Meet Information

U N I V E R S I T Y of K E N T U C K Y I N V I T A T I O N A L

Nutter Field House

Saturday - February 18, 2012

1401 Sports Center Drive

University of Kentucky

SANCTIONING: The University of Kentucky High School Invitational is sanctioned by USA Track & Field (USATF)
and hosted by the Kentucky Milers Club, a USATF club.

ENTRIES: Entry consideration into the Kentucky Invitational is open to any high school age athlete regardless of
state of residence. Depending on a states high school athletic associations eligibility rules, athletes may compete
as members of their high school team, a track club or as unattached competitors. Individual membership in
USATF is not required. The Kentucky Invitational is intended to be a quality competition with selective entries
based on previous, verifiable individual performances. The entry limitations in each event are intended to ensure
a quality competition in a timely, efficient format. Since the Kentucky Invitational is a selective entry competition
rather than an open or all-comers meet, submitting an entry form with an entry fee does not guarantee acceptance
into the meet. Prior to entering, please check the entry guideline page (last accepted entries in 2011,10
& 09) to determine the likelihood of being accepted into the competition. Originally we refunded entry fees of
athletes not accepted into the meet, but too many people disregarded the entry guidelines and refunding all those
fees created an administrative nightmare. Therefore, we will not refund entry fees for athletes not accepted into
the meet.

(See CONFIRMATION OF ENTRIES at the bottom of this page)

NEATLY PRINT the full name and grade level of all entries with current, accurate, previous best performance
information. Do not submit estimated or projected performances. Please list all running event entries as fully
automatic electronic times (1:56.32). If best performances were achieved in competition using manual timing,
please add .24 seconds in all running events. IMPORTANT: For the 60m and 60m hurdles events, please use
the athletes best 100 meter or 100m/110m hurdle times. In the past weve received both indoor and outdoor
performances and we do not want to convert times. YOU MUST enter your athletes with accurate performances.
To ensure the validity of entry performances, coaches must indicate on the entry form the meet and date the entry
performance was achieved. Additionally, the Kentucky Invitational "Challenge Rule" will be available. If a coach
has reason to believe an athlete has been entered with an inaccurate performance, the coach may challenge that
performance by contacting Jim Kaiser at If the performance in question cannot be
verified, the athlete will be re-seeded or rejected. If accepted athletes scratch, other athletes will move up the list to
fill all events with the appropriate number of competitors. Enter field event performances in feet and inches.



Don Weber Kentucky Invitational
2437 Doubletree Court
Lexington, KY 40514



ENTRY FEE: Ten dollars per athlete, per event in individual events, PLUS twenty dollars for each relay

Entry fee checks must be made payable to: KENTUCKY MILERS CLUB

CONFIRMATION OF ENTRIES: All coaches MUST finalize their entries by faxing a copy of their original entry
form with your Declared (D) or Scratched (S) athletes circled in the far right column on the entry form. All entries
must be declared or scratched. Declare all entries by fax using these numbers: 859-323-0070 or 859-323-0025.

Confirmation of entries will only be received on Wednesday, February 15 12:00n ET deadline

See Entry Lists at:

AWARDS: Kentucky Invitational Medals will be awarded to the top three (3) finishers in each event.

CONDUCT OF COMPETITION: Due to insurance regulations, a coach, parent or designated school
representative must accompany athletes to the meet. All running events, except the 60 meters and 60m
hurdles, will be contested as straight finals. If more than one race is scheduled, a sections against time format
will be utilized. Sections, heats, lanes, and flights of competition in field events will be seeded according to entry
times / distances and other available performance information. In all events, the first section or flight will be the top
seeded section. All long / triple jumpers and shot put contestants will receive four (4) final attempts. A tentative
time schedule is enclosed. The time schedule may be revised depending on the number of entries. The no false
start rule will be in effect.

PRE-MEET WORKOUTS: The Nutter Field House will be available for pre-meet workouts between 6:00 pm
8:00 pm on Friday, February 17. Start list and updated meet information will be available on Friday, during the
workout period and on the meet website: The field house will close at 8:00 pm!

NUTTER FIELD HOUSE LOCATION: Nutter Field House is located on the south side of the UK campus between
Alumni and Cooper Drives, next to Commonwealth Football Stadium. Address: 1401 Sports Center Drive, 40506

WARM-UP LOGISTICS: Athletes must warm-up on the football field. A warm-up oval will be marked with white
sport fencing on the turf. Teams will be required to camp or locate inside the oval, allowing athletes warming-up a
clear path around the oval on the outer edges of the football field. Warming-up on the track is not allowed!

ATHLETE CHECK-IN: Athletes in all RUNNING EVENTS must check-in with the Clerk of Course in the pole
vault corner of the field house 15 minutes prior to their race. The clerk will distribute hip numbers. After receiving
hip number, athletes should report to the clerk near the starting line for their race. The Starting Line Clerks
will be wearing black and white striped referee shirts. Finalists in the 60 meters and 60m hurdles will need
to complete the entire check-in procedure a second time, prior to the finals, for new hip numbers. Athletes in all
FIELD EVENTS will be allowed to begin specific warm-ups at the site of the competition 45 minutes prior to the
start of the competition (1 hour / pole vault). Field Event Athletes must formally check in with the head official at
the competition venue at least twenty minutes prior to the start of the first flight.All field events will start on time!

ATHLETIC TRAINERS: The UK Sports Medicine Staff will provide athletic training services to all athletes.

RESULTS: Results will be posted on the infield at the 50 yard line and on the wall behind the bleachers in the front
corner of the field house near the entrance doors. Complete, printed meet results will be available shortly following
the last event below the side Timing Deck. Results will be posted on the Internet at

DRESSING ROOMS: No formal dressing rooms are available in the field house, so please have your athletes
come to the facility dressed to compete.

RESTROOMS: Lobby restrooms are reserved for spectators and coaches only. Athletes must use the portable
toilets in the rear of the field house. To minimize the initial long lines for the portable toilets we will create separate
draped changing areas in the rear of the field house for those athletes who do not come to the meet dressed to

FOOD & DRINK POLICY: Although pre-competition snack foods (nutritional bars, fruit, etc) are allowed in the
field house, team fast food picnic meals nor any other food will be allowed in the building. Please limit all drinks
to containers with lids and ask your athletes to deposit all refuse in the trashcans. Your assistance in keeping the
field house clean will be greatly appreciated. Food restrictions apply to spectators as well. CONCESSIONS WILL

ADMISSION: $5.00 (Adults) $2.00 (Student/Child) $10.00 (Field Pass).

The Field House will open Saturday morning at 9:00 am

February 18, 2012

Nutter Field House University of Kentucky

Field Events

10:30 am High Jump Women 24 Athletes
10:30 am Long Jump Men / Women follow 20/20 Athletes
10:30 am High Jump Men 24 Athletes
10:30 am Pole Vault Women / Men follow 20/20 Athletes

12:30 pm Shot Put Women / Men follow 24/24 Athletes

follows LJs Triple Jump Men / Women follow 20/20 Athletes

Running Events

12:40 pm 60m hurdles (T) Men 36 Athletes/ 4 heats
60m hurdles (T) Women 36 Athletes/ 4 heats
60 meters (T) Men 45 Athletes/ 5 heats
60 meters (T) Women 45 Athletes/ 5 heats

1:30 pm Mile Women 30 Athletes/ 2 sections
1:45 pm Mile Men 30 Athletes/ 2 sections
2:05 pm 60m hurdles (F) Women 9 Athletes/ 1 section
2:10 pm 60m hurdles (F) Men 9 Athletes/ 1 section
2:15 pm 60 meters (F) Women 9 Athletes/ 1 section
2:18 pm 60 meters (F) Men 9 Athletes/ 1 section
2:23 pm 400 meters Women 36 Athletes / 6 sections
2:40 pm 400 meters Men 36 Athletes / 6 sections
3:00 pm 800 meters Women 30 Athletes/ 3 sections
3:12 pm 800 meters Men 30 Athletes/ 3 sections
3:25 pm 200 meters Women 36 Athletes/ 6 sections

3:37 pm 200 meters Men 36 Athletes/ 6 sections

3:56 pm Two Mile Women 25 Athletes / 1 section
4:14 pm Two Mile Men 25 Athletes / 1 section
4:32 pm 4 x 400m relay Women 18 Teams / 3 sections
4:50 pm 4 x 400m relay Men 18 Teams / 3 sections
5:07 pm 4 x 800m relay Women 15 Teams/ 1 section
5:22 pm 4 x 800m relay Men 15 Teams/ 1 section