Williamsburg All Comers

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Williamsburg High School
2020 All Comers Track Meet
April 28th first 8 teams in.
@ University of the Cumberlands Track
Meet official:
Timing: Adam Friend
8 LANE Rubberized Track; POLE VAULT will be contested
KHSAA Rules- 4 events per athlete total

Coaches Meeting- 4:55; Field Events 5:30; Running Events 5:30
**All teams are expected to stay in the stadium seats
or tent area unless participating/warming up.

Electronic entries only.
ELECTONIC ENTRIES DUE BY: March 14th at 10:00pm, to: Kymilesplit.com
Admission: $5.00 for adults

RUNNING EVENTS Rolling Schedule: 5:30 FIELD EVENTS 5:30
4x800 Relay G Pole Vault G 5:30
4x800 Relay B Pole Vault B after Girls
100M High Hurdles G Opening Heights: Girls 5
110M High Hurdles B Boys 7
100M Dash G Triple Jump B 5:30
100M Dash B Triple Jump G after Boys
4x200 Relay G Long Jump G 5:30
4x200 Relay B Long Jump B after Girls
1600M Run G Discus G 10:30
1600M Run B Discus B after Girls
4x100 Relay G Shot Put B 5:30
4x100 Relay B Shot Put G after Boys
400M Dash G High Jump G 5:30
400M Dash B High Jump B after Girls
300M Low Hurdles G Opening Heights: Girls 38
300M Low Hurdles B Boys 48
800M Run G
800M Run B
200M Dash G
200M Dash B
3200M Run G All Throwers and Jumps will get 3 attempts.
3200M Run B No Finals.
4x400 Relay G
4x400 Relay B
SCORING: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1

Meet Manager, John Harris :Email Address: John.Harris@wburg.kyschools.us Cell: 606-521-5400