UPDATED: KTCCCA Area Award Winners


High School Boys:

Joshua Lee                                                         Harlan County

Ozzy Norris                                                       Middlesboro

Alex Lewis                                                        Harlan County

Zack Carmical                                                   Harlan County

Caleb Brock                                                       Harlan County

Tate Bryson                                                       Harlan

Nick Mason                                                       Letcher County

Nick L. Mason                                                   Letcher County

Cooper McHargue                                              Harlan County

Colton Ratliff                                                    Letcher County

Runner of the Year:              Joshua Lee, Harlan County

Coach of the Year:                Ryan Vitatoe, Harlan County




High School Girls:

Mallory James                                                    Middlesboro

Kinsey Forgey                                                   Leslie County

Breanna Epperson                                              Harlan County

Lucy Bryson                                                      Harlan

Jocelyn Wright                                                   Middlesboro

Cadance Fergeson                                               Harlan County

Brooklyn Grigsby                                               Middlesboro

Samantha Crawford                                            Letcher County

Ariel Madden                                                     Harlan County

Shiann Westfelt                                                  Harlan County

Runner of the Year:              Mallory James, Middlesboro

Coach of the Year:                Ryan Vitatoe, Harlan County


Middle School Boys:

Dylan Moore                                                     June Buchanan

Jackson Huff                                                      Harlan

Riley Fields                                                       Letcher County

Breydy Daniels                                                  Harlan County

Cole Bowersock                                                 Mullins (Pike Central)

John Mark Bryson                                              Harlan

Ethan Robinson                                                  Mullins (Pike Central)

Andrew Yeary                                                   Harlan County

Josh Pinkley                                                      Harlan County

Lucas Epperson                                                  Harlan County

Runner of the Year:                       Dylan Moore, June Buchanan





Middle School Girls:

Mackenna Jackson                                              Harlan

Emma Owens                                                    Harlan

Mia Pace                                                           Harlan

Hope Roark                                                       Letcher County

Ashley Moore                                                    June Buchanan

Adleigh Marshall                                                June Buchanan

Runner of the Year:                       Mackenna Jackson, Harlan


Elementary Boys:

Cole Humphries                                                 Mullins (Pike Central)

Nazareth Sanchez                                               Harlan County

Dashawn Smith                                                  Harlan County

Cooper Humphries                                             Mullins (Pike Central)

Carson Combs                                                    June Buchanan

Nathan Kiser                                                      Letcher County

Dylan Cox                                                         Harlan

Brody Owens                                                     Harlan

Cooper Combs                                                   June Buchanan

Corbin Humphries                                              Mullins (Pike Central)

Runner of the Year:                       Cole Humphries, Mullins

Coach of the Year:                         Leann Keathley, Mullins





Elementary Girls:


Katie Combs                                                      Letcher County

Tess Bryson                                                       Harlan

Taya Osborne                                                    June Buchanan

Mallory McNeil                                                 Harlan

Amber Hall                                                       June Buchanan

Jaya Osborne                                                     June Buchanan

Hope Hall                                                          June Buchanan

Abby Moore                                                               June Buchanan

Hannah Hall                                                      June Buchanan

Kaydie Coots                                                     Harlan County

Runner of the Year:                       Katie Combs, Letcher County        

Co-Coach of the Year:                    Robin Cook, June Buchanan