Bell County All-Comers 2021

Pineville, KY
Hosted by Bell County

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

Entries will be limited to 4 per event, 6 for the 100/200M and 2 relay  teams.

Coaches meeting will be at 5:15pm at the starting line. We will run a rolling schedule on running events and will only combine the 1600/3200 meter run if numbers allow. HJ will start at 4ft/5ft girls/boys. PV 7 ft for girls/boys. Field events will start at 5:30pm, running events at 6:00pm.

 Field events except HJ/PV will be open pit with times as follows:

Shot Put (Boys/Girls both 5:30-6:30)

Discus (Boys/Girls both 6:30-7:45)

Long Jump (Boys/Girls both 5:30-6:30)

Triple Jump (Boys/Girls both 6:30-7:45)

High Jump Boys 5:30

High Jump Girls 6:30

Pole Vault Girls 5:30

Pole Vault Boys 6:45

Temps will be taken at the gate. All athletes must have on a mask at check in. $5 admission for adults $2 for students. Concession will be available.