VOTE: Top Photos from Week 2

We are going to try a new poll to highlight the incredible work that our photographers do highlight the athletes (and coaches) in our sport across the Commonwealth. So, pick your favorite photo and vote! Winner gets bragging rights for a week or so and the photographer gets the feeling of accomplishment. 

If you ever see one of our KYtrackXC photographers out at your meet, go up and say "THANK YOU". They are truly heroes who love bringing you the best images of our athletes.

A couple logistical notes for you:

1. Vote as many times as you would like and share with your friends!

2. Click on the link and it will enlarge the picture. One of them definitely deserves a click.

3. Once you vote, peruse the rest of the photo album and find your favorite. Submit it as a new entry in the "Other" portion of the poll.