Meet Information


You and your team are invited to run in the return of the Boyd County Classic

Track & Field Invitational April 11 2015

Entries: Two athletes per individual events and one relay team per relays events.

Entries, are due by Monday April 6, 2015 using Hy-tek team manager or

team-lite. Email your entries to Bob Stacey at An event

file will be sent to coaches you reply stating they are interested in attending

are interested in predicating.

Entry fee: $70 per team, $100 for both girls and boys team. $10.00 per individual


Awards: 1st and 2nd. Place team trophies. T-shirts (20) to the winning teams.

Medals, for 1st., 2nd., 3rd. place in all events, ribbons through 8 place. The athlete

with the most points, relays will be split by1/4, in the meet will receive The Paul

Rice award for the boy and the Bob Stacey award for the girl. The Dr. Melvin

Stewart trophy for the outstanding performance of the meet. Dr. Richard Hale

trophy for the school with the best combine score, (girls and boys together).

The Rice/Stacey Track & Field Classic

Schedule of events

Field Events:

9:00AM - Coaches meeting

8:30AM - Girls/Boys pole vault, Starting height 6 6 for girls and 76 for boys. Boys and/or girls long jump will

follow pole vault.**

9:30AM - Girls High Jump starting height 4 2, followed by Boys High Jump, starting height 5 2 **

Boys shot put (35) followed by girls (25) **

Girls discus (70), followed by boys (100) **

Boys triple jump (35), followed Girls triple jump (25) **

9:30AM Girls 100 M. Hurdles, prelims

Boys 110 M. High Hurdles, prelims

Girls 4 X 800M Relay, finals

Girls 100 M. Dash, prelims

Boys 100 M Dash, prelims

Boys 4 X 800 Relay, finals

Girls 200 M. Dash, prelim

hr. break

Girls 100 M. Hurdles, finals

Boys 110 M. H. Hurdles, finals

Girls, 100 M. Dash, finals

Boys 100 M. Dash, finals

Girls 4 X 200 M. Relay, sections against times

Boys 4 X 200M Relay, sections against times

Girls 1600M Run, finals

Boys 1600m Run, finals

Girls 4 X 100 M. Relay, sections against times

Boys 4 X 100 M. Relay, sections against times

Girls 400 M. Dash, sections against times

Boys 400 M. Dash, against times

Girls 300 M. Hurdles, sections against times

Boys 300 M. Hurdles, sections against times

Girls 800 M. Run, sections against times

Boys 800 M. Run, section against times

Girls 200 M. Dash, finals

Boys 200 M. Dash, finals

Girls 3200 M. Run, finals *

Boys 3200 M Run, finals *

Girls 4 X 400 M. Relay, sections against times

Boys 4 X 400 M. Relay, sections against times


Girls and boys 3200M Run could be run together.

** In the field events there are starting heights for the varietal jumps (HJ/PV). There are also design distances

listed for the throws and horizontal jumps (LJTJ). All athletes will get one throw/jump that will be marked and

scored, after that they have to reach that give distance to get a mark.