KY Milesplit Madness: 32 Team Update

    I think most of you can relate when I say I miss March Madness. If you think about it, (don't think about it too much because it'll only make you sad) this weekend we could've been watching the Final Four. 

    Of course one of the most exciting parts of March is that exhilaration mixed with disappointment you get from filling out a bracket only to see the team you had going to the Final Four get knocked out in the first round. I guess the point is...whats not exciting about a bracket?   

    To fill that void we decided to make a bracket of our own (credit to Will Boling in TN Milesplit for the awesome idea)! 

We caught a TON of heat for the initial idea of 16 teams. If you want to see just head over to @milesplitky on Instagram and read the comments under the first bracket post. So we've decided to expand it to 32 in order to make some people happy. 

    To get our initial 32 teams as well as seed numbers we generated a virtual meet with all teams in KHSAA and brackets were filled out accordingly. 2019 graduates were taken out as well as relay events since most included seniors. 

- - -

Scoring for head to head matchups within the bracket will be:

1st: 5pts

2nd: 3pts

3rd: 1pt

(through virtual meet with the same events and filters as listed above)

One matchup result from both the boys and girls bracket will be posted every day, starting tomorrow, until a champion is crowned! 

Here are the brackets!

- - -

May The Best Virtual Team Win!