Meet Information

Highlands Al Salvato/RED DOG Memorial 2018

Date: May 7, 2019

Time: 4:45PM

Location: Tower Park Sports Complex (Ft. Thomas, KY)

For directions, use this address:

100 Carmel Manor Road, Fort Thomas, KY 41075

Cost: $75.00 per team. (Boys and Girls are two separate teams). Please make all checks payable to Highlands High School. You can mail the check or bring it to the meet:

Highlands High School

Attn: Coach Brian Alessandro

2400 Memorial Parkway

Ft. Thomas, KY 41075

There is also a minimal fee for non-athletes and spectators. $3.00 for adults. Concessions will also be available.

Participants: TBA

Concessions: Concessions will be available through the soccer program at the track meet.

Entries: Only 1 athlete per event and 1 relay team per event. 4 events maximum per athlete. If you need to enter more than one pole vaulter/shot disc thrower, thats ok. Only one will score.

Entry Deadline: Saturday, April 28th

Meet Official: Jerry Mohr / John Hall

Scoring: 10-8-6-4-2-1.

Awards: Gold Medal Meet

Running Events: Regular order of events. All heats are final.

Team Camps: Please just be aware of the HJ/disc and shot areas. We ask you do not have a camp in the infield.

Field Events: All field events will be finals with 4 attempts. All rounds following round #1 will be on a rolling schedule. You can bring more Pole Vaulters if they need a meet.

Unified Events: We will offer unified events and invite you to bring your unified athletes to compete.