Interview with Jenna Siemer

1) What are your goals for the 2005 Cross Country Season?

My goals for the 2005 cross country season are, mostly just to improve from last year and become a stronger runner. Also I would like to be able to run and contend with some of the best runners in the whole state of Kentucky.

2) Is there any race in particular you are looking foward to this season?

I really don't have a particular race in mind, all of them are different, but my goal is to improve in every race I run this year. I want to try to do something a little different in every single one. Obviously every race you run, it's preparing you for state. So ultimately state is the race I am looking forward to the most.

3) Do you feel St. Henry will repeat as state champs in Single A this season?

I definitely think we have the potential to. It will all come down to hard work, and a lot of training, but I am confident that we will pull through if we go out there everyday with a positive attitude and push each other.

4) What got you started running cross country?

Well originally I was a volleyball player, but freshman year I ran track and I found out I enjoyed running so my coach(Tony Harden) persuaded me to come out for the cross country team. It was a quick decision, but I am definitely glad he convinced me.

5) What schools are you looking at for college?

For college, my options are open right now. There are a lot of different schools I am thinking about. Overall, there are three schools that I have considered, NKU, UK, and Flagler a small college which is in St Augustine, Florida.

6) What one race as been the highlight of your career so far?

The one race that has been the highlight of my career so far would definitely have to be sophomore year state. It was my first year running, and I didn't know what I was capable of doing. It was really just a great feeling knowing that I had accomplished that in such a short period of time. Also, it made it so much more meaningful not only because of the individual success, but my team also came out state champs, you can't ask for anything more.