Athlete Entries

Elementary Boys 3,000 Meter Run 79 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hodges, Nate Madisonville Middle
Sutton, Keaton Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Redfern, Judson Heritage Christian School (Owens
Gatton, Reid Muhlenberg County
Jones, Collin Daviess County Middle School
Rogers, Austin Saints Peter and Paul (Hopkinsvi
Jenkins, Caden Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Rolley, Bentley Muhlenberg County
Clark, Brody Daviess County Middle School
Martin, Sam Marshall County Middle School
Stevens, Aaron Saints Peter and Paul (Hopkinsvi
Crabtree, Campbell College View Middle School
Conway, Ty Muhlenberg County
Sandefur, Coburn Ohio County
Ragsdale, Grayson Marshall County Middle School
Nugent, Kannon College View Middle School
Dant, Elgin Owensboro Middle School
Halcomb, Owen Muhlenberg County
Lampert, Brayden Marshall County Middle School
Bivins, Colton College View Middle School
Stearsman, Taylor Ohio County
Murphy, Lucas Daviess County Middle School
Arnold, Kade Owensboro Middle School
Bletzinger, Landon Muhlenberg County
Labhart, Jack Daviess County Middle School
Miller, Nash Owensboro Middle School
Bethel, Elliot Muhlenberg County
Hamilton, Asher Saints Peter and Paul (Hopkinsvi
Fulkerson, Dylan Owensboro Middle School
Drury, Lawson Muhlenberg County
Brown, Carter Daviess County Middle School
Adams, James Madisonville Middle
Drury, Lincoln Muhlenberg County
Coomes, Trent Daviess County Middle School
Bonner, Izzy Saints Peter and Paul (Hopkinsvi
Thorp, Evan Madisonville Middle
Alvey, Isaiah Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Tyler, Grayson Heritage Christian School (Owens
Evans, Justice Muhlenberg County
Dant, Tristyn Daviess County Middle School
Sallie, Ronan Saints Peter and Paul (Hopkinsvi
Mitchell, Sammy Muhlenberg County
Joyner, Jack Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Gatton, Will Muhlenberg County
Murphy, Jonah Daviess County Middle School
Walker, Daniel Marshall County Middle School
Hatcher, Victor Saints Peter and Paul (Hopkinsvi
Wurth, Tanner College View Middle School
Pirtle, Wesley Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Shemwell, Taylor Muhlenberg County
Alvey, Axton Ohio County
Miles, Wesley Daviess County Middle School
Darnell, Isaac Marshall County Middle School
Crabtree, Carter College View Middle School
McCarraher, Beck Muhlenberg County
Latino, Zander Marshall County Middle School
Ball, Jon Andrew College View Middle School
Taylor, Ryan Ohio County
Lyne, Jalon Daviess County Middle School
Coy, Christopher Owensboro Middle School
Bolen, Coby Muhlenberg County
Yates, Kobey Marshall County Middle School
Johnson, Brayden College View Middle School
Mayfield, Haysten Daviess County Middle School
Miller, Jace Owensboro Middle School
Mitchell, Daniel Muhlenberg County
Joska, Merrick Owensboro Middle School
Fugal, Corry Muhlenberg County
Varble, Derek Daviess County Middle School
Leet, Cameron Madisonville Middle
Boggess, Briar Muhlenberg County
Varble, L.t Daviess County Middle School
Hughson, Joshua Saints Peter and Paul (Hopkinsvi
Weldon, Canaan Madisonville Middle
Hausner, Levi Heritage Christian School (Owens
Fauntleroy, Kanan Muhlenberg County
Mitchell, Ben Muhlenberg County
Edge, Camryn Daviess County Middle School
Stine, Lucas Saints Peter and Paul (Hopkinsvi
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Elementary Girls 3,000 Meter Run 72 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Jones, Alexis College View Middle School
French, Payton Burns Middle School
Waldron, Charlotte Daviess County Middle School
Chappell, Alexandria Owensboro Middle School
Rolley, Presley Muhlenberg County
Jacobs, Eliza Heritage Christian School (Owens
Pointer, Olivia Muhlenberg County
Warner, Emma Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Waldron, Myka Daviess County Middle School
Hughson, Keira Saints Peter and Paul (Hopkinsvi
Pentecost, Pasynn Muhlenberg County
Latta, Charlotte Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Hay, Nattalie Burns Middle School
Kurz, Lillian Daviess County Middle School
Wickham, Evelynn Saints Peter and Paul (Hopkinsvi
Latham, Temprence Muhlenberg County
Latta, Madison Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Fallaway, Kenzie Burns Middle School
Reesman, Melanie Daviess County Middle School
Lumus, Tanleigh Marshall County Middle School
Rightmyer, Natalie College View Middle School
Harper, Jaycee Muhlenberg County
Smiley, Emily Ohio County
Cleavenger, Elizabeth Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Dilback, Adelyn Burns Middle School
Morris, Hadley Daviess County Middle School
Ollis, Brooklyn College View Middle School
Shanks, Kylie Muhlenberg County
McCaslin, Dakota College View Middle School
Velotta, Addalyn College View Middle School
Tillman, Katherine College View Middle School
Stovall, Anna Kate Burns Middle School
Murphy, Lily Daviess County Middle School
Krampe, Maya Owensboro Middle School
Ollis, Jersey College View Middle School
Brand, Sophia Burns Middle School
Cobb, Sophia Daviess County Middle School
Voyles, Nikiyah Owensboro Middle School
Hausner, Maci Heritage Christian School (Owens
Brand, Aurora Burns Middle School
Palmer, Kiley Owensboro Middle School
Phillips, Iryonna Muhlenberg County
Jacobs, Hazel Heritage Christian School (Owens
Hughson, Caitlin Saints Peter and Paul (Hopkinsvi
Schaeffer, Elizabeth Muhlenberg County
Shires, Abby Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Falloway, Ava Burns Middle School
Velotta, Vegas Daviess County Middle School
Sallie, Rhyss Saints Peter and Paul (Hopkinsvi
Page, Savannah Muhlenberg County
Garcia, Melanie Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Millay, Gracie St Mary of the Woods
Bratcher, Maliyah Burns Middle School
King, Anna Daviess County Middle School
Boggess, Samantha Muhlenberg County
Alvey, Addyson Ohio County
Green, Allie Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Ewing, Addison Burns Middle School
Clark, Camille Daviess County Middle School
Sandlin, Eden Marshall County Middle School
Coppick, Leah College View Middle School
Fugal, Samantha Muhlenberg County
Mattingly, Kirii Burns Middle School
Morris, Avery Daviess County Middle School
Ezell, Aubrey College View Middle School
Gant, Jenni-Claire Muhlenberg County
Wolfe, Haley College View Middle School
Ladwig, Abby Owensboro Middle School
Cart, Tatum College View Middle School
Hooker, Jillian Burns Middle School
Heady, Chaney Daviess County Middle School
Alexander, Zeporah Owensboro Middle School
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HS Boys 5,000 Meter Run 140 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Shouse, Luke University Heights
Quincey, Jonathan Hopkinsville
Layson, Kenneth Ohio County
McGary, Bryson Daviess County
Bradley, Deven Marshall County
Skinner, Alex Trigg County
Thompson, Clay Owensboro Catholic
Drew, Alex Hopkins County Central
Abel, David Daviess County
Bruner, Tyler Madisonville-North Hopkins
Harper, Landon Muhlenberg County
Skuljan, Zlatko Hopkinsville
Alvey, Ethan Ohio County
McDaniel, Skylar Daviess County
Miller, Jackson Marshall County
Freeman, Tyler Trigg County
Calhoun, Connor Owensboro Catholic
Farris, Zachary Webster County
Stringer, Christain Hopkins County Central
Burden, Drew Madisonville-North Hopkins
Groves, Landon Muhlenberg County
Kurz, Brody Daviess County
Sandlin, Knox Marshall County
Blondin, Wes Owensboro Catholic
Cates, Tristan Webster County
Hall, Morgan Ohio County
Willis, Gavin Madisonville-North Hopkins
Groves, Carson Muhlenberg County
Gillaspie, Sammy Daviess County
Cosner, Mason Marshall County
LeBoutillier, Evan Owensboro
Major, Vincent Webster County
Bratcher, Andrew Ohio County
Craig, Joshua Madisonville-North Hopkins
Jent, Brantly Muhlenberg County
Ward, Nicholas Trinity (Whitesville)
Askin, Adrian Owensboro
Wagoner, Layden Webster County
Holland, Corbin Ohio County
Turner, Jake Daviess County
McLean, Thomas Marshall County
Strader, Jake Muhlenberg County
Ball, Skylar Madisonville-North Hopkins
Howard, Kristopher Trinity (Whitesville)
Carroll, Reece Owensboro
Dame, Marques Webster County
McDaniel, Tyler Ohio County
Sanders, Gavin Daviess County
Hobelmann, Charles Owensboro Catholic
Lanham, Andrew Marshall County
Kunnmann, Walter University Heights
Kirkman, Noah Owensboro
West, Garrett Webster County
Sandefur, Caleb Ohio County
Kirk, Jacob Daviess County
Winders, Silas Henry County High School
Gugle, Zachary Hopkinsville
Bradley, Derek Ohio County
Gillaspie, David Daviess County
Lynch, Gage Marshall County
Thompson, Riley Trigg County
Davis, Braden Owensboro Catholic
Brink, John Owensboro
Ray, Luke Hopkins County Central
Adams, Alex Daviess County
Graber, Charles Muhlenberg County
Miller, Quinn Hopkinsville
Stearsman, Dylan Ohio County
McCaslin, Zach Daviess County
Curtiss, Ty Marshall County
Jenkins, Marshall Trigg County
Cason, John Owensboro Catholic
DeMoss, Hunter Hopkins County Central
Ward, Ryan Daviess County
Childress, Stetson Muhlenberg County
Ashley, Michael Owensboro
Jones, Chance Hopkinsville
Hatton, Leo Ohio County
Shelton, Justin Daviess County
Lanham, Samuel Marshall County
Black Bear-Francis, Apolo Trigg County
Neal, Jude Owensboro Catholic
Harper, Brendan Hopkins County Central
Bergman, Ryland Madisonville-North Hopkins
Tackett, Juan Muhlenberg County
Atkins, Chase Hopkinsville
Rowe, Mason Ohio County
McClelland, Eli Daviess County
McCarty, Ethan Marshall County
Peach, Reece Owensboro Catholic
Baker, Trevor Webster County
Gamble, Kaleb Hopkins County Central
Rickard, Ethan Madisonville-North Hopkins
Dorris, Timmy Muhlenberg County
Johnson, Nathan Daviess County
Cosner, Christian Marshall County
Jones, Logan Owensboro Catholic
Starks, Ethan Webster County
Peech, Jayden Ohio County
Tooley, Nicholas Madisonville-North Hopkins
Morris, Bryson Muhlenberg County
Burdette, Lance Owensboro
Roland, Ryan Webster County
Johnson, Tyler Ohio County
Howard, Garrett Daviess County
Flatt, Cade Marshall County
Pendley, Alex Madisonville-North Hopkins
Mitchell, Jonah Muhlenberg County
Howard, Gavin Trinity (Whitesville)
Smith, Walker Owensboro
Nelson, Bryce Webster County
Probus, Jack Ohio County
Terry, Brady Daviess County
Jones, Eli Marshall County
Jones, Jesse Marshall County
Watts, Jackson Madisonville-North Hopkins
Young, Cody Owensboro
Glazebrook, Luke Webster County
White, Jeremy Ohio County
Leachman, Parker Daviess County
Gatten, Ty Owensboro Catholic
Lee, Jerel Hopkinsville
Ferrier, Brayden Daviess County
Lamb, Preston Marshall County
Simpson, Ryan Trigg County
Hendricks, Chase University Heights
Turner, Nathanael Owensboro
Whitsell, Aidan Webster County
Gish, Logan Daviess County
Mefford, Grant Muhlenberg County
Combs, Michael Hopkinsville
Hoover, Eli Ohio County
Tidwell, Caleb Daviess County
O'Bryan, Ilya Marshall County
Cavanaugh, Austin Trigg County
Joiner, Kyle Owensboro Catholic
Gipson, Isaac Hopkins County Central
Nash, Jacob Daviess County
Henry, Gavin Muhlenberg County
Rhoads, Clayton Owensboro
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HS Girls 5,000 Meter Run 79 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Sutherland, Megan Daviess County
Adkins, Lauren Madisonville-North Hopkins
Spradlin, Emily Ohio County
Villapando, Claudette Owensboro
Nalley, caroline Webster County
Probus, Janell Ohio County
Payne, Kayley Daviess County
Colburn, Ashley Owensboro
Haynes, Grayson Webster County
Nyakeraka, Alesha Trigg County
Cordero, Hailey Hopkinsville
Rempe, Emily Daviess County
Baskett, Delani Webster County
Cabarrero-Hernandez, Shelci Hopkins County Central
Cavanaugh, Trinity Trigg County
Palacios, Chloe Hopkinsville
Crabtree, Elli Daviess County
Keown, Sarah Hopkins County Central
Hill, Grace Trigg County
Taylor, Brooklyn Hopkinsville
Welch, Siena Hopkins County Central
Taylor, Ainsley Daviess County
Bush, Reese Trigg County
Wood, Rebecca Hopkinsville
Bailey, Taylor Marshall County
Free, Rachel Muhlenberg County
Bruno, Alyssa Madisonville-North Hopkins
Burgett, Abigail Hopkins County Central
Roberts, Emily Ann Daviess County
Muirhead, Alexa Madisonville-North Hopkins
Vincek, Leah Marshall County
Ricks, Lexi Trigg County
Culbertson, Allie Muhlenberg County
Miles, Destiny Daviess County
Gillett, Bailey Madisonville-North Hopkins
Wyatt, Drue Webster County
Key, Bailey Ohio County
Smith, Emma Marshall County
Wolfe, Kara Daviess County
Harris, Abby Madisonville-North Hopkins
Gray, Skylar Ohio County
Lovett, Gabbi Marshall County
Powell, Reece Webster County
Bratcher, Madison Ohio County
Koehler, Samantha Daviess County
Villapando, Alondra Owensboro
Powell, Ryleigh Webster County
Barbee, Dede Trigg County
Rowland, Haley Daviess County
Stone, Ava Webster County
Alford, Kylie Trigg County
Takenaka, Miyu Hopkinsville
Perkins, Roz Daviess County
Egbert, Jaclyn Hopkins County Central
Jenkins, Madison Trigg County
Frost, Natalie Hopkinsville
Rhoads, Abby Daviess County
Miller, Raven Hopkins County Central
Brame, Riley Trigg County
Blankenberger, Eva Hopkinsville
Logan, Cathryn Muhlenberg County
Carney, Kailey Hopkins County Central
Howe, Lauren Daviess County
Rhinerson, Natalie Trinity (Whitesville)
Wood, Allison Hopkinsville
Kemp, Kaycee Marshall County
Ricks, Livi Trigg County
Walker, Kendra Muhlenberg County
Heath, Avery Daviess County
Wiles, Kamarie Madisonville-North Hopkins
Kobylinski, Morgan Ohio County
Swoope, Zoie Marshall County
Dossett, Phelan Trigg County
Winders, Dinah Henry County High School
Rowan, Kyra Daviess County
Alexander, Joy Madisonville-North Hopkins
Mays, Abigail Ohio County
Minter, Alexia Marshall County
Utley, Molley Webster County
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MS Boys 4000 Meter Run 124 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Blair, Logan Burns Middle School
Johnson, Jacob St Mary of the Woods
Coleman, Jacob Owensboro Middle School
Vick, Cameron Henderson South Middle School
Wathen, John Owensboro Catholic
Durall, Colton Madisonville Middle
Riggs, Jase Burns Middle School
Gray, Noah St Mary of the Woods
Hodskins, Nikolas College View Middle School
Thomas, Mark Henderson South Middle School
Weafer, Travis Owensboro Catholic
Moore, Caleb Daviess County Middle School
Knight, Maddox Madisonville Middle
Rhoads, Madden Burns Middle School
Cornette, Aiden Muhlenberg County
Millay, Dalton St Mary of the Woods
Leachman, Aidan College View Middle School
Burrow, Camden Henderson South Middle School
Abney, Noah Ohio County
Varble, Joe Daviess County Middle School
McCarty, Luke Burns Middle School
Revo, Bryce Muhlenberg County
Howard, Jacob St Mary of the Woods
Randolph, William College View Middle School
Krampe, Isaac Henderson South Middle School
Phillips, Dylan Ohio County
Potts, Nathan Trigg County
Komarek, Jackson Daviess County Middle School
Royalty, Logan Burns Middle School
Ball, Robert College View Middle School
Miller, Aiden Henderson South Middle School
Buckman, Kaden Henderson South Middle School
McConell, William Ohio County
Lynch, Brandon Trigg County
Holbrook, Brody Daviess County Middle School
Gregg, Philip Burns Middle School
Hamilton, Jack College View Middle School
Henderson, Neico Henderson South Middle School
McDonald, Aydan Madisonville Middle
Hinton, Julian Owensboro Middle School
Messer, Aidan Henderson South Middle School
Graham, Lofton Petey Ohio County
Hill, Eli Trigg County
Waldron, Seth Daviess County Middle School
Greenwell, Korbin St Mary of the Woods
Jones, Walker Marshall County Middle School
Blue, Rex Henderson South Middle School
Beard, Gavin Madisonville Middle
Hunter, Cole Hopkins County Central
Carlos, Levi Owensboro Middle School
Anderson, Jace Henderson South Middle School
Crowe, Trace Ohio County
Roberts, Chase Daviess County Middle School
Skimehorn, Ace Heritage Christian School (Owens
Howard, Trevor St Mary of the Woods
Adams, Landon Madisonville Middle
Santos-Gonzalez, Mauricio Owensboro Catholic
McKinney, Canyon Marshall County Middle School
Howe, Evan Daviess County Middle School
Duncan, Tobias University Heights
Carpenter, Alex Heritage Christian School (Owens
Royalty, Elajah Burns Middle School
Howard, Grant St Mary of the Woods
Wilson, Will Owensboro Middle School
Francke, Henry Henderson South Middle School
Thompson, Simon Owensboro Catholic
Siress, Keifer Marshall County Middle School
Potocnik, Andrew Madisonville Middle
Brock, Emmitt Burns Middle School
Jenkins, Will St Mary of the Woods
Kaelin, Brayden College View Middle School
Poole, John Henderson South Middle School
Reffitt, Luke Owensboro Catholic
Cavanah, Lucas Madisonville Middle
Thomas, Joshua Burns Middle School
Hatfield, Connor St Mary of the Woods
Watson, Alex College View Middle School
Plummer, Ross Henderson South Middle School
Bradley, Drake Ohio County
Drury, Bradyon Daviess County Middle School
Lemond, Caleb Burns Middle School
Bletzinger, Ethan Muhlenberg County
Rhodes, Lucas St Mary of the Woods
Wurth, Connor College View Middle School
Hazelwood, Bo Henderson South Middle School
Stearsman, Corey Ohio County
Skinner, Dominic Trigg County
Komarek, Ethan Daviess County Middle School
King, Austin Burns Middle School
Bethel, Miles Muhlenberg County
Randolph, Emerick College View Middle School
Tompkins, Creek Henderson South Middle School
Jackson, Elijah Henderson South Middle School
Peech, Gavin Ohio County
Nott, Christian Trigg County
Brown, Andrew Daviess County Middle School
Stewart, Nolan Burns Middle School
Sweetsir, Joseph College View Middle School
Donnetta, Gavyn Henderson South Middle School
Fridy, Tanner Henderson South Middle School
Alvey, Asher Ohio County
Lawrence, Jeremiah Trigg County
Morris, Toby Daviess County Middle School
Foley, John Phillip Marshall County Middle School
Haynes, Jordan Henderson South Middle School
Blakeley, Camden Madisonville Middle
Moore, Owen Owensboro Middle School
Thomas, Markel Henderson South Middle School
Kennedy, Carson Ohio County
Rhineburger, Bryson Daviess County Middle School
Goodman, Wyatt Heritage Christian School (Owens
Williams, Declan St Mary of the Woods
Courtney, Landon Madisonville Middle
Duncan, Brody Hopkins County Central
Jones, Christian Marshall County Middle School
Kurz, Nolan Daviess County Middle School
Dechman, Jonathan Heritage Christian School (Owens
Martindale, Shane Burns Middle School
Howard, Tate St Mary of the Woods
Stokley, Anthony Owensboro Middle School
Donnetta, Ian Henderson South Middle School
Offutt, Lucas Madisonville Middle
Phen, Bart Owensboro Catholic
Sutherland, Dallas Marshall County Middle School
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MS Girls 4000 Meter Run 89 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Taylor, Caitlin Ohio County
Miller, Zoe Trigg County
Brubaker, Raylee Daviess County Middle School
Jacobs, Hannah Heritage Christian School (Owens
Tidwell, Sally Daviess County Middle School
Greer, Blakely Burns Middle School
Barrett, Elizabeth Marshall County Middle School
Ward, Jenna College View Middle School
McCollum, Taylor Henderson South Middle School
Bacon, Hadley Daviess County Middle School
Chappell, Kenyatta Owensboro Middle School
Spaw, Lucy Burns Middle School
Plummer, Irah Henderson South Middle School
Rowland, Maddie Daviess County Middle School
Davidson, Kayla Owensboro Middle School
Williams, Kristen Owensboro Catholic
Sandefur, Chloe Burns Middle School
Miller, Allyson Henderson South Middle School
Wright, Emily Madisonville Middle
Stallings, Bentlei Daviess County Middle School
Marshall, Julia Owensboro Catholic
Francke, Alex Henderson South Middle School
Tate, Audrey Madisonville Middle
Wilson, Mallory Muhlenberg County
Wathen, Anna Katherine Owensboro Catholic
Hallmark, Autumn Henderson South Middle School
Morris, Josie Madisonville Middle
Boggess, Kaitlyn Muhlenberg County
Pike, Destany Henderson South Middle School
Ray, Laci Madisonville Middle
Kobylinski, Morgan Ohio County
Ricks, Mari Kate Trigg County
Williams, Kenzie Daviess County Middle School
Dechman, Emily Heritage Christian School (Owens
Clark, Kennedy Muhlenberg County
Ollis, Callie College View Middle School
Mattingly, Adyson Burns Middle School
Roark, Samantha Trigg County
Clark, Lauren Daviess County Middle School
Warner, Martha Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Gentile, Ava Heritage Christian School (Owens
Jones, Kayla College View Middle School
McCormick, Raylee Henderson South Middle School
Smith/French, Brooklynn Burns Middle School
Drane, Zoe Ohio County
Owen, Rose Trigg County
Girten, Ellie Daviess County Middle School
Rice, Sarah Burns Middle School
Velotta, Mallory College View Middle School
Carmon, Abbie Henderson South Middle School
Murphy, Aliya Daviess County Middle School
Htoi, Susan Owensboro Middle School
Hooker, Olivia Burns Middle School
Delgado, Jasmine Henderson South Middle School
Powers, Annie Daviess County Middle School
November, Kianna Owensboro Middle School
Winters, Afina Owensboro Catholic
Brand, Annabella Burns Middle School
Francke, Brady Henderson South Middle School
Ziegler, Maddie Madisonville Middle
Velotta, Jordis Daviess County Middle School
Brown, Samantha Owensboro Middle School
Millay, Abbie Owensboro Catholic
Olvera, Alicia Henderson South Middle School
Gillette, Katie Madisonville Middle
Toler, Reagan Owensboro Catholic
Lucas, Allison Henderson South Middle School
Drew, Lyndsie Madisonville Middle
Cotton, Kelsie Muhlenberg County
Wathen, Caroline Owensboro Catholic
Messer, Emma Henderson South Middle School
Willis, Kyla Madisonville Middle
Miller, Sarah Muhlenberg County
Evans, Abby College View Middle School
Gist, Kathryn Burns Middle School
Oliver, Rayne Trigg County
Key, Bailey Ohio County
Nee, Kate Daviess County Middle School
Butler, Laina Heritage Christian School (Owens
Hurter, Reagan College View Middle School
Kyle, Kaelynn Henderson South Middle School
Mayhew, Diana Burns Middle School
Wilson, Autumn Ohio County
Paulter, Jessie Trigg County
Morris, Sadie Daviess County Middle School
Tichenor, Ana Claire Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
West, Angel Henderson South Middle School
Winfield, Natalie Burns Middle School
McGary, Ashlyn College View Middle School
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