KY Milesplit Madness: Paducah Tilghman vs Grant County

Two of the states top field athletes bring their teams into competition against each other as they attempt to stay alive. The two to watch on either side will be Jaaliyah Biggers, horizontal jumper from Paducah Tilghman, as well as thrower Brooklyn Hammons from Grant County.

- - -

Individual Matchup Rules

Head to head scoring as follows:
1st Place: 5pts
2nd Place: 3pts
3rd Place 1pt

Athletes will be limited to 4 events just as they would at the state meet. Also, since only 3 will score per event, teams are allowed 2 athletes per event.

TIE BREAKER RULES: In the event of a tie, the filter will be switched to 3 athletes per event. If the score is still tied, we will count event wins, most event wins will move on. If event wins are tied, we will calculate team scores based on 1st and 2nd place finishes.