Super Region Recaps: Complete State Coverage

In a new weekly feature, we are going to break down the performances of each of 5 "Super Regions" of the state. These regions include:

Western Kentucky (KTCCCA Areas 1 & 2)

Louisville and Surrounding Area (KTCCCA Areas 3 & 4)

Northern Kentucky (KTCCCA Area 5)

Central Kentucky (KTCCCA Areas 6 & 8)

Eastern Kentucky (KTCCCA Areas 7 & 9)

Each week we will reflect back on the top performances and the noise makers from each of those "Super Regions". Our goal is to ensure maximum exposure for all areas of the state. The nature of the beast is that the Lexington and Louisville areas end up dominating most of the conversation, even with some intentionality to share the limelight. With this feature, we will ensure that all areas of the state are properly represented.