Athlete Entries

Elementary Boys One Mile Race 24 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bletzinger, Landon Muhlenberg County
Stephens, Hunter Hancock County Middle
Bethel, Elliot Muhlenberg County
Meserve, Emmitt Hancock County Middle
Mahlosky, Cash Muhlenberg County
Rzepka, Ethan Dawson Springs
Drury, Lawson Muhlenberg County
Joska, Merrick Owensboro Middle School
Drennan, Preston Dawson Springs
Drury, Lincoln Muhlenberg County
Houston, Josiah Heritage Christian School
Mitchell, Sammy Muhlenberg County
Ashby, Matthew Ohio County
Mitchell, Daniel Muhlenberg County
DeJarnette, Max Hancock County Middle
Fugal, Corry Muhlenberg County
Smith, Cooper Muhlenberg County
Miller, Nash Owensboro Middle School
McCune, Tobiyah Dawson Springs
Fulkerson, Dylan Owensboro Middle School
Boggess, Briar Muhlenberg County
Darrow, Grayson Dawson Springs
Mitchell, Ben Muhlenberg County
Redfern, Judson Heritage Christian School
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Elementary Girls One Mile Race 23 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Walker, Abbie Muhlenberg County
Meserve, Ella Hancock County Middle
Thomas, Hadi Dawson Springs
Fairchild, Jenna Dawson Springs
Voyles, Nikiyah Owensboro Middle School
McCoy, Audrey Dawson Springs
Palmer, Kiley Owensboro Middle School
Harper, Jaycee Muhlenberg County
Jones, Abbie Ohio County
Shanks, Kylie Muhlenberg County
Slone, Kiley Trigg County
Childs, Haley Muhlenberg County
Ross, Isabella Hancock County Middle
Hall, Rayliee Dawson Springs
Thomas, KiAsia Owensboro Middle School
Cotton, Millie Dawson Springs
Chappell, Alexandria Owensboro Middle School
Cotton, Kalyn Dawson Springs
Fogle, Lindley Heritage Christian School
Boggess, Samantha Muhlenberg County
Smiley, Emily Ohio County
Fugal, Samantha Muhlenberg County
Fulton, Ava Ohio County
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HS Boys 129 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Skuljan, Zlatko Hopkinsville
Williams, Devin Henderson County
Gamez, Gabe Fort Campbell
Grant, Christian Ohio County
Miller, Jackson Marshall County
Graber, Jonathen Muhlenberg County
Payne, Mark Henderson County
Holeman, Hunter Crittenden County
Johnson, Tyler Ohio County
Baker, Trevor Webster County
Kirby, Isaiah Marshall County
Adkins, Logan Muhlenberg County
Carlson, Jayden Crittenden County
Moxley, Isaiah Ohio County
Starks, Ethan Webster County
Wilson, Justin Marshall County
Dorris, Timmy Muhlenberg County
Willis, Gavin Madisonville-North Hopkins
White, Jeremy Ohio County
Wildman, Aiden Webster County
Cosner, Christian Marshall County
Newman, Steven Muhlenberg County
Greene, Wesley Madisonville-North Hopkins
Hatfield, Austin Ohio County
Roland, Ryan Webster County
Flatt, Cade Marshall County
Herring, Blake Hopkins County Central
Pendley, Alex Madisonville-North Hopkins
Krampe, Blain Henderson County
Morris, Bryson Muhlenberg County
Krzywada, David Christian County
Roach, James Ohio County
Mcclain, Kyle Marshall County
Phillips, Zach Hopkins County Central
Munguia, Erick Hancock County
Jenkins, Marshall Trigg County
Glathar, Ryker Hopkinsville
Drew, Alex Madisonville-North Hopkins
Fonseca, Gabriel Fort Campbell
Wolfe, Timothy Henderson County
Berry, Dionte Fort Campbell
Mitchell, Jonah Muhlenberg County
Simpson, Ryan Christian County
Embry, Kyle Ohio County
Wyatt, Cole Marshall County
Gamble, Kaleb Hopkins County Central
Walz, Tyler Hancock County
Bradley, Deven Marshall County
Black Bear-Francis, Apolo Trigg County
Jones, Chance Hopkinsville
Siddon, Conner Madisonville-North Hopkins
Perkins, Jacob Henderson County
DeShazo, William Fort Campbell
Sherald, K'Ron Christian County
Smith, Hayden Hopkins County Central
Garrett, Caleb Dawson Springs
Wheatley, Wes Hancock County
Mefford, Grant Muhlenberg County
DuBois, Max Hopkinsville
Watts, Garrett Madisonville-North Hopkins
Herdegen, Nicholas Henderson County
Vaughn, Alec Fort Campbell
Sanderson, Nicholas Christian County
Gray, Shane Ohio County
Lanham, Samuel Marshall County
Shadrick, Dalton Hopkins County Central
Back, Jacob Dawson Springs
Woodward, Christopher Hancock County
Childress, Stetson Muhlenberg County
King, Jakarie Henderson County
Carlson, Maddux Crittenden County
Smith, Seth Ohio County
Ward, Grady Marshall County
Atkins, Chase Hopkinsville
Harper, Landon Muhlenberg County
Robinson, Pate Crittenden County
Kennedy, Caleb Ohio County
Cates, Tristan Webster County
McCarty, Ethan Marshall County
Samek, Isaiah Muhlenberg County
Rickard, Ethan Madisonville-North Hopkins
Davidson, Gavin Crittenden County
Probus, Jack Ohio County
Major, Vincent Webster County
Sandlin, Knox Marshall County
Armour, Dawson Muhlenberg County
Willis, Skyler Madisonville-North Hopkins
Grant, Zach Ohio County
Rowley, Jalen Webster County
Cosner, Mason Marshall County
Craig, Joshua Madisonville-North Hopkins
McManus, Shawn Henderson County
Groves, Carson Muhlenberg County
Trice, Devares Christian County
Mercer, Joseph Ohio County
Glazebrook, Luke Webster County
Dowell, Ethan Marshall County
Duncan, Will Hopkins County Central
Parker, Christian Madisonville-North Hopkins
Roy, A.j Henderson County
Surrency, Ian Fort Campbell
Jent, Brantly Muhlenberg County
Dunham, Dasean Christian County
Sandefur, Caleb Ohio County
Minter, Avery Marshall County
Gamble, Andrew Hopkins County Central
DeJarnette, Nolan Hancock County
Skinner, Alex Trigg County
Orton, William Hopkinsville
Ball, Skylar Madisonville-North Hopkins
Lever, Zack Fort Campbell
Wolfe, Seth Henderson County
Smith-Lyles, Xavier Fort Campbell
Sanderson, Drew Christian County
Almon, Sam Hopkins County Central
Lohse, Skyler Dawson Springs
Curry, Taylor Hancock County
McKnight, Jamarius Hopkinsville
Watts, Jackson Madisonville-North Hopkins
Clem, Jonathon Henderson County
Mickley, Tyler Fort Campbell
Dooley, Ethan Christian County
Lawrence, Alexander Ohio County
Davis, Will Marshall County
Freeman, Tyler Trigg County
Putty, Ethan Hopkins County Central
Weir, Tyler Dawson Springs
Dewitt, Tanner Hancock County
Mejia, Andres Muhlenberg County
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HS Girls 87 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wood, Allison Hopkinsville
Probus, Janell Ohio County
Hayes, Trinity Crittenden County
Glazebrook, Colleen Webster County
Grossman, Addison Henderson County
Kemp, Kaycee Marshall County
Bruno, Alyssa Madisonville-North Hopkins
Laitila, Sophie Fort Campbell
Swoope, Zoie Marshall County
Dickerson, Kathrine Madisonville-North Hopkins
Mattingly, Hallie Henderson County
LaMar, Hailie Hancock County
Lopez-Andujar, Anjelle Fort Campbell
Gibbs, Gabrielle Marshall County
Hill, Grace Trigg County
Wolfe, Hadley Henderson County
Welch, Siena Hopkins County Central
Severs, Kenzie Hancock County
Adler, Alyssa Christian County
Newton, Chloe Marshall County
Ricks, Livi Trigg County
Shelton, Alyssa Henderson County
Pollock, Sheree Fort Campbell
Walker, DeLeon Dawson Springs
Nevitt, Della Hancock County
Perry, Hannah Marshall County
Barnes, Breeanna Trigg County
Burgoyne, Chandler Fort Campbell
Tackett, Vanessa Dawson Springs
Free, Rachel Muhlenberg County
Story, Tarryn Marshall County
Ramirez, Atlanta Ohio County
Stoner, Taylor Crittenden County
Arriaga, Karen Ohio County
Stone, Ava Webster County
Simpson, Kaylee Dawson Springs
Duncan, Kaitlyn Muhlenberg County
Funk, Audrey Ohio County
Champion, Kalli Crittenden County
Funk, Olivia Ohio County
Baskett, Delani Webster County
Alexander, Joy Madisonville-North Hopkins
Bratcher, Madison Ohio County
Keller, Kate Crittenden County
McDyer, Adeline Webster County
Adkins, Lauren Madisonville-North Hopkins
Mitchell, Hadley Webster County
Guevara-Maldonado, Katie Fort Campbell
Vincek, Leah Marshall County
Bruno, Mia Madisonville-North Hopkins
Krampe, Sara Henderson County
Curry, Morgan Hancock County
Irizarry Rivera, Nitzay Fort Campbell
Mott, McKenna Marshall County
Poole, Ashlee Henderson County
Miller, Raven Hopkins County Central
Voyles, Allyson Hancock County
Siler, Mystery Christian County
Barrett, Bella Marshall County
Barbee, DeDe Trigg County
Wolfe, Hayden Henderson County
Davee, Haley Fort Campbell
Carney, Kailey Hopkins County Central
Peyton, Kire Dawson Springs
Lindsey, Erica Hancock County
Mannon, Kelyn Marshall County
Ricks, Lexi Trigg County
Salas, Hannah Fort Campbell
Lawley, Caitlin Dawson Springs
Wheatley, Carson Hancock County
Wilson, Macey Muhlenberg County
Minter, Alexia Marshall County
Dossett, Phelan Trigg County
Richardson, Christian Ohio County
Gunn, Aubrie Dawson Springs
Walker, Kendra Muhlenberg County
Lovett, Gabbi Marshall County
Mercer, Jenny Ohio County
Potter, Jenna Crittenden County
Cole, Chloe Ohio County
Powell, Reese Webster County
Crowe, Patrisha Madisonville-North Hopkins
Culbertson, Allie Muhlenberg County
Arriaga, Karina Ohio County
Potter, Jessie Crittenden County
McMain, Gracie Webster County
Harris, Abby Madisonville-North Hopkins
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MS Boys 2500 Meter Run 174 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Whitsell, Aidan Webster County
Faughn, Michael Dawson Springs
Rouse, Ty Rossview Middle School
Crawford, Michael Tanner
Aull, Hayden St Mary of the Woods
Gilmore, Beckett Owensboro Middle School
Toth, Tyler Rossview Middle School
Goldsmith, Caleb Stewart County Middle School
Riggs, Dylan Christian County
Celik, Luka Madisonville Middle
Alvey, Asher Ohio County
King, Austin Burns Middle School
Hale, Tyler Dawson Springs
Henry, Gavin Muhlenberg County
Sanchez, Christian Rossview Middle School
Patton, Conner Owensboro Middle School
Monson, Christian Rossview Middle School
Hines, Andrew Stewart County Middle School
Fleming, Wyatt Christian County
Jolley, Elijah Madisonville Middle
Cavanaugh, Austin Trigg County
Smith, Landon Ohio County
Carlos, Levi Burns Middle School
Bletzinger, Ethan Muhlenberg County
Perez, Antonio Rossview Middle School
Bess, Tanner Hopkins County Central
Osborne, Ethan Dawson Springs
Perkins, Isaac Rossview Middle School
Cunningham, Perry Christian County
Luttrell, Evan Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Skimehorn, Ace Heritage Christian School
Perez, Dallas Owensboro Middle School
Peech, Jayden Ohio County
Gregg, Philip Burns Middle School
Mitchell, Alex Dawson Springs
Bethel, Miles Muhlenberg County
Brackett, Andrew Rossview Middle School
Baron, Eli Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Quisenberry, Alex Heritage Christian School
Howard, Gavin St Mary of the Woods
Howard, Landon Owensboro Middle School
Decker, Elijah Ohio County
Courtney, Landon Madisonville Middle
Cervantes, Andre Graves County Middle School
Alvey, Ethan Ohio County
Strader, Jake Muhlenberg County
Tichenor, Rohn Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Gray, Michael Heritage Christian School
Johnson, Jacob St Mary of the Woods
McLaughlin, Aiden Owensboro Middle School
Holland, Corbin Ohio County
Riedel, Cole Rossview Middle School
Wheatley, Noah Hancock County Middle
Reynolds, Jayce Graves County Middle School
Smith, Charles Ohio County
Riggs, Jase Burns Middle School
Bumpus, Cooper Stewart County Middle School
Hite, Aiden Henderson North Middle School
Adams, Landon Madisonville Middle
Weissend, Jaxon Owensboro Middle School
Millay, Dalton St Mary of the Woods
Goodwin, Mark Rossview Middle School
Early, Xander Hancock County Middle
Couch, Sam Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Gray, Noah St Mary of the Woods
Myrick, Owen Graves County Middle School
Peech, Gavin Ohio County
Rhoads, Madden Burns Middle School
Sticker, Caleb Stewart County Middle School
Decker, Caleb Henderson North Middle School
Offutt, Lucas Madisonville Middle
Smith, Walker Owensboro Middle School
Nelson, Bryce Webster County
Howard, Jacob St Mary of the Woods
McNiel, James Rossview Middle School
DeJarnette, Griffin Hancock County Middle
Johnson, Noah Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Mills, Landyn St Mary of the Woods
Guadarrama, Mario Ohio County
Mullins, Blake Burns Middle School
Van Otten, Charles Rossview Middle School
Anderson, Oliver Stewart County Middle School
Blue, Rex Henderson North Middle School
Durall, Colton Madisonville Middle
Barnett, Ryan Graves County Middle School
West, Garrett Webster County
Shuck, Brendon Dawson Springs
Snyder, Aiden Rossview Middle School
Ashworth, Dylan Hancock County Middle
Hernandez, Will St Mary of the Woods
Alsup, Trevor Owensboro Middle School
Meyers, Jacen Rossview Middle School
Burkhart, Jackson Stewart County Middle School
Wells, Avery Christian County
Cavanah, Lucas Madisonville Middle
Bradley, Cullyn Ohio County
McCarty, Luke Burns Middle School
McCune, Yosiyah Dawson Springs
Shelton, Blake Muhlenberg County
Wirtz, Evan Rossview Middle School
Coleman, Jacob Owensboro Middle School
Hilliker, Hayden Rossview Middle School
Cravens, Ethan Stewart County Middle School
Wells, Allen Christian County
Knight, Maddox Madisonville Middle
Thompson, Riley Trigg County
Hall, Morgan Ohio County
Barber, Travis Burns Middle School
Mefford, Easton Muhlenberg County
Tolbert, Carson Rossview Middle School
Browning, Braxton Hopkins County Central
Osborne, Lucas Dawson Springs
Smith, Ethan Rossview Middle School
Eastridge, Ian Stewart County Middle School
Carter, Logan Christian County
Hyde, Gentry Trigg County
Graham, Lofton Petey Ohio County
Westerfield, Caleb Burns Middle School
Revo, Bryce Muhlenberg County
Jones, Christopher Dawson Springs
Pletcher, Mitchell Rossview Middle School
Daily, Asher Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Houston, Luke Heritage Christian School
Young, Kendan Owensboro Middle School
Kennedy, Carson Ohio County
Ashby, Thomas Burns Middle School
Groves, Landon Muhlenberg County
Loeffler, Sam Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Dechman, Jonathan Heritage Christian School
Howard, Bransen St Mary of the Woods
Farmer, Tres Owensboro Middle School
Bratcher, Andrew Ohio County
Lester, Sean Rossview Middle School
Moreno, Ruben Graves County Middle School
Rowe, Mason Ohio County
Costin, Ethan Stewart County Middle School
Dame, Kaden Madisonville Middle
Baird, Nathan Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Jenkins, Will St Mary of the Woods
Adkins, John Owensboro Middle School
Deterding, Cade Rossview Middle School
Turner, Jackson Hancock County Middle
Stricklin, Acey Graves County Middle School
Shouse, Grant Ohio County
Thomas, Joshua Burns Middle School
Allen, Conner Stewart County Middle School
Shelton, Sonny Henderson North Middle School
Witherspoon, Davian Madisonville Middle
Moore, Owen Owensboro Middle School
Wagoner, Layden Webster County
Rhodes, Lucas St Mary of the Woods
Leslie, Ryan Rossview Middle School
Potts, Elijah Hancock County Middle
Haynes, Connor Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Hall, Lukas St Mary of the Woods
McConell, William Ohio County
Lemond, Caleb Burns Middle School
Eastridge, Eli Stewart County Middle School
Powell, Elijah Henderson North Middle School
Potocnik, Andrew Madisonville Middle
Smith, Aaron Graves County Middle School
Dame, Marques Webster County
Hamilton, Alan St Mary of the Woods
Morales, Derek Rossview Middle School
Blair, Logan Hancock County Middle
Hernandez, Nathan St Mary of the Woods
Wilson, Will Owensboro Middle School
Guadarrama, Emiliano Ohio County
Clements, Ethan Burns Middle School
Farooq, Ayaan Rossview Middle School
Watson, Jonny Stewart County Middle School
Rinehart, Conner Christian County
Tooley, Nicholas Madisonville Middle
Mcclain, Asher Graves County Middle School
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MS Girls 2500 Meter Run 118 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Clark, Kennedy Muhlenberg County
Brewer-Nutter, Tinley Rossview Middle School
Malone, Grace Stewart County Middle School
Leath, Jenna Graves County Middle School
Sweeny, Rachel Graves County Middle School
Edwards, Gabrielle Muhlenberg County
Taylor, Caitlin Ohio County
Bosak, Reagan Fort Campbell
Gavin, Elizabeth Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Jacobs, Hannah Heritage Christian School
Bush, Reese Trigg County
November, Kianna Owensboro Middle School
Terry, Londyn Rossview Middle School
Newman, Bri Stewart County Middle School
Raisor, Emily Graves County Middle School
Kobylinski, Morgan Ohio County
Satterfield, Cheynne Hopkins County Central
Tichenor, Ana Claire Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Butler, Laina Heritage Christian School
Underhill, Gracey Owensboro Middle School
Bradley, Anna Rossview Middle School
Clark, Jasa Stewart County Middle School
Kemp, Ella Graves County Middle School
Fulton, Jordan Ohio County
Nevitt, Julianna Hancock County Middle
Leheka, Haylea St Mary of the Woods
Decker, Allina Henderson North Middle School
Morris, Josie Madisonville Middle
Mathis, Rhaea Graves County Middle School
Gray, Skylar Ohio County
Rosencrants, Cassandra Rossview Middle School
Watson, Graycie Stewart County Middle School
Russell, Jazlynn Christian County
Johnson, Taylor Hancock County Middle
whitsell, lilly Webster County
Webb, Mackenzie Henderson North Middle School
Kobayashi, Azusa Rossview Middle School
Story, Amy Stewart County Middle School
McGee, Destiny Christian County
Nalley, Caroline Webster County
Alexander, Libby Trigg County
Easter, Tayla Rossview Middle School
Cady, Jaynah Christian County
Major, Emily Webster County
Willoughby, Ashlynn Muhlenberg County
Stringer, Eden Graves County Middle School
Cavanaugh, Trinity Trigg County
Mora, Elizabeth Rossview Middle School
Sabel, Abigail Christian County
Drennan, Macy Dawson Springs
Cotton, Kelsie Muhlenberg County
Nightingale, Alissia Graves County Middle School
Logan, Cathryn Muhlenberg County
Cunningham, Cori'Anna Christian County
Latta, Madison Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Miller, Zoe Trigg County
Miller, Sarah Muhlenberg County
Richards, Rianna Rossview Middle School
Shelton, Baylee Graves County Middle School
Ivy, Christina Graves County Middle School
Wilson, Mallory Muhlenberg County
Cleavenger, Elizabeth Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Jacobs, Hazel Heritage Christian School
Ricks, Mari Kate Trigg County
Farmer, Emily Owensboro Middle School
Knutson, Kylie Rossview Middle School
McNees, Mary Stewart County Middle School
Green, Evan Graves County Middle School
Lenzo, Alina Ohio County
Morris, Macy Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Dechman, Emily Heritage Christian School
Davidson, Kayla Owensboro Middle School
De Jesus, Marcia Rossview Middle School
Scimeca, Mia Stewart County Middle School
Sullivan, Avery Graves County Middle School
Key, Bailey Ohio County
Tichenor, Hayden Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Gentile, Ava Heritage Christian School
Millay, Gracie St Mary of the Woods
Brown, Samantha Owensboro Middle School
Rediker, Sarah Rossview Middle School
Kleinatland, Mary Stewart County Middle School
Conrad, Cadyn Henderson North Middle School
Drew, Lyndsie Madisonville Middle
Robinson, Aujha Graves County Middle School
Mays, Abigail Ohio County
Board, Leelee Hancock County Middle
Ward, Olivia St Mary of the Woods
Decker, Arianna Henderson North Middle School
Willis, Kyla Madisonville Middle
Burgess, Kinsey Graves County Middle School
Spradlin, Emily Ohio County
Klinock, Natalee Rossview Middle School
Harris, Malainey Stewart County Middle School
Paulter, Jessie Christian County
Haynes, Grayson Webster County
Weatherholt, Sydney Hancock County Middle
Rudolph, Hadley Rossview Middle School
Ellis, Elizabeth Christian County
Wolfe, Haden Henderson North Middle School
Moody, Madison Webster County
Alford, Kylie Trigg County
Rowland, Hailey Rossview Middle School
Westerfield, Lillian Christian County
Henderson, Katie Muhlenberg County
Stringer, Izabel Graves County Middle School
Baynham, Kendel Rossview Middle School
Burgess, Kaylyn Christian County
Garcia, Melanie Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Owen, Rose Trigg County
Hoover, Kimberly Dawson Springs
Boggess, Kaitlyn Muhlenberg County
Garcia, Adrianna Graves County Middle School
Nolan, Riley Graves County Middle School
Walker, Gracie Muhlenberg County
Green, Allie Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Scho
Jacobs, Eliza Heritage Christian School
Brame, Riley Trigg County
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