Athlete Entries

Jr. Varsity Mixed 2500m Run (AM) 10 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Nightingale, Alissia Graves County
Futrell, Emma Kate Graves County Middle School
Mattingly, Savannah 14:46.38 Graves County Middle School
Orr, Hayden 11:44.64 Graves County Middle School
Garcia, Adrianna Graves County
Barnett, Ryan 9:54.10 Graves County
Walton, Caleb 12:31.26 Graves County Middle School
Haley, Blake 13:03.00 Graves County Middle School
Green, Evan 17:36.41 Graves County Middle School
Cole, James Graves County
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Jr. Varsity Mixed 2500m Run (PM) 14 entries

Athlete Seed Team
McDonald, Ayden Madisonville-North Hopkins
McCurran, Caleb McCracken County
Mayes, Mitchell Madisonville-North Hopkins
Allgood, Alex 11:01.88 McCracken County
Palmer, Jett 10:47.07 McCracken County
Palmer, Finn 9:30.07 McCracken County
Forthman, Aiden McCracken County
Potocnik, Andrew Madisonville-North Hopkins
Beard, Gavin Madisonville-North Hopkins
Tolar, Noah McCracken County
Tooley, Nicholas Madisonville-North Hopkins
Chalk, Ian 11:58.39 McCracken County
Steckenrider, Logan 10:25.33 McCracken County
Brazzell, Austin 10:09.58 McCracken County
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Middle School Boys 2500 Meter Run (AM) 34 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Howard, Trevor 13:47.07 St Mary of the Woods
Howard, Grant St Mary of the Woods
Jackson, Tyler Fulton County
Jarvis, Reed 14:07.10 Murray
Carrico, Elijah 12:12.50 Carlisle County
Marquez, Sebastian Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Burkeen, WIlliam 16:17.30 Murray
Travis, Cadyn Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Ward, Josh Graves County Middle School
Worley, Dean 12:43.10 Graves County Middle School
Tomlinson, Brylan Trigg County
Shelton, Colt 11:22.03 Graves County Middle School
Nott, Christian Trigg County
McCune, Tobiyah Dawson Springs
Spain, Samuel 10:22.40 Graves County Middle School
Morgan, Christopher Dawson Springs
Payne, Thomas St Mary of the Woods
Mcclain, Asher 11:13.77 Graves County Middle School
Barnett, Brady St Mary of the Woods
Howard, Tate St Mary of the Woods
Hensley, Aaron Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Sipes, Schaeffer Fulton County
Larkin, Cullen 10:56.80 Murray
Starks, Jordan Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Bucy, Thomas 18:09.40 Murray
Cole, John Graves County Middle School
Carr, Hunter 17:09.40 Graves County Middle School
Skinner, Dominic Trigg County
Hill, Eli 13:14.13 Trigg County
Clark, Gage 10:23.71 Graves County Middle School
Drennan, Preston Dawson Springs
Cecil, Rylen St Mary of the Woods
Atkins, Jacob 12:55.69 Graves County Middle School
Barnett, Harrison St Mary of the Woods
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Middle School Boys 2500 Meter Run (PM) 12 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Siress, Kiefer 12:56.80 Marshall County Middle School
Mitchell, Maxson Marshall County Middle School
Adams, James Madisonville Middle
Martin, Sam 13:48.00 Marshall County Middle School
Hodges, Nate 10:02.48 Madisonville Middle
Ragsdale, Grayson 14:12.50 Marshall County Middle School
Sutherland, Dallas 11:51.57 Marshall County Middle School
Yates, Kobey 9:24.90 Marshall County Middle School
Walker, Daniel 11:31.50 Marshall County Middle School
Weldon, Canaan 11:05.53 Madisonville Middle
Darnell, Isaac Marshall County Middle School
Latino, Zander 11:34.70 Marshall County Middle School
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Middle School Girls 2500 Meter Run (AM) 25 entries

Athlete Seed Team
West, Bria Graves County Middle School
Swatzell, Baylee Dawson Springs
Patterson, Bailey 13:39.82 Graves County Middle School
Cotton, Millie Dawson Springs
Nolan, Riley 11:31.17 Graves County Middle School
Stringer, Izabel 12:52.42 Graves County Middle School
Green, Holly Murray
McCarty, Makenzie Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Jenkins, Leah 15:50.70 Murray
Collier, Macey 21:36.60 Murray
Moore, Bella Trigg County
Swatzell, Ashtyn Dawson Springs
Babb, Claire Graves County Middle School
Fairchild, Jenna Dawson Springs
Wilson, Kelsey 14:48.58 Graves County Middle School
McCoy, Audrey Dawson Springs
Stringer, Eden 13:17.72 Graves County Middle School
Ault, Gabby 10:51.60 St. Mary
Mathis, Rhaea 10:07.22 Graves County Middle School
Calhoun, Genna Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Green, Jade 16:36.90 Murray
Drew, Ellen 20:03.90 Murray
Chipman, Kate 15:29.00 Murray
Roark, Samantha Trigg County
Tossi, Charlee Dawson Springs
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Middle School Girls 2500 Meter Run (PM) 8 entries

Athlete Seed Team
West, Mariah 12:48.84 McCracken County
Peffer, Ann Marie Marshall County Middle School
Smith, Olivia McCracken County
Tynes, Kiera McCracken County
Parker, Cassidy McCracken County
Sandlin, Eden 11:31.10 Marshall County Middle School
Gordon, Israel Madisonville Middle
Arnold, Baliegh 10:59.12 McCracken County
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Varsity Boys 2500 Meter Run (AM) 93 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bricker, Scott Fort Campbell
Jenkins, Marshall 9:41.20 Trigg County
Millay, Dalton Trinity (Whitesville)
Fix, Aiden Fort Campbell
Yearry, Chase 12:28.30 Murray
Simpson, Ryan Trigg County
Moreno, Ruben Graves County
Howard, Gavin Trinity (Whitesville)
Caldwell, Nick Calloway County
Wilson, Dennon Crittenden County
Madding, Tray Graves County
Futrell, Ethan Calloway County
Posey, Harrison Fulton County
Morgan, Tristan Dawson Springs
Faith, Nate Crittenden County
Cole, Richard Graves County
Davidson, Machi Livingston Central
Bobo, Carson Calloway County
Griffiths, Logan Fulton County
McCune, Yosiyah 10:59.94 Dawson Springs
Quigley, Brandon St. Mary
Jackson, Alex Livingston Central
Skylar, Winsett Marshall County
Goodwin, Kyler 10:58.40 Crittenden County
Smith, Aaron Graves County
Hale, Tyler 9:39.64 Dawson Springs
Cashion, Dominic 9:00.31 Calloway County
Everett, Chade Fulton County
Sealock, Jett Marshall County
Perkins, Rowen Crittenden County
West, Malcom Graves County
Parks, Alex Livingston Central
Hughes, Caden Fort Campbell
Osborne, Ethan 10:01.93 Dawson Springs
Potts, Nathan Trigg County
Price, Dylan 10:45.13 Calloway County
O'Bryan, Ilya Marshall County
Williams, Clayton 9:30.00 Paducah Tilghman
Sharp, Brock Fort Campbell
McKnight, Logan 10:43.00 Dawson Springs
Oliver, River Trigg County
Miller, Christian Trinity (Whitesville)
Hampton, Wyatt Murray
Harris, Reed 9:45 Paducah Tilghman
McCarty, Ethan 9:33.40 Marshall County
Flores, Gauge Fort Campbell
Cavanaugh, Austin 9:23.27 Trigg County
Smith, Landon Trinity (Whitesville)
Shrader, Grant Fort Campbell
Cross, Luke Murray
Cannon, Timmy Trigg County
Surrency, Ian Fort Campbell
Ward, Nicholas Trinity (Whitesville)
Clarida, Jayden Crittenden County
Cervantes, Andre Graves County
Martin, Isaac Calloway County
Swinford, Steven Cole Crittenden County
Medley, Alex Graves County
Sanchez, Talon Livingston Central
Grooms, Aiden Calloway County
Brown, Wesley Fulton County
Faughn, Michael 9:23.39 Dawson Springs
Schmitt, Robert Livingston Central
Keller, Gabriel 11:53.70 Crittenden County
Chapman, Koby Graves County
Puckett, Daniel 9:37.28 Calloway County
Sipes, Jay Fulton County
Garrett, Caleb 10:22.30 Dawson Springs
Hopkins, Payton Livingston Central
Collins, Sawyer Marshall County
McCord, Asa 12:34.70 Crittenden County
Dugger, Levi Graves County
Osborne, Lucas 9:29.03 Dawson Springs
Foote, David 10:23.17 Calloway County
Jones, Walker Marshall County
Hardesty, Jordan Crittenden County
Davis, Logan 9:13.30 Graves County
Williams, Corben 11:30.00 Paducah Tilghman
Kitchens, Carson Livingston Central
Schmidt, Travis Fort Campbell
Mitchell, Alex 11:09.43 Dawson Springs
Crawford, Joseph Trigg County
Miller, Jonathan Trinity (Whitesville)
Maggart, Eli 11:18.10 Calloway County
Lanham, Samuel 9:06.20 Marshall County
Claudio, DJ 10:30 Paducah Tilghman
Rhodd, Landen Fort Campbell
Thompson, Riley 9:17.53 Trigg County
Howard, Jacob Trinity (Whitesville)
Waddy, Amari Fort Campbell
Avila, Alonzo Murray
Black, Liam 9:15 Paducah Tilghman
Flatt, Cade Marshall County
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Varsity Boys 2500 Meter Run (PM) 24 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bruner/Deaton, Tyler Madisonville-North Hopkins
McConnell, Mason Hopkins County Central
Poole, John Henderson County
Duncan, Brody 10:05.78 Hopkins County Central
McManus, Shawn Henderson County
Rodgers, Logan Hopkins County Central
Taylor, Jake 7:30.00h Paducah Tilghman
Bergman, Ryland Madisonville-North Hopkins
Roy, A.j Henderson County
Stringer, Christain Hopkins County Central
Willis, Gavin Madisonville-North Hopkins
Payne, Mark Henderson County
Ball, Skylar 10:16.00 Madisonville-North Hopkins
Stone, Airamis Madisonville-North Hopkins
Henderson, Neico Henderson County
Martin, Sam Hopkins County Central
Haynes, Connor Henderson County
Harper, Brendan Hopkins County Central
Krampe, Blain Henderson County
Greer, Jaxon Hopkins County Central
Burden, Drew Madisonville-North Hopkins
Decker, Caleb Henderson County
Gamble, Kaleb Hopkins County Central
Pendley, Alex 9:22.00 Madisonville-North Hopkins
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Varsity Girls 2500 Meter Run (AM) 70 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Payne, Kendra Dawson Springs
Smith, Ainsley 11:07.90 Calloway County
Fulkerson, Kara Crittenden County
Mapes, Stella Graves County
Durfee, Alicia 9:40 Paducah Tilghman
Fite, Audra Marshall County
Eastes, Abigail Fort Campbell
Tossi, Brianna Dawson Springs
Boone, Camryn Trigg County
Smith, Cammy Murray
Barrett, Elizabeth Marshall County
Nyakeraka, Alesha Trigg County
Rhinerson, Natalie Trinity (Whitesville)
Wyatt, Sydney Murray
Plumb, Ella Fort Campbell
Tovar, Melannie Carlisle County
Bush, Reese 10:33.60 Trigg County
Chipman, Anna Murray
Hazard, Caroline Fort Campbell
Wilson, Kayla Carlisle County
Childs, Savannah Fort Campbell
Joo, Sunny Fort Campbell
Slinkard, Caylee 15:50.29 Fulton County
Geary, Ella Crittenden County
Ivy, Christina Graves County
Hubbard, Sidney Livingston Central
Smith, Brooklyn Calloway County
McClure, McKayden 13:01.92 Fulton County
Potter, Karsyn Crittenden County
Peters, Vikie Graves County
Jackson, Kaylynn Livingston Central
Tackett, Vanessa 14:18.60 Dawson Springs
Swain, Bella Calloway County
Long, Leah Crittenden County
Leath, Jenna Graves County
Taylor, Jane 13:00.00 Paducah Tilghman
McCormick, Kaydence 14:53.13 Livingston Central
Clark, Ruthie Marshall County
Hoover, Kimberly 10:10.33 Dawson Springs
Smith, Alexandria Trigg County
Riddle, Marlee Murray
Keller, Kate Crittenden County
Lamb, Audrey Graves County
Strenge, Madeline 9:45.00h Paducah Tilghman
Lyles, Addison Marshall County
Molinelli, Lindsay Fort Campbell
Paulter, Jessie Trigg County
Valdez, Sienca Trinity (Whitesville)
Castiello, Julia Murray
Wright, Charlie Carlisle County
Brame, Riley 10:56.30 Trigg County
Doss, Ryann 13:19.68 Murray
Cogbill, Emma Fort Campbell
Gonzalez, Melany Carlisle County
Shutt, Kyra 13:44.20 Murray
Lacy, Sophie Fort Campbell
Elder, Mariah Rodgers Carlisle County
Gartner, Miranda 12:12.50 St. Mary
Cuentas, Melinda Fort Campbell
Varden, Hannah Fulton County
Stearns, Alexandra Fort Campbell
Coulson, Callie Fulton County
Duncan, Jayden Crittenden County
Madding, Emma Graves County
Starczewski, Danielle Livingston Central
Tackett, Ivory Dawson Springs
Martin, Emma Calloway County
Martinez, Mary 12:11.30 Crittenden County
Shelton, Baylee Graves County
Culver, Rylee Livingston Central
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Varsity Girls 2500 Meter Run (PM) 20 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Egbert, Jaclyn Hopkins County Central
Decker, Arianna Henderson County
Keown, Sarah Hopkins County Central
Krampe, Sara Henderson County
Welch, Siena 14:20.00 Hopkins County Central
Shelton, Alyssa Henderson County
Gillette, Katie Madisonville-North Hopkins
Poustka, Nyssa Madisonville-North Hopkins
Wiles, Kamarie Madisonville-North Hopkins
Pike, Destany Henderson County
Webb, MacKenzie Henderson County
Carney, Leanna 14:26.00 Hopkins County Central
Decker, Allina Henderson County
Miller, Raven Hopkins County Central
Mattingly, Hallie Henderson County
Carney, Kailey 13:25.50 Hopkins County Central
Tate, Audrey Madisonville-North Hopkins
Morris, Josie Madisonville-North Hopkins
Alexander, Joy 9:10.60 Madisonville-North Hopkins
Lucas, Allison Henderson County
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