Elem County Championships 2021

Shepherdsville, KY

Meet Information

There is no team fee but we ask that coaches or trained parent volunteers help cover a field event, counting laps, timing, etc.

All events will be hand timed

Entries: Entries are limited to 2 athletes per field/running event and 1 teams per relay.  4 events max per individual. Field event athletes will have 3 jumps/throws (No Finals). 

NO SHARING IMPLEMENTS OR RELAY BATONS. You must bring your own implements and relay batons to compete. There will not be any in house implements or relay batons to share due to COVID-19 protocols.

**Masks are mandatory to enter the facility and must be worn by ALL. Athletes will ONLY remove their masks at the starting line once directed to do so by the starter or right before an attempt in a field event. They may then remove their mask, attach it to the wrist, neck, or put in a pocket or waistband .All athletes will immediately put their masks back on at the completion of their attempt. Runners will immediately put their mask back on upon finishing their race.**

We will have a gate entry fee of $5 for spectators....Concessions will be sold on site.

Contact Coach London with any questions or the password to register.



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