KHSAA Announces Indefinite Suspension of All Spring Sports

Earlier today, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) announced their plan to suspend all spring sports indefinitely. This suspension includes Track and Field as well as Tennis, Baseball, and Softball. Along with this unfortunate announcement, the KHSAA included that they,

"Will be continually reviewed as more data is available regarding school resumption or cessation, and activities being conducted in alignment with CDC and state and local directives."

Still, no plans have been made to cancel any State Championships thus far.

- - -


    This comes on the heels of an announcement on March 13th of an athletic dead period until April 12th, where these points were announced via the KHSAA website:

  • Students shall not participate in any organized team activity, or organized or semi-organized team competition in any sport or sport-activity in any format at any location in any state where school personnel (paid or unpaid) are involved, in attendance, or receiving reports of performance.
  • Prior approval for sanctioned events through the NFHS sanctioning system, both in and out of state, is hereby rescinded for this period. Member schools should note that without appropriate NFHS sanctioning, provisions of the KHSAA Catastrophic Insurance policy are not in place.
  • Students may not participate in activities such as weight training, skill development, individual camps (with per team limits on participation), team camps, or open gym or field activities even if no inter-school competition is involved.
  • Students may not receive coaching or training from school personnel (either salaried or non-salaried) in any KHSAA sanctioned sport or sport-activity;
  • School facilities, uniforms, nicknames, transportation or equipment, may not be used in any KHSAA-sanctioned sport or sport-activity;
  • School funds may not be expended in support of interscholastic athletics in any KHSAA-sanctioned sport or sport-activity;
  • This restricted period does not preclude communication between school, athletic department and coaching representatives to team members and/or families of players on the current roster;
  • Postseason wrap-up activities, celebrations and recognition events relating to a sport or sport-activity team at a school may not be held.

    Even with this news, we will continue producing our Outdoor State Previews for the 2020 season every Monday Wednesday and Friday so that hopefully we can all take our minds off of this unfortunate circumstance. Even if it's just for a few minutes. 

    We hope that everyone will continue to train hard, be smart, and stay safe.