Stopher Elementary School
Dettlinger, Nicholas Tully Elementary
McDaniel, Donahvon Chancey Elementary
Hayes, Lachlan Highlands Latin School Elementar
Mckenzie, Levi Chancey Elementary
Mohr, Ethan Louisville TigerSharks
Peters, Elliott St. Francis of Assisi School
Montero, Andrew Chancey Elementary
Montgomery, Samuel Highlands Latin School Elementar
Kreutzer, Zane Whitefield Academy
Martin, Kellen Hite
Sorg, Rocco 10:04.46 Norton Elementary
Craft, Eli 10:05.84 Chancey Elementary
Gosnell, Clark 10:09.03 Locust Grove Elementary School
Jara, Kristopher 10:12.40 Lowe Elementary School
Eleson, Easton 10:13.43 Stopher Elementary School
Neal, Carson 10:14.87 Locust Grove Elementary School
Burkhead, Kysaac 10:20.64 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Purcell, Noah 10:26.95 Middletown Elementary
Wardell, Will 10:34.80 Goshen Elementary
Henderson, Wyatt 10:48.44 Locust Grove Elementary School
Schlarb, Tyger 10:51.21 Stopher Elementary School
Taylor, Emmett 11:01.48 Stopher Elementary School
Zhou, Gordon 11:12.64 Stopher Elementary School
Rudolph, Koda 11:23.07 Norton Elementary
Stigman, Lucus 11:25.48 Stopher Elementary School
Johnson, Kai 11:44.01 New Song Christian Academy
Scholtz, Clayton 11:45.24 New Song Christian Academy
Tucker, Nathaniel 12:46.32 Lowe Elementary School
Moore, Kenton 13:00.28 Locust Grove Elementary School
Cornett, John 13:16.05 St. Francis of Assisi School
Cook, Grayson 14:20.42 Stopher Elementary School
Cook, Danny 14:40.25 Stopher Elementary School
Spencer, Jaxon 16:50.65 Locust Grove Elementary School
Olivier, Grant 6:20.54 Goshen Elementary
Warren, Sawyer 6:34.39 Goshen Elementary
Banks, Noah 6:43.93 Norton Elementary
Gardner, Eli 6:53.90 Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
Priddy, Harrison 6:54.20 Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
Cease, Nathan 7:00.88 Norton Elementary
Berger, Jonathan 7:03.74 Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
Masters, Henry 7:07.30 Goshen Elementary
Tobbe, Evan 7:07.84 Goshen Elementary
Dykes, Baleon 7:09.51 Locust Grove Elementary School
Guild, Kysen 7:13.35 Stopher Elementary School
Murray, Brady 7:15.14 Hite
Downey, Collin 7:15.51 Stopher Elementary School
Keister, Ezra 7:16.09 Goshen Elementary
Burbridge, Rodney 7:16.98 Stopher Elementary School
Russo, Avery 7:20.34 Goshen Elementary
Hoagland, Elijah 7:20.61 Goshen Elementary
Berhane, Aaron 7:22.26 Norton Elementary
Williams, Henry 7:23.15 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Walls, Brayden 7:23.31 Bates Elementary
Emrich, Holden 7:29.72 Hawthorne Elementary
Kiziminski, Hudson 7:30.23 Norton Elementary
Koenig, Carson 7:32.23 Locust Grove Elementary School
Minton, Aiden 7:35.30 Stopher Elementary School
Meeron, Kyler 7:38.94 Norton Elementary
Fletcher, Caleb 7:39.71 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Billingsley, Mason 7:44.20 Goshen Elementary
Fee, Andrew 7:44.99 Goshen Elementary
Norris, Oliver 7:45.84 Goshen Elementary
Maynard, Sully 7:51.14 Goshen Elementary
Shanks, Andrew 7:54.61 Norton Elementary
Walston, Noah 7:56.12 Stopher Elementary School
Morgan, Graham 7:56.64 Stopher Elementary School
Zhou, George 7:56.96 Stopher Elementary School
Bernstein, Peyton 7:58.57 Chancey Elementary
Weaver, Kaleb 7:58.68 Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
Starbuck, Jackson 7:59.05 New Song Christian Academy
Patterson, Emmett 8:00.61 Locust Grove Elementary School
Cantor, Edwin 8:01.50 Lowe Elementary School
Metcalf, Blake 8:02.42 Hite
Koerber, Jake 8:03.23 St. Francis of Assisi School
Harley, Krew 8:04.60 Goshen Elementary
Patel, Ariyan 8:08.20 Norton Elementary
Tindall, Owen 8:09.59 Hite
Rowland, Aeden 8:10.29 Stopher Elementary School
Payton, Benjamin 8:11.00 Goshen Elementary
Shieh, Rex 8:11.30 Spring Meadows Cottage School
Smith, Owen 8:11.60 Hite
Mulhall, Lachlan 8:11.81 Locust Grove Elementary School
Guilfoil, Brady 8:12.03 Locust Grove Elementary School
Minor, Gavin 8:17.32 Hite
Ewing, Asa 8:19.62 Hawthorne Elementary
Moore, Mason 8:20.85 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Parker, Sam 8:21.42 Locust Grove Elementary School
Miller, Rockland 8:23.70 Hite
Butler, Henry 8:26.13 Corpus Christi Classical Academy
Dahlseng, Isaac 8:27.19 Norton Elementary
Novak, Ben 8:33.02 Hite
Gilmour, Xavier 8:35.59 New Song Christian Academy
Sees, Levi 8:37.18 New Song Christian Academy
Burnette, Lincoln 8:37.50 Hawthorne Elementary
Gravatte, Atticus 8:38.78 Hawthorne Elementary
Owen, Jude 8:41.97 Norton Elementary
Wooten, Braxton 8:42.46 New Song Christian Academy
Cooksey, Simon 8:43.21 Hawthorne Elementary
Judah, Jakey 8:44.40 Hawthorne Elementary
Bezuidenhout, Cornelius 8:45.46 Goshen Elementary
Gasaway, Colin 8:51.53 Hite
Rhea, Logan 8:53.67 Stopher Elementary School
Spencer, Ben 9:02.28 Norton Elementary
Cecil, Truitt 9:02.46 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Gezehey, Kalleabe 9:04.88 Stopher Elementary School
Ludwick, Hudson 9:05.63 Bates Elementary
Zavada, James 9:09.23 Stopher Elementary School
Raglin, Jayden 9:09.42 Stopher Elementary School
Gratz, Chase 9:10.94 St. Francis of Assisi School
Clem, Miles 9:11.44 Goshen Elementary
Petrie, Benjamin 9:15.20 Tully Elementary
McClave, Calvin 9:15.90 Tully Elementary
Butler, Silas 9:17.42 Stopher Elementary School
Booth, Logan 9:30.80 Tully Elementary
Jara, Kristian 9:31.70 Lowe Elementary School
Gezehey, Samuel 9:32.59 Stopher Elementary School
Dospil, James 9:37.29 Hawthorne Elementary
Matheis, Charlie 9:38.66 Tully Elementary
Doyle, Cash 9:39.81 Bates Elementary
Morris, Brock 9:47.97 Stopher Elementary School
Duggins, Henry 9:52.21 Hawthorne Elementary
Kaelin, Patterson 9:59.20 Hawthorne Elementary
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Boys and Girls 5-6 Grade 234 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Palumbo, Ignatius Bates Elementary
Salvatore, Olivia Goshen Elementary
Smith, Jacori Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
Kingery, Cara Goshen Elementary
Williams, Bennett Hawthorne Elementary
Shaw, Elijah Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
Rothpletz, Bea Highlands Latin School Elementar
Acevedo, Joseph Tully Elementary
Hannah, Elizabeth Stopher Elementary School
Siebert, Caylee Locust Grove Elementary School
Schmuckie, Logan East Oldham Middle School
Ross, Abby Norton Elementary
Taheri, Shaina Chancey Elementary
Maudlin, Celia Bloom Elementary
Boehm, Pierson New Song Christian Academy
Berry, Hannah Bates Elementary
Sensenbrenner, Lola Goshen Elementary
Chandler, Michaela Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
Martinez Sedano, Ana Sophia Goshen Elementary
Luna, Damian Lowe Elementary School
Cameron, Will Highlands Latin School Elementar
Dresel, Ryanne Tully Elementary
Piendel, Gabby Stopher Elementary School
Pollard, Macy Locust Grove Elementary School
Springston, Graham East Oldham Middle School
Conley, Scout Norton Elementary
Moore, De'Jenay Chancey Elementary
Byrne, Kieran Bloom Elementary
Roth, Caroline New Song Christian Academy
Tarbet, Jaxon Goshen Elementary
Nagle, Alec Goshen Elementary
Ellis, Mason Lowe Elementary School
Morrell, Elijah Spring Meadows Cottage School
Brown, Caleb Highlands Latin School Elementar
Jimenez, Alexis Tully Elementary
Glass, Eli Locust Grove Elementary School
Batliner, Lily Louisville TigerSharks
Traughber, Samuel East Oldham Middle School
Langan, Troy Norton Elementary
Winkler, Carson Bloom Elementary
Starbuck, Anna New Song Christian Academy
Cox, Caleb Goshen Elementary
Burkhead, Kelsea Highlands Latin School Elementar
Anderson, Ryan Lowe Elementary School
Green, Braxton Spring Meadows Cottage School
Smith, Nathaniel Tully Elementary
Eckler, Aaron
Thorton, Emily Locust Grove Elementary School
Brock, Landyn East Oldham Middle School
Powers, Riley Louisville TigerSharks
Payne, Camilla East Oldham Middle School
Yang, Leah Hite
Hapuarachchi, Vethum Norton Elementary
Berrisford, Alessio Bloom Elementary
Shenk, Dalton Goshen Elementary
Flowers, Maddie Highlands Latin School Elementar
Anderson, Boone Lowe Elementary School
Beard, Jude Spring Meadows Cottage School
Whitham, Henley Tully Elementary
Mattern, Beckett Whitefield Academy
Keith, Hannah Locust Grove Elementary School
Felix, Owen East Oldham Middle School
Combs, Lucas Little Flock Christian Academy
Patterson, Raegan East Oldham Middle School
Mortenson, Hayes Hite
Yu, Jayden Norton Elementary
Perkins, Max Bloom Elementary
Halaris, Nell Goshen Elementary
Murdock, Colton Goshen Elementary
Nau, Judah Highlands Latin School Elementar
Gautam, Rakshita Lowe Elementary School
Kilcoyne, Natalie Tully Elementary
Graham, Elijah East Oldham Middle School
Goodwin, Avery Little Flock Christian Academy
Boa, Ephraim East Oldham Middle School
Allen, Ellison Hite
Berhane, Kaleb Norton Elementary
McFarland, Kahleel Bates Elementary
Bilotta, Henry Bloom Elementary
Johnson, Kadie Goshen Elementary
Kast, Cydni Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
Trocan, Gabriel Highlands Latin School Elementar
Beard, Emily Stopher Elementary School
Basbagill, Nora Tully Elementary
Hodges, Kennedy East Oldham Middle School
Esser, James Little Flock Christian Academy
Son, Dylan Hite
Fulcher, Frankie Norton Elementary
Edens, Lee Bates Elementary
Powell, Camilla Bloom Elementary
Cameron, Harper Goshen Elementary
Williams, Olivia Middletown Elementary
Pierce, Presley Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
Moore, Reagan Highlands Latin School Elementar
Hart, Max Stopher Elementary School
Jones, Jason Locust Grove Elementary School
Anderson, Zachary Tully Elementary
Irwin, Brooks East Oldham Middle School
Wilson, Grant Little Flock Christian Academy
Flood, Adelyn Holy Angels Academy
Miller, Echo Chancey Elementary
Reynolds, Jude New Song Christian Academy
Rubro, Analis Hite
Zirkelback, Lila Bates Elementary
Schelling, Ava Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
Harley, Chase Goshen Elementary
Baker, Henry Middletown Elementary
Chastain, Aiden Hawthorne Elementary
Weaver, Kaden Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
Bryant, Kaitlyn Highlands Latin School Elementar
Turner, Belle Stopher Elementary School
Houston, Emilia Locust Grove Elementary School
York, Rachel Tully Elementary
Mulhall, Jackson East Oldham Middle School
Holmes, Lexie Little Flock Christian Academy
Frieboes, Helena Holy Angels Academy
Wilkerson, Landon Chancey Elementary
Powell, Henry New Song Christian Academy
Salyer, Reece East Oldham Middle School
Walz, Lizzy Holy Angels Academy
Rogers, Clayton Norton Elementary
Ransom, Aaron Chancey Elementary
Boehm, Thatcher New Song Christian Academy
Sells, Julia Bates Elementary
Sayler, Griffin Goshen Elementary
Beckham, Jayvyn Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
Kingery, Lauren Goshen Elementary
Merwarth, Frankie Hawthorne Elementary
Croghan, Ellie Tully Elementary
Piendel, Grace Stopher Elementary School
Kallio, Kristian Locust Grove Elementary School
Siegel, Lilliana East Oldham Middle School
Jenkins, Emily Norton Elementary
Bernstein, Trace Chancey Elementary
Parker, Adelaide Bloom Elementary
Riner, Ike New Song Christian Academy
Sheppard, Audrey Goshen Elementary
Jones, Ahyauna Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
Muench, Amelia Goshen Elementary
Gravil, Beckham Lowe Elementary School
Railey, Julia Highlands Latin School Elementar
Hofmann, Egan Tully Elementary
Prentice, Emily Locust Grove Elementary School
Hartlage, Caleb Louisville TigerSharks
State, Jude East Oldham Middle School
Wachsman, Ryan Norton Elementary
Alemneh, Naomi Chancey Elementary
Crosby, Brooks Bloom Elementary
Priddy, Aiden New Song Christian Academy
Lare, Ethan Goshen Elementary
Salvatore, Bella Goshen Elementary
Sommer, Max Lowe Elementary School
Shieh, Lucas Spring Meadows Cottage School
Lannon, Patrick Highlands Latin School Elementar
Haskins, Emery Tully Elementary
Jurado, Xavier Locust Grove Elementary School
Breeding, Ian East Oldham Middle School
Zilich, Micah Louisville TigerSharks
Foushee, Juliann East Oldham Middle School
Smith, Murphy Hite
Jenkins, Fenley Norton Elementary
Sinclair, Silas Bloom Elementary
Hayden, Cole Goshen Elementary
Burkhead, Kylie Highlands Latin School Elementar
Johnston, Carter Lowe Elementary School
Joynt, Samuel Spring Meadows Cottage School
Meredith, Addison Tully Elementary
Koenig, Lucy Locust Grove Elementary School
Cecil, Braxton East Oldham Middle School
Miller-Richardson, Preston Little Flock Christian Academy
Fischer, Timothy East Oldham Middle School
Sanders, Ryan Hite
Wathen, Silas Norton Elementary
Karr, Moira Bloom Elementary
Seely, Kinley Goshen Elementary
Vander Woude, Cecilia Corpus Christi Classical Academy
Ballerstedt, Cara Goshen Elementary
Falk, Leo Highlands Latin School Elementar
Kristo, Marko Lowe Elementary School
Aguilar, Andrea Tully Elementary
Hays, Emma Locust Grove Elementary School
Gossman, Nolan East Oldham Middle School
Wooldridge, Allie Little Flock Christian Academy
Miniard, Bryleigh East Oldham Middle School
Wolf, Hunter Hite
Kiziminski, Vivienne Norton Elementary
Colon, Abby Bates Elementary
Mclntosh, Hayden Bloom Elementary
Foy, Josephine Goshen Elementary
Nau, Bennett Highlands Latin School Elementar
Wiseman, Amir Stopher Elementary School
Thieneman, Elliott Tully Elementary
Guerra Rivera, Abel East Oldham Middle School
Herb-Gillon, Cassie Little Flock Christian Academy
Arens, Nicolai Hite
Lee, Max Norton Elementary
Mattioli, Karsyn Bates Elementary
Roach, Jonah Bloom Elementary
Brodsky, Logan Goshen Elementary
Haley, Eason Middletown Elementary
Kast, Kora Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
Cornett, Elyn Highlands Latin School Elementar
Durst, Kathryn Stopher Elementary School
Mattera, Reid Locust Grove Elementary School
Dudley, McKenzie Tully Elementary
Hoert, Garrett East Oldham Middle School
Riedel, Jonathan Little Flock Christian Academy
Osting, Bernadette Holy Angels Academy
Nwaugu, Andrew Chancey Elementary
Lanham, Lillie Hite
Graham-Blevins, Elise Bates Elementary
Learn, Henry Bloom Elementary
Gray, Jackson Goshen Elementary
Purcell, Henry Middletown Elementary
Groft, Jackson Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
Robinson, William Highlands Latin School Elementar
Eleson, Carson Stopher Elementary School
Aguilar, Max Locust Grove Elementary School
Coty, Alexandra Tully Elementary
Martinez, Aaron East Oldham Middle School
Lafever, Alex Little Flock Christian Academy
Flood, Ava Holy Angels Academy
Carson, Kaylin Chancey Elementary
Gilmour, Vera New Song Christian Academy
Sharf, Reagan Hite
Wagoner, Lucas Bates Elementary
Cauley Jr., Darnell Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
Johnson, Lydia Goshen Elementary
Derricks, Tyson Hawthorne Elementary
Rader, Jett Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
White, Charlotte Highlands Latin School Elementar
Stuber, Dylan Stopher Elementary School
Fusner, Taylor Locust Grove Elementary School
LePrell, Max 15:40.45 Highlands Latin School Elementar
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Boys and GIrls 7-8 Grade 99 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Gunderson, Beckett Northeast Striders
Goodwin, Whitman St. Francis of Assisi School
Esser, Lukas Little Flock Christian Academy
Stegall, Tahlia Holy Angels Academy
Dykes, Bella East Oldham Middle School
Bamba, Noah Northeast Striders
Brooks, Guytyan Little Flock Christian Academy
Kaufman, Ben Holy Angels Academy
Harned, Leland East Oldham Middle School
Devore, William Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
Rodriguez, Mia Northeast Striders
Hager, Dontee Little Flock Christian Academy
Anderson, Jason Holy Angels Academy
Petaja, Gentry East Oldham Middle School
Caudill, Maddox Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
Zausch, Oliver Northeast Striders
Eidem, Teddy Holy Angels Academy
Stethen, Hayden East Oldham Middle School
Railey, Stella Highlands Latin School Elementar
Mansfield, Xavier Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
Barrett, Molly Northeast Striders
Walz, Marcus Holy Angels Academy
Bivin, Bryce East Oldham Middle School
Cozzens, Anna Corpus Christi Classical Academy
Wilder, Luke Spring Meadows Cottage School
Chuey-Schoen, Kristian Highlands Latin School Elementar
Garcia, Mariana Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
Ruppert, Ben Northeast Striders
Holman, Jocelyn East Oldham Middle School
Dandurand, Nicholas Corpus Christi Classical Academy
Hall, Cooper Spring Meadows Cottage School
Mount, Peyton Whitefield Academy
Ricketts, Admere Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
Brauner, Abigail Northeast Striders
Dumke, James East Oldham Middle School
Van Dy, Reagan Corpus Christi Classical Academy
Henderson, Chernet Northeast Striders
Mattern, Gabby-Kate Whitefield Academy
Cox, Jada Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
Love, James Northeast Striders
Green, Zion Northeast Striders
Singer, Owen St. Francis of Assisi School
Williams, Hadley Northeast Striders
Bush, Barrett East Oldham Middle School
Chapman, Grant Little Flock Christian Academy
Dulmage, Addyson East Oldham Middle School
Thornton, Sadie Northeast Striders
Goodwin, Preston St. Francis of Assisi School
Foreman, Joseph Little Flock Christian Academy
Flood, Jacob Holy Angels Academy
Hall, Alisha East Oldham Middle School
Hocker, Vincent Northeast Striders
Riedel, Jonathan Little Flock Christian Academy
Doane, Ann Marie Holy Angels Academy
Johnson, Olevir East Oldham Middle School
Allen, Xavier Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
Rodriguez, Matthew Northeast Striders
Lang, Jack Holy Angels Academy
Gilmour, Reece New Song Christian Academy
Petaja, Hadley East Oldham Middle School
Gardner, Grayson
Doss, Nathan Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
Zausch, James Northeast Striders
Carrico, Emma Louisville TigerSharks
Spalding, Kiera Holy Angels Academy
Wheeldon, Austin East Oldham Middle School
Neuner, Gerhard Spring Meadows Cottage School
White, Leslie Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
Stewart, Christian Northeast Striders
Dennison, Kennedy East Oldham Middle School
Butler, John Paul Corpus Christi Classical Academy
Pinnick, Caleb Spring Meadows Cottage School
Knapper, Kellan Highlands Latin School Elementar
Bradley, Tavin Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
Kalbfleisch, Mackenzie Northeast Striders
Branham, Tucker East Oldham Middle School
Dandurand, Julia Corpus Christi Classical Academy
Green, George Whitefield Academy
Carney, Chasity Johnson Traditional Middle Schoo
King, Grayson Northeast Striders
Moore, Kiera East Oldham Middle School
Ellis, Mason Northeast Striders
Koon, Drew St. Francis of Assisi School
Perkins, Caitlin Northeast Striders
Montgomery, Esther Northeast Striders
Young, Abbie 14:26.34 East Oldham Middle School
Thomasson, Reese 14:35.81 Whitefield Academy
Trocan, Matias 14:39.60 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Nau, Levi 15:04.13 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Green, Gabriella 15:17.79 Whitefield Academy
Cornett, Kynlee 15:22.27 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Keck, Levi 15:28.11 New Song Christian Academy
Minton, Aidan 15:42.05 Whitefield Academy
Connally, Charlotte 15:50.36 St. Francis of Assisi School
Miniard, Brenna 15:57.09 East Oldham Middle School
MacKenzie, Gavin 16:02.24 East Oldham Middle School
Roth, Violet 16:31.62 New Song Christian Academy
Rigsby, Presley 18:37.94 East Oldham Middle School
Dumke, Whitney 19:17.07 East Oldham Middle School
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Girls 1st and 2nd Grade 135 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Salva Lugo, Sophia Chancey Elementary
Frields, Lily Goshen Elementary
Ford, Pryor Highlands Latin School Elementar
Curtsinger, Kailey Tully Elementary
Douglass, Mabel Hite
Jones, Janiya Chancey Elementary
Vaca, Evelyn Middletown Elementary
Duggins, Ava Hawthorne Elementary
McKinley, Addisyn Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
Hildenbrand, Viviana Highlands Latin School Elementar
Kilcoyne, Katie Tully Elementary
Fitzgerald, Sophia St. Francis of Assisi School
Dykes, Karter Hite
Ewing, Edy Hawthorne Elementary
Kang, Emma Goshen Elementary
Fishback, Avery Stopher Elementary School
Anderson, Alice Highlands Latin School Elementar
Rogers, Sophia Tully Elementary
Koerber, Samantha St. Francis of Assisi School
Sweazy, Lexi Chancey Elementary
Anderson, Avery Bates Elementary
Ewing, Lena Hawthorne Elementary
Miaskowski, Rylie Goshen Elementary
Moore, Layla Stopher Elementary School
Spradling, Olivia Tully Elementary
Rasnake, Adeline St. Francis of Assisi School
Garr, Reagan Little Flock Christian Academy
Ottman, Lucy Chancey Elementary
Foster, Madilynn Bates Elementary
Sogar, Evin Goshen Elementary
Band, Delany Stopher Elementary School
Dupont, Carson Tully Elementary
McAllister, Elizabeth Louisville TigerSharks
Katzman, Kayleigh Little Flock Christian Academy
Rios, Jaslene Chancey Elementary
Palumbo, Ilaria Bates Elementary
Wolfe, Harper Stopher Elementary School
Swearingen, Maria Holy Angels Academy
Miller, Carmen Chancey Elementary
Tinsley, Kaylynn Bates Elementary
Bonura, Julianne Goshen Elementary
Stallard, Erica Stopher Elementary School
Kaufman, Philomena Holy Angels Academy
Pokharel, Joon Chancey Elementary
House, Lily Bates Elementary
Coke, Tessa Goshen Elementary
Decker, Mariam Lowe Elementary School
Slevin, Ava Spring Meadows Cottage School
Cecil, Emmylou Highlands Latin School Elementar
Ortiz, Ximena Stopher Elementary School
Foushee, Kathleen Holy Angels Academy
Thompson, Joe'Siya Chancey Elementary
Johnson, Delta Bloom Elementary
Dendy, Barret Goshen Elementary
Sample, Korra Lowe Elementary School
Owens, Natalie Highlands Latin School Elementar
Hickman, Adilynn Hite
Allen, Lorelei Hite
Jones, Mariah Chancey Elementary
Abbott, Millie Bloom Elementary
Guffey, Lila Goshen Elementary
Agarwal, Sitara Highlands Latin School Elementar
Donaghy, Molly Tully Elementary
Becker, Sadie Hite
Alemneh, Bethel Chancey Elementary
Vaca, Amaya Middletown Elementary
Burnette, Lucia Hawthorne Elementary
Horne-Rose, Skylar Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
Slowinski, Rowan Highlands Latin School Elementar
Murphy, Penelope Tully Elementary
Quarles, Edith St. Francis of Assisi School
Fitzgerald, Audrey Hawthorne Elementary
Luehrs, Sutton Goshen Elementary
Gilles, Stella Stopher Elementary School
Anderson, Helen Highlands Latin School Elementar
Romanick, Iris Tully Elementary
Koerber, Magdalena St. Francis of Assisi School
Baker, Emma Little Flock Christian Academy
King, Addison Chancey Elementary
Bronger, Mary Jaine Bates Elementary
Muir, Brinley Stopher Elementary School
Waits, Evelyn Tully Elementary
Smith, Olivia Little Flock Christian Academy
Andaka, Ersy Chancey Elementary
Ludwick, Lola Bates Elementary
Puckett, Lynlee Stopher Elementary School
Magill, Kylie Tully Elementary
Selvakumar, Shanuka Louisville TigerSharks
Flood, Sarah Holy Angels Academy
McKenzie, Charlotte Chancey Elementary
Sanchez, Alejandra Bates Elementary
Mudd, Amelia Stopher Elementary School
Osting, Anastasia Holy Angels Academy
McCoy, Addelyn Chancey Elementary
Daniels, Leila Bates Elementary
Bozarth, Aubrey Goshen Elementary
Barone, Isabella Lowe Elementary School
Green, Ellery Spring Meadows Cottage School
Williams, Maggie Highlands Latin School Elementar
Guthals, Greta Stopher Elementary School
Eidem, Nora Holy Angels Academy
Nickerson, Mae Chancey Elementary
Baum, Holly Bates Elementary
Sensenbrenner, Cora Goshen Elementary
Gold, Emily Lowe Elementary School
Tredway, Maggie Highlands Latin School Elementar
Band, Savannah Stopher Elementary School
Walz, Allie Holy Angels Academy
Marion, Denver Chancey Elementary
Screen, Jaidyn Lowe Elementary School
White, Adela Highlands Latin School Elementar
Bush, Eloise Tully Elementary
Lauyans, Zoey 10:03.76 Bates Elementary
Sorg, Luella 10:11.67 Norton Elementary
Gezehey, Eden 10:24.86 Stopher Elementary School
Moore, Paisley 10:36.88 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Buday, Abby 11:10.70 Locust Grove Elementary School
Winburn, Brooklyn 11:49.20 Bloom Elementary
Johnston, Autumn 12:23.40 Lowe Elementary School
Parrino, Evelyn 12:23.97 Bates Elementary
Tucker, Nora 14:48.60 Lowe Elementary School
Fee, Dylan 8:13.99 Goshen Elementary
Mendoza, Aubree 8:31.49 Bates Elementary
Hayden, Lillian 8:33.32 Goshen Elementary
Maynard, Sloane 8:37.63 Norton Elementary
Waunch, Anna 8:40.23 Middletown Elementary
Parshall, Annabelle 8:41.35 Goshen Elementary
Lee, Lucy 8:43.53 Norton Elementary
Boggs, Avery 8:45.21 Goshen Elementary
Priddy, London 8:52.31 Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
Hudson, Charlie 8:57.73 Goshen Elementary
Spratt, Zoe 9:22.90 Middletown Elementary
Montgomery, Ruth 9:23.30 Montgomery Home School
Perkins, Kate 9:42.02 Bloom Elementary
Tapp, Adalynn 9:54.60 Middletown Elementary
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Girls 3rd and 4th Grade 151 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Osting, Mary Agnes Holy Angels Academy
Woolridge, Callie Bates Elementary
Ashley, Charlotte Highlands Latin School Elementar
Hammil, June Highlands Latin School Elementar
Hetzel, Isabella Tully Elementary
Coy, Emma Chancey Elementary
Cissell, Kiley Middletown Elementary
Downs, Anna Goshen Elementary
Fertig, Mila Stopher Elementary School
Jali, Nithya Lowe Elementary School
Dowell, Charlotte Chancey Elementary
Yarmuth, Ruby Hawthorne Elementary
Lare, Amelia Goshen Elementary
Dejesus, Mayra Chancey Elementary
Spradling, Anna Tully Elementary
Rankin, Reece Louisville TigerSharks
Williams, Hannah Little Flock Christian Academy
Corder, Harper Hite
Lunianga, Aboben Chancey Elementary
Scott, Katherine Chancey Elementary
Flinn, Lola Highlands Latin School Elementar
Villagran, Gabriela Tully Elementary
Priddy, Sophia New Song Christian Academy
Chudgar, Alexandria Chancey Elementary
Hamilton, Ellie Spring Meadows Cottage School
Knapper, Ryann Highlands Latin School Elementar
Borah, Annelise Highlands Latin School Elementar
Doane, Mariana Holy Angels Academy
Bowden, Aubri Bates Elementary
McNatt, Emerson Goshen Elementary
Strite, Olivia Stopher Elementary School
Owens, Harper Highlands Latin School Elementar
McKee, Hadley Tully Elementary
Colon, Emma Bates Elementary
Gomez Van Wouwe, Lucia Lowe Elementary School
Rice, Allison Chancey Elementary
Mattioli, Sophia Bates Elementary
Fishburn, Adeline Goshen Elementary
Barone, Arianna Lowe Elementary School
Gonzalez, Karla Chancey Elementary
Lease, Madeline Hite
Hunter, A'Ziah Chancey Elementary
Carrico, Lillian Tully Elementary
Feldmann, Abby Chancey Elementary
Nolan, Isla Highlands Latin School Elementar
Rulketter, Emme New Song Christian Academy
Noel, Kendall Chancey Elementary
Hildenbrand, Lydia Spring Meadows Cottage School
Black, Laila Whitefield Academy
Duncan, Ayla Tully Elementary
Henderson Eloy, Aniylah Chancey Elementary
Beard, Haddie Spring Meadows Cottage School
Vander Woude, Ella 10:01.84 Corpus Christi Classical Academy
Oatley, Madelyn 10:02.18 Stopher Elementary School
Willis, Abilene 10:06.00 Tully Elementary
Zavada, Catherine 10:08.23 Stopher Elementary School
McCarty, Eva 10:08.34 Locust Grove Elementary School
Decker, Sophia 10:26.09 Lowe Elementary School
Rogers, Claire 10:38.57 Goshen Elementary
Carson, Karlie 10:40.86 Chancey Elementary
Sheets, Leah 10:44.21 New Song Christian Academy
Coleman, Kailee 10:44.59 Chancey Elementary
Gilbert, Ansley 10:52.59 Goshen Elementary
Zirkelback, Violet 10:53.77 Bates Elementary
Anderies, Chloe 11:03.57 Goshen Elementary
Lake, Davis 11:07.75 Locust Grove Elementary School
Grant, Hailey 11:12.80 Little Flock Christian Academy
Collins, Emma 11:17.24 Middletown Elementary
Luna, Bella 11:32.27 Tully Elementary
Brown, Ali 11:51.84 Stopher Elementary School
Tarbet, Emery 12:06.99 Goshen Elementary
Goins, Scarlett 12:11.90 Stopher Elementary School
Theriault, Sophia 12:12.22 Locust Grove Elementary School
Ford, Penelope 12:39.44 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Anderson, Grace 13:34.92 Lowe Elementary School
Garmon, Quinn 15:09.42 Lowe Elementary School
Henderson, Kaitlynn 15:40.57 Lowe Elementary School
Young, Rylee 6:57.26 Bates Elementary
Sears, Aubrey 7:16.29 Goshen Elementary
Mohr, Ava 7:18.26 Stopher Elementary School
Klingenberg, Hadley 7:22.67 Locust Grove Elementary School
Lehmann, Lila 7:37.73 Goshen Elementary
Schwager, Stella 7:42.70 Goshen Elementary
Prather, Emma Claire 7:43.86 Stopher Elementary School
Beard, Adeline 7:44.01 Stopher Elementary School
Crosby, Millie 7:44.32 Bloom Elementary
Hodges, Mia 7:47.42 Locust Grove Elementary School
Dehner, Charlotte 7:50.32 Goshen Elementary
Seitz, Caroline 7:57.63 Goshen Elementary
Harper, Sophia 7:58.01 Hite
Yarka, Madelynn 8:00.64 Goshen Elementary
Roach, Evelyn 8:08.66 Bloom Elementary
Vander Woude, Jacinta 8:08.98 Corpus Christi Classical Academy
Falk, Ruby 8:09.54 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Mendoza, Hannah 8:09.72 Bates Elementary
Howard, Hallie 8:11.22 Goshen Elementary
Hawthorne, Vivienne 8:11.51 Hite
Haskins, Violet 8:11.80 Tully Elementary
Owen, Avery 8:12.04 Goshen Elementary
Sanford, Alexa 8:14.67 Locust Grove Elementary School
Dendy, Tyler 8:15.64 Goshen Elementary
White, Alaina 8:16.44 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Gabhart, Lucy 8:17.83 Hawthorne Elementary
Hennessee, Willa 8:21.12 Goshen Elementary
Williams, Audrey 8:21.63 Goshen Elementary
Wheeldon, Sadie 8:23.43 Locust Grove Elementary School
Love, Emma 8:23.50 Locust Grove Elementary School
Hughes, Sona 8:24.52 Middletown Elementary
Newton, Elizabeth 8:27.12 Hite
Bertucci, Nila 8:29.08 Locust Grove Elementary School
Fox, Bridgit 8:30.52 Goshen Elementary
Cooper, Aubrey 8:30.65 Goshen Elementary
Craig, Alexia 8:31.24 Carter Traditional Elementary Sc
Goodall, McKenzie 8:31.99 Hite
Houston, Zoey 8:35.11 Locust Grove Elementary School
Philips, Alisha 8:37.87 Goshen Elementary
Tuttle, Tillie 8:41.57 Bloom Elementary
Evans, Cora 8:42.47 Corpus Christi Classical Academy
Boehm, Sterling 8:42.86 New Song Christian Academy
Gilbert, Sydnei 8:45.48 Louisville TigerSharks
French, Hazel 8:45.55 Bloom Elementary
Jochim, Nora 8:50.57 Norton Elementary
Shenk, Carlee Ann 8:50.90 Goshen Elementary
Palumbo, Isabelle 8:53.23 Bates Elementary
Page, Lily 8:58.79 Bloom Elementary
Mena, Naelah 9:00.67 Hite
Flowers, Evelyn 9:02.76 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Arruda, Isabella 9:04.16 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Davis, Rori 9:06.65 Locust Grove Elementary School
Anderson, Leah 9:10.26 Bates Elementary
French Porter, Madison 9:12.28 Stopher Elementary School
Abraham, Maya 9:12.78 Norton Elementary
Kennedy, Lucienne 9:13.07 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Works, Kalina 9:14.00 Tully Elementary
Falk, Sophia 9:15.34 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Buday, Grace 9:16.06 Locust Grove Elementary School
Hogan, Emily 9:17.75 Stopher Elementary School
Trippe, Katharine 9:20.98 Norton Elementary
Fields, Alivia 9:21.01 Bates Elementary
Gravil, Vera 9:24.30 Lowe Elementary School
Porter, Phoebe 9:25.34 Locust Grove Elementary School
Dry, Liliana 9:27.00 Norton Elementary
Huff, Scarlett 9:33.70 Hite
Craig, Catie 9:34.02 Middletown Elementary
Crespo, Sinahi 9:35.80 Tully Elementary
Falk, Madeline 9:38.96 Highlands Latin School Elementar
Karr, Calla 9:39.15 Bloom Elementary
Ashby, Ella 9:45.75 Bates Elementary
Mattingly, Amelia 9:50.04 New Song Christian Academy
Roth, Laurel 9:51.46 New Song Christian Academy
Horn, Elizabeth 9:58.55 New Song Christian Academy
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