KYtrackXC Partnering with 2018 Rumble Through the Jungle

The 2018 edition of the Rumble Through the Jungle hosted by North Oldham High School and timed by DC Timing LLC will have a brand new way to watch your race that has never been featured by a cross country meet in the state of Kentucky, much less in the United States. With its storied history as one of the largest meets in the state each year, the KYtrackXC team will be featuring each and every runner with their very own race video.

Say what?! Yes, each finisher will have a personalized race video with footage from at least four spots on the course. From the start to the finish and everything in between, our team will capture your race with splits. So when you get home and reflect back on your race, you will be able to relive each of those moments.

How do I view the videos? That is a great question! Your videos will be uploaded to the meet page as well as your athlete profile. We will tag each and every video so that when you visit your profile, you will see your 2018 Rumble Through the Jungle race. You will have to have an up to date Milesplit PRO subscription (so go sign up now if you don't already have one) to view your race video. The videos are expected to be posted by the middle of the week following the meet. So look for Wednesday or Thursday.

This is an exciting time to be in our sport in the state of Kentucky, and we want to highlight as many athletes as possible. This opportunity will achieve just that. With this being the first time we have ever attempted a feat such as this, be patient with us. We will be working vigorously to ensure that everyone is featured and 

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