Region 1 AA: Ashby/Head Battle, Calloway/Hopkinsville Coin Toss


Region 1 AA Preview


Individual Favorite: Jon Ashby (Webster County) and Sye Head (Logan County)

 These two have been battling it out all year long and are very familiar with each other from the last few years.  Sye has the advantage head to head two to one.  But Ashby won on the regional course at Union County and it was a big victory by 38 seconds.  This one is tough and could either of their wins.


Team Showdown

Just like the individual battle, the teams are the same way.  Logan County and Webster County run what feels like weekly head to head, but it is not quite that often.  They are equal at the first position with Webster County being stronger at #2 with Iszack Whitsell.  Then Logan County is stronger at the five positions.   In a small regional race like this the gaps are not big between the runners typically and the same will hold true Saturday.  Tough call on who will win. 

Ten teams have five or more that have competed this year and the question is how many will show up to the line.  Union County, Calloway County, and Hopkinsville look like the best to make it to the next level.   Calloway County has a fast developing front pair in Dylan Warmack and Eric Winkler.  Union County has Sam Sheffer and Seth Burnette up front though they are not as loaded as Calloway with these two.  Hopkinsville has a best front pair with Kenny Longstreath and Tyler Hancock.  But they are rough beyond the four spot which hurts.   Lone Oak could sneak in there with Ricky Grenwelle leading the charge.


Predicted State Qualifiers

Teams:  Logan County, Webster County, Calloway County, Union County, Hopkinsville

Individual: Ricky Grenwelle (Lone Oak), Austin Childress (Hopkins Central), Matthew Chinn (Trigg County), Cody Tynes (Paducah TIlghman), Brett Ezell (Lone Oak)


Girls Preview


Individual: Aleja Grant (Paducah Tilghman)

Easy choice, will run as hard or as easy as she wants to win.  Even though she will have a fast improving Ashley Zimmerman (Lone Oak) stalking her around the course. 


Team Showdown

Calloway County or Hopkinsville looks like the pick.  Calloway has three strong who should all be in the top eight with Lauren Eastwood, Kelly Norton, and Delissa Green.  Their key is how far they can move #5 Montana Rowland up this Saturday.  Hopkinsville cannot match the front three as they only have Aunye Christian in the projected top ten, but then bring in Ashley Baker and Layaviya Felder right after the Calloway #3.  It should be an interesting battle. 

Lone Oak and Union County will go after the third and forth spots that qualify for state.


Predicted State Qualifiers

Teams: Calloway County, Hopkinsville, Lone Oak, Union County

Individuals: Aleja Grant (Paducah TIlghman), Claire Hopkins (Logan County), Chandler Cole (Webster County), Taylor Wilson (Webster County), Cassidy Thomas (Webster County)